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Taco Bell’s ‘Steal A Base, Steal A Taco’ Promo Is Back

It’s almost time for the World Series and for the sixth year, Taco Bell and Major League Baseball are working together to give us a free Doritos Locos Taco. The free taco comes if a player steals a base during Game One, Two, or Three of the series. The promo is called “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco,” but it’s not really stealing if they give it to us for free, is it?

The first base stealer will be dubbed a Taco Hero and if that Taco Hero steals a base during the first two games, you can claim your free taco on November 1 from two to six in the afternoon. If the base gets stolen in the third game, get your free taco on November 7, also from two to six p.m.

And the best part? You don’t have to a rooting for a specific team to get the free food. The “Steal a Base, Steal a Taco” deal could actually unify Red Sox and Yankees fans. As Noah Garden, an MLB spokesperson puts it, “Everyone has their favorite team and favorite player, but free tacos are something all baseball fans can root for.”

Source: Food and Wine

Why The First Glass Of Champagne Gets You Drunker

If you’ve ever felt like you caught a bigger buzz from the first glass of champagne poured from a bottle, you weren’t just imagining it. According to professor of medicine Merlin Thomas, that first glass will get the person who drinks it drunker than the second, third, and fourth glasses poured from the same bottle and it’s all because of the power of the fizz.

In his new book, “The Longevity List,” Thomas debunks myths about our eating and drinking habits, including this one about champagne. He explains that while food can slow the absorption of alcohol into our system, drinking the bubbly stuff actually speeds it up.

Once the cork is popped, the carbon dioxide in the champagne starts to escape as gas bubbles move to the surface. When we drink it, our stomachs fill up and the fizz forces our bodies to absorb the alcohol at a faster rate. That’s why you feel more intoxicated from a glass of bubby than a glass of flat white wine.

And the first glass of the bottle has more bubbles, so that means more bubbles in your tummy, increasing alcohol absorption. The cold temperature of the champagne also gets you tipsier because it bubbles less before it hits your stomach. So warm, flat champagne would give you less of a buzz, but nobody wants a glass of that!

Source: Country Living UK


The Best Winter Vacations

A lot of folks are probably counting down the days to their winter vacation. But while a lot of people will probably be taking the typical beach or ski trip, there are a lot of great destinations to explore when the months turn colder.

Well, “U.S. News & World Report” just came out with their annual list of the Best Winter Vacations, and they're offering some suggestions for everyone - with lists broken down to things like Best Affordable Winter Vacations, the Best Winter Family Vacations and, for the first time, the Best Christmas Vacations.

Overall the mag named Rome as the Best Winter Vacation, and Best Affordable Winter Vacation. If you’re looking for a family vacation, Orlando and Walt Disney World in Florida tops the list, naturally, while Prague earns top honors for Best Christmas Vacation. 


Best Winter Vacations

  1. Rome
  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  3. Honolulu-Oahu
  4. Quebec City
  5. Auckland, New Zealand 

Best Winter Family Vacations

  1. Orlando-Walt Disney World
  2. Anaheim-Disneyland
  3. Branson, Missouri
  4. Honolulu-Oahu
  5. Whistler, British Columbia

Best Affordable Winter Vacations

  1. Rome
  2. Quebec City
  3. Auckland, New Zealand
  4. Seville, Spain
  5. Costa Rica 

Best Christmas Vacations

  1. Prague
  2. Vienna
  3. Taos, New Mexico
  4. London
  5. New York City

Source: U.S. News & World Report

Ohio man builds giant two-story Star Wars vehicle in his front yard for Halloween

A Parma, Ohio man has taken Halloween decorating to the next level, reports Cleveland.com. Nick Meyerbuilt a two-story replica of an AT-AT walker, the four-legged vehicle from the Star Wars movies, and it quickly became a viral sensation on social media.

Meyer's replica is massive, taking up most of his front yard and it’s almost as tall as his two-story house. Meyer said he constructed the walker using hard foam, wood and plastic barrels.

The AT-AT walkers played a huge role in the opening scenes of The Empire Strikes Back, the 1980 sequel to original Star Wars movie from 1977.

Chipotle Offering The Chance To Win Free Burritos For A Year

While Halloween may be about candy for most people, Chipotle wants to make it about burritos.

The fast food Mexican chain just announced that they are bringing back their Halloween "Boorito" promotion, in which anyone who dresses up in a costume on Halloween can get a $3 burrito, bowl, salad or order of tacos from 3:00 pm until closing. But don’t think just putting on a set of mouse ears will snag you that cheap burrito. The company’s press release notes the “determination of whether a 'costume' qualifies for the offer is at the sole discretion of Chipotle restaurant personnel.”

Now if you’re someone who hates to dress up on Halloween you aren’t being left out of the promotion altogether. While you won’t be able to snag a $3 burrito, if you text BOORITO to 888222 by October 31st you’ll be entered for a chance to win free burritos for a year.

Source: Chipotle



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