Hannah's Headlines- 11/8/2017

NASA Wants Your Help Naming A New World

NASA wants your help. Their New Horizons spacecraft is due to fly by a small, distant, and cold world on New Year's Day and they want to come up with a name for it. 

As of now, it's referred to as MU69 but you have until December 1st to give it a better name. 

Here's what we know about MU69: it's at the outer frontier of our solar system, 4-billion miles away. There's a chance it may actually be two objects, either stuck together or orbiting one another, so two nicknames might be needed.

Either way, this January 1st trip will give MU69 the record for visiting the most remote world ever explored by humankind.

Nominate and vote on names HERE

Source: Frontier Worlds

You Can Buy A Keg Of Ranch Dressing

Getting a head start on your holiday shopping? Well, Hidden Valley is here to help. The condiment company has unveiled a batch of gift options including shirts, socks, and a mini ranch dressing keg. 

That's right, a keg. The mini keg is built to hold up to five liters of ranch and its interior is approved by the FDS to keep the dressing tasting fresh.  

The mini ranch keg will set you back $50, but you will also get a year supply of ranch with price of purchase. 

Source: Hidden Valley 

Try Out This Whiskey Scented Deodorant

Have you ever thought that you love whiskey so much that you would consider rubbing it on your body? Well, now you can, and it won’t even be sticky or weird (well, not exactly). Pit Liquor is a company that’s all about getting your pits under control with the help of alcohol. It’s Colorado-made and features whiskey, vodka, tea, and other natural ingredients.

The ingredients are also sourced locally so you won’t be shopping the generic brands you see at drugstores. The spray deodorant actually kills bacteria when you use it too, keeping your pits clean. And the bottles? They almost look like they’re perfume, making them the perfect accent for your vanity! It comes in three scents - Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, and Whiskey Black Pepper!

Source: Bustle


Hey guys, this is Anna and I’m emailing you from work because I have a big work dilemma I thought you could help me with.

My issue is that I recently asked for a much-deserved raise after working for 3 years without one. My boss told me I had a choice, get a 5-percent raise or a 3-percent raise but an official title as “Senior Administrative Assistant.” This basically means that I’ve got seniority over all the other administrative assistants.

At first I thought the job title and smaller raise was the way to go, but now that I think about it I’m not sure what to do.

Which should I go for, the higher raise or the smaller raise with the job title?


Sleep Deprived? You Might As Well Be Drunk

Sleep deprivation can affect people in a similar way to alcohol, scientists warn.

They say being over-tired increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart attack, and stroke. It also disrupts the way brain cells transmit information as exhausted neurons respond more slowly than usual.

The researchers tested 12 epileptic patients who had electrodes implanted into their brains to ­pinpoint the origin of their seizures.

Professor Itzhak Fried said: “We discovered that starving the body of sleep robs ­neurons of the ability to function properly.”

“It exerts a similar influence on our brain as drinking too much. Yet no legal or medical standards exist for identifying over-tired drivers the same way we target drunk drivers.”

The study participants had to stay awake all night to speed up the onset of an epileptic episode. Lack of sleep is known to trigger seizures in vulnerable individuals.

Patients in the study then had to identify images as fast as possible while the implants recorded brain activity.

The lack of sleep caused the neurons to respond sluggishly, the study published in Nature Medicine found.

Fried, of the University of California, added: “It appears select regions of the patients’ brains were dozing, causing mental lapses.”

Link: http://nypost.com/2017/11/07/sleep-deprived-you-might-as-well-be-drunk/



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