Best of Craigslist

Blue eyes - w4m 

age: 38 

It was always your eyes that attracted me to you. They drew me in with this sad look. Like a wounded little puppy I could help. Now I know better. You're not a wounded little puppy, but more of a beaten down abused old dog. Lashing out biting and growling at anyone who tries to get close to you. I should be angry for the way you treated me, but I just feel sorry for you. It's almost like you don't know any better. Most people don't break someone else apart because they hurt. Someone else hurt you so bad that you broke inside. After everything, I still want to help even though I should run. Just know this. You can try to fake a smile, laugh, and put on a cocky front, but you cant change your eyes. They can't lie! They show, you are broken. I see through your bull to your broken soul. If you want to talk, here I am.

Beautiful Blonde - m4w (Winona) 

age: 45 

To the beautiful blonde who drives the silver Durango. Last week, I followed you to Bloedow's Bakery, where our eyes met and you flashed me a sexy smile, just as you bite into a delicious Bloedow's cinnamon roll topped with bacon. I would love to talk and get to know you. Tell me the color my shirt I was wearing so I know you are for real :-)

Sexy woman I conversated with outside of Tobacco Outlet - m4w

You are the sexy woman I conversated with today that was sitting in a chair outside Tobacco Outlet smoking a cigarette while waiting for your cab. You were telling me that you had a heart attack and didn't even know it and that you were stinted. Unfortunately, I had to leave abruptly after an inconsiderate driver honked at me because they wanted my parking space and I was forced to cut our wonderful conversation short. I didn't notice a ring on your finger, and am hoping you are single like I am. I'd like to continue our conversation over dinner sometime. Though unlikely, I really hope that you see this and contact me via the craigslist email system. Change the subject line to what you asked me that started our conversation. Kisses sexy



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