Hannah's Headlines- 11/29/2017

Crack Open A Window For Better Sleep-Cracking a window could lead to a better night's sleep.

Researchers in the Netherlands studied people as they slept and those in rooms with better ventilation seemed to get more quality shuteye. The key is the increased airflow from an open window lowering carbon dioxide levels. That in turn was tied to fewer nighttime awakenings and all-around deeper sleep.

The study reminds us that a third of our life is spent snoozing, so it should be high quality. It was published this month in the journal "Indoor Air."Source: Nottingham Post

FDA: Bone Treats Are A Danger To Pets-The Food and Drug Administration is warning dog owners to avoid store-bought "bone treats."

The FDA says it has received nearly 70 reports of pets becoming ill and more than a dozen deaths related to the packaged treats. Unlike real bones, the processed "bone treats" can cause choking, vomiting and blockage of a dog's digestive tract. Pet retailers often sell the items labeled as "Ham Bones," "Pork Femur Bones," "Rib Bones" and "Smokey Knuckle Bones." The full consumer advisory along with tips to help keep dogs safe are posted online at fda.gov. Source: NBC News


Will I Be Judged If I Wear The Same Shirt To Work In The Same Week?

Hey guys this is Steve. I’m a first time emailer and long time listener. I’m wondering if you could give me your opinion on repeating outfits at work in the same week? Is it okay or should you never repeat the same week?

I’m asking because I started a new job recently and my fiancé noticed that I was wearing the same shirt Friday that I wore on Monday. She said it’s never okay to repeat the same shirt in the same week. I told her I didn’t have many dress shirts and all the other ones were really dirty. She told me to Febreeze one I didn’t wear this week because it’s better to smell like Febreeze than to repeat shirts.

Is it okay for guys to repeat shirts or outfits in the same workweek but not okay for women to repeat? Is she right and I should never repeat shirts?


America Facing Christmas Tree Shortage

Nearly a decade after the recession began; Christmas tree aficionados are feeling the pinch.

News outlets report a nationwide Christmas tree shortage is the result of farmers planting fewer trees when demand plummeted in 2008, or going out of business altogether. North Carolina is the nation’s second-largest Christmas tree exporter, after Oregon, producing more than 20 percent of the country’s supply.

North Carolina Christmas Tree Association Executive Director Jennifer Greene says there’s a more limited supply of Fraser fir trees this year.

South Carolina Christmas Tree Association Secretary Steve Penland says growers have begun to plant more trees, but National Christmas Tree Association spokesman Doug Hundley says it takes around 10 years for trees to reach full height.

In the meantime, Hundley says, expect prices to increase.

Link: https://nypost.com/2017/11/28/america-facing-christmas-tree-shortage/

Man dies after posing for a picture with a grenade: Someone dying is always sad for their loved ones. The way Alexander "Sasha" Chechik died is also very, very stupid. The Russian man texted his friend a picture of himself holding a grenade that he had removed a pin from. Naturally, the grenade exploded and killed Chechik. Police suspect Sasha thought that the grenade would not explode as long as he didn't throw it. As of now, his death is being ruled an accident. Source: Daily Mail

Study: drinking three to four cups of coffee a day may have health benefits

Coffee may not only give you a morning boost -- it also may have significant health benefits.

So says a review by British scientists of more than 200 studies on coffee consumption and health, published Wednesday in BMJ, a British medical journal.

“Coffee drinking appears safe within usual patterns of consumption,” said the University of Southhampton's Robin Poole, who led the study.

According to the researchers, people who drink three to four cups of coffee a day are more likely to see health benefits than harm, experiencing lower rates of premature death, cardiovascular disease and liver disease.

Drinking more coffee also is associated with a decrease in several types of cancer, including prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, skin cancer, leukemia and liver cancer, according to the researchers' findings. There also were lower rates of type 2 diabetes, gallstones and dementia associated with coffee consumption.

Three of four cups of coffee offer the most health benefits, except for pregnant women or those who are prone to suffer fractures.

Since this is an observational analysis of studies that already exist, it is impossible to account for many of the other factors that may influence these findings. More studies are needed to determine correlation versus causation. In other words, it might be that people with more healthy lives also drink coffee, but this news suggests that there are more positive findings than negative ones.

Although the review found than there was more benefit than harm from coffee, the studies were not adjusted for important confounders, such as body-mass index, smoking, age, alcohol use, income or education level.




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