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May We Have Your Attention, Please? Rocky Road Oreos Are Probably Happening

Oreo keeps making our dreams come true. After already adding so many interesting and unexpected flavors to its lineup — hi, Peeps — Oreo is now reportedly working on a rocky road cookie. According to The Junk Food Aisle, Rocky Road Trip is the latest flavor variation consisting of chocolate, almonds, and marshmallows.

Unfortunately, the flavor won't be getting released anytime soon. Though things could change, Rocky Road Trip is currently slated for a Fall 2018 release. The popular food blog also hinted at peppermint-bark-flavored Oreos coming out shortly thereafter. None of this has yet to be confirmed by Oreo, but we'll continue to report on this very important news as it develops. You know, for professional reporting reasons. No personal investment whatsoever. None.

How Much Do You Think You Spend On Take Out Every Year?

Thinking about takeout tonight? It all adds up as new research reveals Americans spend an incredible $70,000 on takeout and delivery in their lifetime. A new study into the eating habits and diets of 1,000 Americans calculated respondents’ typical spend on ordering out — with as many as 82 percent doing so at least once every two weeks. Just four percent of respondents never get takeout, with those who do spending nearly $100 on food delivery in a typical month — $1,175 on take-out meals every year. When projected across the typical 60-year adult lifespan (18-78) that equates to an incredible $70,500 dished out in the name of takeout.

  • How many times a week do you order takeout?
  • How much do you spend a month on takeout?

Link: https://nypost.com/2017/12/08/americans-spend-an-absurd-amount-on-takeout/

18 Slang Words That Will Make You Sound Like an Old Fart

As a Millennial in my 20s, it's hard to believe that my generation is slowly becoming dated, especially when it comes to our slang. Everything we used to think was supercool, like playing Oregon Trail, is now seen as archaic and lame by the generation after us. Since we're not entirely sure if we'll ever get a handle on using the cool new terms like "sus" and "stan," we're going to take a trip down slang memory lane and revisit our favorites. Do you still say any of the words on this list? If so, it might make you sound old, but hopefully it stokes you up and makes you raise the roof with your homies.

1 Raise the Roof

Saying this while pumping both your arms in the air is definitely a way to show how old you are to the youth.

2 Tight

Was there any better word out there to describe a close relationship or something really awesome? Nope. Now, it's all about "hunty" and "snatched."

3 Chill Pill

If you want to sound like a grandma, tell some teenagers to take a chill pill and look at their blank, judging faces.

4 Fo Shizzle or Fo Sho

Are you Snoop Dogg? OK then.

5 Peace Out

The only thing that will make kids judge you more than saying "peace out" is simultaneously pounding your chest twice and then giving the peace sign. (Please do it.)

6 Triflin'

Remember when Destiny's Child made triflin' (aka sketchy) popular with Bills, Bills, Bills? RIP to the group and to this word.

7 Cool Beans

Keeping things G-rated with "cool beans" was the only way to go. If someone says it today, it's probably your dad.

8 Stoked

Stoked perfectly captured how excited you felt about anything. Know anyone who still uses it besides surfer bros? Exactly.

9 Shiznit

Do you use shiznit? Hi there, you must be younger than 10 or over 60.

10 Flossy

Before there was side-eye, there was flossy, a word that conveyed every emotion you had about feeling slightly jealous/annoyed about something flashy.

11 Home Skillet

You knew you were amazingly cool once home skillet — an endearing term for friends — made it on to That's So Raven, a show probably no teen has ever heard of.

12 Hecka and Hella

If you refuse to use boots as an adjective to mean "really," chances are you're probably still using hella instead.

13 My Bad

There will never be a more insincere-sounding apology than my bad.

14 Salty

It took a few years of being out of high school, but you quickly realized just how strange it was to describe being upset as salty.

15 What's the Dilly-o?

We really don't know why we used to say this, but we won't ever be sorry for it.

16 Coolio

Saying coolio was definitely a way to look superchill without trying too hard. It was also a reference to the rapper who most kids today probably know nothing about.

17 Crib

Maybe it was cool to say crib when you were 11 years old thanks to MTV, but now there's no excuse.

18 Fly

Unless you're Jennifer Lopez living in the '90s, saying fly will just make you sound silly.

Link: https://www.popsugar.com/tech/Old-Slang-Terms-38133766?stream_view=1 - photo-38134837

What Bizzare Objects Has Your Dog Eaten That Had to Be Removed?

An Oklahoma veterinarian said an ailing dog brought in after eating a baby's "binkie" was found to have swallowed 21 pacifiers. Dr. Chris Rispoli of the Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Edmond said Dovey, a 4-year-old Shar-Pei he has been seeing since she was a puppy, was brought in by her family. The family told Rispoli they had observed Dovey vomiting and losing weight recently, and their newborn's grandma told them she had seen the canine walk off with one of the infant's pacifiers. The initial X-ray indicated there could be seven to nine pacifiers in the dog's stomach, but Rispoli conducted surgery and ended up removing 21. "In 20 years, this is the craziest surgery I've ever done," Rispoli told KOKH-TV.

  • Do you have a dog that’s eaten objects like toys or rocks and you had to have them removed from his or her stomach?

Link: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/12/08/Veterinarians-remove-21-pacifiers-

Do You Believe In Alien Life? You’re Not Alone!

Nearly half of Earthlings believe that we aren’t alone in the universe — and want to make contact with alien life, according to a new study. The findings of the survey — conducted in 24 countries by research group Glocalities — showed that 47 percent of the survey’s 26,000 respondents believe “in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe.” And 61 percent responded “yes” when asked if they believe in “some form of life on other planets.” The results of the survey may help explain why people love the Star Wars franchise, according to Glocalities research director Martijn Lampert.

  • Do you think we should try to communicate with aliens?

Link: https://nypost.com/2017/12/08/half-of-humans-believe-in-alien-life-study-says/

Score Free Food At Chipotle Wearing Your Cheesiest Sweater

Time to pull out your cheesy holiday sweater again, but this time it could actually do something good for you. Chipotle is offering free queso to customers who wear those sweaters to their restaurants on December 12.

“Hey, if you wear your cheesiest sweater to Chipotle on Tuesday, December 12th, we’ll hook you up with FREE QUESO when you buy an entrée,” the fast-casual Mexican food chain tweeted. So keeping that ugly Christmas sweater your Aunt Margaret gave you a decade ago is finally going to pay off!

Chipotle recently revamped their queso recipe, just months after it first started serving the cheese dip. But customers were generally disappointed with the queso, so here’s hoping the new tweaked recipe is as good as the rest of their menu. And you can find out for free tomorrow, Tuesday, December 12. Just don’t forget your cheesy sweater.

Source: Delish



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