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Most People Really Want Experiences For Christmas

If you’re still struggling to come up with a gift idea for that hard-to-buy for person in your family, you may want to think about getting them an experience, rather than an actual tangible gift. According to a new survey, 95 million Americans would rather get a gift of experience than any other form of present, including gift certificates.

Overall, 67% of people say they’d prefer to get an experiential gift rather than a gift certificate, with 81% of people thinking they are more memorable than any other form of gift. And these type of gifts are so desired people seem to be willing to do a lot, or even give up a lot, to get one. For example:

  • 47% of people in relationships say they would more be likely to have sex with a significant other if they received an experience rather than a material gift
  • 46% of Americans would be willing to sleep an hour less each night for the entire holiday season to get an amazing experience instead of a gift certificate
  • 37%of those polled would give up sex for a week to get an experiential gift
  • 29% would give up their cell phones for a week for an experiential gift
  • 75% of Millennials would do anything in exchange for an incredible experience

So, what types of experiences do people want? Well top choices include going on a helicopter tour (39%), going on a private tour of a museum (32%) and petting a panda at the zoo (27%). One experience they don’twant is spending time with their in-laws. The survey finds that only 9% of people would want to spend an entire week with their in-laws. That certainly sounds more like a punishment than a gift.

Source: Market Watch

Woman And Her Granny Graduate College Together

Graduation at Chicago State University was extra special for grandmother Belinda Berry and her granddaughter Karea Berry. The women both earned their degrees and followed each other across the stage to get their diplomas, making them the first grandmother-granddaughter graduating duo in the school’s 150 year history.

Belinda raised her granddaughter from the time she was a year old and wasn’t sure she’d ever get the chance to fulfill her dream of getting her degree. But this granny graduated magna cum laude, one of the top grads in their class of 457. And these ladies aren’t done with their educations just yet, they’re both going on to get their master’s degrees at the university.

“It meant the world to me, because that’s the person, aside my from my daughter, that means the most to me,” Karea says. “To be making her proud while she was making me proud was so awesome.”

Source: People

How do you slice your toast? Believe it or not, the Internet has opinions

While it might be easy for some to see how politics, or a movie could potentially divide people on the Internet, but you wouldn't think the way you slice your toast could do the same. 

A tweet by an organized student night at Sheffield Hallam University, in Sheffield, England, has social media split on how to slice toast. Turns out people have very strongly held opinions on the matter.

Basically, it comes down to three choices -- or, more accurately, two choices and complete lunacy: a normal horizontal cut, a diagonal slice, or a third option: cutting lengthwise from top to bottom.

A spokesperson for Hallamnation told BuzzFeed that it has toast available at one of its biggest events, which raises money for The Children's Hospital Charity.  People who make a voluntary donation are rewarded with a slice of toast.

The British seem to have a more passionate relationship with toast than many other nations, but people from all over the world are weighing in on the matter.

"If you cut your toast [lengthwise from top to bottom] then I think something is actually wrong with you," opined one.


Money Doesn’t Always Buy Happiness-Money can buy some kinds of happiness, but in some ways poor people are happier.

A new study published Monday looks at different types of happiness and how social class might affect them. The survey of over 15-hundred U.S. adults from diverse backgrounds showed that wealthy people experience more contentment, pride and amusement than those with less money. Poor people, however, report a greater amount of love, compassion and awe of the world around them.

The study's lead author says people who make more money are more likely to derive happiness from their own accomplishments, while people with lower incomes appear to form stronger bonds with others to help cope with their circumstances.

The study was not able to determine whether income actually influenced which emotions people felt.Source: Time

Drunk guy picks up his drunk friend from the police station: A man in Brown Deer, Wisconsin was trying to be a good friend and go pick up his pal who had been arrested for drunk driving. It turns out that good friend had also knocked back a few drinks. Once the friend arrived at the police station to pick up the first drunkard, officers noticed something was off. Then the unidentified driver failed three different sobriety tests. He was hit with his own OWI charge on the spot. No word on what kind of state the third person who had to come pick up the first two drunks was in. Source: FOX 6

Trends Set To Be Big In 2018

We’re closing in on the end of 2017, so it’s time for out with the old and in with the new. These are the styles and trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2018.

  • Ruffle shoulders - This vintage-inspired look was on the spring runways at designers like Stella McCartney’s show and it could be next year’s bell sleeve.
  • Indie brand wines - They’ll be having a moment in 2018 like craft beer did 10 years ago. Brands like Omen Wine from Oregon are coming out with small-batch wines with well-designed labels and price tags we can afford.
  • Several week-long vacations - People are prioritizing self-care more and those who can get out of work or work remotely are going to be enjoying extended vacays for weeks or months at a time.
  • Team-based workouts - Gyms and fitness studios will be embracing a “team-like atmosphere” in the coming year. Great for outgoing types, not so much for introverts.
  • Colorful kitchens - Stainless steel and matte black aren’t disappearing just yet, but expect to see more colorful cabinets and bright appliances in 2018.
  • Swedish Death Cleaning” - It’s the decluttering craze that’s clearing messy households everywhere. The idea is that when we die, we tend to leave a mess behind for our loved ones to deal with, so we can avoid that by “death cleaning” so they don’t have to.
  • Curtain bangs - Pinterest searches for the long, middle-parted fringe or curtain bangs were up 100% as of last month, thanks to famous faces like Halle Berry and Alexa Chung who have sported the look.
  • Plandids - Forget selfies, the new photo trend is the “plandid” - which is a carefully planned candid shot. It’s basically when you ask someone to take a pic, but you pretend you weren’t expecting it and you’ll be seeing more of it on your Insta feed.

Source: PureWow



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