Hannah's Headlines- 1/2/2018

The Dating App That Uses Your DNA

Dating apps are pretty simple – you just upload a few pictures and start swiping, right? It’s not hard to get your matches pretty quickly. But now there’s an app that’s actually using science to pair you up with people you would probably like.

The app is called Pheramor, and it uses your DNA to match you up with people. They also take info from your social accounts to help match you with people who have been to the same places and like the same things as you. It even gives you a percentage of how good a match you might be.

It’s a little wacky to think about sending your genes off to a dating app!


Man Stages Freezing Proposal

Millions of Americans may be freezing, but Josh Darnell wasn't about to let some cold weather get him down. The 31-year-old decided to propose to his girlfriend Rachel Raske after they climbed to a scenic spot on Tuckerman's Ravine, on New Hampshire's Mount Washington. Oh, and that day temperatures reached minus 34 degrees on the summit

Darnell's dad, Doug, joined the adventure to capture the proposal and he vouched for how tough the weather was. In fact, he said when he got out of the car, the wind was so strong it knocked him over. 

Turns out, all the hard work was worth it. Rachel said yes. 

Source: Associated Press


Pot Shops Open For Business in California

Pot shops across California are open for businesses. As of yesterday, recreational Pot use became legal in the Golden State and shops opened their doors early to help deal with the flood of customers.

Some shops in the state even hired more help – like the big department stores do on Black Friday. Meanwhile, other shops have crazy promotions, including a shop in Santa Cruz giving away T-shirts to the first 420 customers (a nod to the slang term used by pot smokers).

Still, not everyone is enjoying the new freedom. While dozens of shops are open across the Golden State, at least 300 other cities – including Riverside, Fresno, Bakersfield, Pasadena and Anaheim – don't allow selling anything other than medical marijuana.

  • The CHP wants to remind people ‘impaired driving’ is impaired driving, whether it's alcohol, prescription drugs or pot – if you’re not sober, don’t get behind the wheel.
  • And by the way, in the eyes of the federal government, pot remains illegal. It's also illegal to take marijuana across state lines, bring it on a plane or mail it.
  • ONE MORE THING! Just because recreational pot is legal - it doesn't mean you can start lighting up in public. If smoking cigarettes is banned where users want to get their toke on, so is the pot. The legality of non-medical marijuana use is confined to private, or in-home use.

Source: CNN

More Germs On The Tea Kettle Than Office Toilet

Initial Washroom Hygiene's study revealed that there's one place in particular just crawling with bacteria - do bacteria crawl?! - and we probably touch it every single day.

Sadly, the office teabag area is no longer sacred. It is in fact, pretty disgusting.

As opposed to the average bacterial reading for a toilet seat, which was 220, researchers found an average 3,785 germs on an office teabag. Bet you're really regretting that 10am brew right now aren't you?

And it might not just be the tea bag on your morning round that is at risk of making you ill. The research also found high readings on the other parts of the kitchen that are integral to tea making - kettle handles (2,483), used mug rims (1,746) and the handles of fridge doors (1,592).



The Best Day For Online Dating

The most popular day for online dating is just around the corner. It’s a little random, but according to Plenty of Fish, the most active day on the dating apps is the Sunday after New Year’s. So mark your calendars for January 7th (that’s this upcoming Sunday) and get your swiping thumbs ready. There’s a 14% increase in dating app activity on that day.

In preparation for the day when we’ll all be swiping, we should really consider getting our profiles into perfect shape. Don’t forget to mention your favorite foods, and make sure you enlist some trustworthy pals to check out your profile for you and tell you what needs tweaking. Being as unique and you as possible is the best way to go with these things!

Source: Bustle



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