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It’s True: Stifling Sneezes Can Be Harmful - A wives tale about sneezing is very true.

You may have heard you can blow your brains “out,” rupture your eardrum, or even damage your eyes if you hold a sneeze in. Well, you can do damage!

A case study in the journal BMJ Case Reports warned about holding back sneezes because a person held in a sneeze and ruptured the back of their throat. Dr. Anthony Aymat, director for ear, nose and throat services at London’s University Hospital Lewisham, explains what happens when you hold a sneeze in. “When you sneeze, air comes out of you at about 150 miles per hour.”

Dr. Zi Yang Jiang, a head and neck surgeon at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston says “The whole point of sneezing is to get something out of your body, like viruses and bacteria, so if you stop that, those may end up in the wrong part of the body.”

So, the next time you have to sneeze, don’t be dainty…let it rip!Source: New York Post

Humblebragging Is More Annoying That Just Plain Bragging

We all have that friend who can’t help but brag about all the great things that are going on in their life...every time we see them. And while those people are annoying, it turns out there’s an entirely different group of people that get to folks even more.

According to a new study, while nobody really likes a bragger, most people hate a humblebragger even more. You know that person who has perfected the way of bragging about something great in their life while still trying to appear modest in the process.

Researchers out of Harvard and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill asked 646 people to track instances of humblebragging in their life and how they felt about it. Overall, volunteers reported that social media posts featuring a humblebrag were the most insincere, with complaining and outright bragging scoring higher for believability and sincerity.

What’s more, participants considered a comment that contains some sort of boast along with humility-based comment the worst and most annoying type of humblebrag. For instance when someone claims to have just rolled out of bed and look bad, yet they are still getting hit on.

  • As the researchers note, “These findings offer initial evidence that the more individuals are perceived to use humblebragging the more they come across as less likeable, sincere and competent.” Amen to that!

Source: New York Post


Weird Plastic Surgery Procedures That People Actually Have

These days, it isn’t uncommon for women and men to go under the knife to fix what they don’t like about their looks. And while we’re used to hearing about people getting some Botox, a tummy tuck, or even a boob job, there are actually lots of people out there having procedures you may not have known even exist.

Well, Australian cosmetic surgery nurse Nicole Montgomery is spilling the beans on some of the weirdest things people have had done to their body, and it may just leave you shaking your head, or heading to your nearest plastic surgeon to be next.

Odd plastic surgery procedures include:

  • Fake Dimples – Not born with adorable dimples on your face? Well, apparently the plastic surgeon can fix that.
  • Six-Pack Sculpting – Why spend hours in the gym trying to get a six-pack, when a plastic surgeon can flatten out the stomach and then etch lines in the abdomen to make it look like you have great abs.
  • Belly Button Surgery – Apparently a lot of people with outies want to join the majority and get an innie.
  • Eye Implants and Eyelash Transplants – Don’t like your eye color? Well you can get a silicone-based eye implant that will change it for you. You can also get an eyelash transplant if you want more luscious lashes.
  • Asian Blepharoplasty – A procedure that’s popular amongst Asian women, it can make someone looked more “bright-eyed' by creating an eye that appears larger.
  • Knee Lift – The procedure removes saggy skin from the knees in order to make them look more youthful.
  • Ear pointing – Is just as it sounds, designed to make people look permanently like a pixie.
  • Tongue splitting – Doctors can split the tongue down the middle to make you look like a lizard.
  • Palm Line Modification – It surgically changes the lines on your hand. It’s popular in Asian cultures which believe it could change fate.
  • Scrotox – Is just what it sound like, Botox for the scrotum

Source: Daily Mail



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