Hannah's Headlines- 1/22/2018

Amazon Adds High Tech Twist To Grocery Store - Amazon has a new grocery store opening to the public today that is completely futuristic.

There are no checkouts, registers or cashiers, instead, the store has countless cameras and sensors that scan what you have as you bag or walk out and charges everything to your account. The Seattle store was originally supposed to open last year but was delayed while the company fine-tuned the technology. The store is about the size of a convenience mart and requires an Amazon app.

Some of the glitches needing to addressed is properly identifying each shopper., especially when their body types are very similar. That’s right, you are identified by cameras. Then there were children moving items into wrong locations. The “smart store” coudn’t handle that situation.

Amazon Go isn’t launching anymore locations… yet.Source: Reuters

A Dating App That Lets You Rate And Review Dates

Not that we needed more choices of dating apps to go for when we’re feelin’ thirsty, but surprise! There’s a new dating app around. It’s called Do I Date and it allows you to rate and review dates right after you’ve been on them. Not only that, but you can scroll through other people’s ratings and reviews of matches before meeting up with them.

It’s a great idea for people who want to be sure about what they’re getting themselves into before they pull the trigger on meeting in real life. The only weird part is that people have to be cool with being openly judged like that for the sake of dating. Would you be up for it? After all, they can rate you as well…

Source: Independent

Wedding Trend: Stock-The-Bar Parties

We’re coming up with all sorts of ways to celebrate when we get married these days. The big thing used to be budtenders who would distribute weed all evening, but now look our of stock-the-bar parties. The idea is that you ask for alcohol instead of typical registry gifts.

All you have to do is list off your favorites so you can “stock the bar” with all of your go-tos instead of getting a million dishtowels when you already have one. Oh, and you’re gonna need a spot for all that liquor, so you’re going to want to step up your home bar game. Keep it stocked with glasses, shakers, and wine keys so you’ll never be without a drink!

Source: PopSugar

“Time Traveler” Reveals What Life Is Like In The Year 6000

A bizarre new video has surface of a man claiming to be a time traveler who has seen the year 6000. He says he's got the secret technologies being used and claim human brains will be uploaded onto a computer so they can live forever.

In a video, which sees the man’s face is blurred and voice is distorted, he claims to have been a part of a secret program in the 1990’s that sent people forward in time. He even took a “distorted photo” of an unnamed city, which he claims "became distorted" from the travel back to present time (convenient).

At one point, our traveler gets choked up about having to leave a close friend behind in the future - he also says he knows people won't believe his story and he doesn’t blame them. It’s not his “intention to deceive,” but claims we will have technology to time travel by 2028. Lay off the drugs dude...

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=543&v=NvXeWXsgHsg

Source: Mirror

Report: You’re Not An Adult Until You’re 24

While your kids may want to convince you that they are adults as soon as they go off to college, a new report suggests they really have several more years before they can claim the title.

Scientists from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Australia argue that while adolescence is currently defined as being between the ages of 10 and 19, now that many young people are spending longer periods in college, and putting off marriage and parenthood, they really aren’t reaching adulthood until the age of 24. 

The study’s author Prof. Susan Sawyer suggests because kids don’t become adults now until 24, policies to help youth should last past their teen years. “Although many adult legal privileges start at age 18 years, the adoption of adult roles and responsibilities generally occurs later,” she says, noting that the "semi-dependency" of adolescence is now way past the teen years.

But not everyone agrees. One professor noted, just because they aren’t married or still in school doesn’t mean they are not adults. Dr. Jan Macvarish of the University of Kent explains to the BBC: “There is nothing inevitably infantilizing about spending your early 20s in higher education or experimenting in the world of work.”

Source: BBC

Delta Air Lines Cracking Down On Emotional Support Animals

Delta Air Lines is tightening the leash on support animals taken aboard flights. Beginning March 1st, passengers who wish to take their support animal aboard a Delta flight must show proof of health and required animal vaccinations 48 hours in advance. Delta transports 700 service or emotional support animals every day.

In a statement, Delta says travelers with psychiatric support animals must also have a document confirming their pet can behave. According to the airline, the intention is to keep untrained and sometimes aggressive animals from traveling without a kennel in the cabin.

For the record, customers have reportedly attempted to fly with some exotic animals, including comfort turkeys, sugar gliders, possums, snakes, and spiders. As for what spawned the move, Delta says they’ve seen an 84% jump in “animal incidents” since 2016. That includes everything from bathroom accidents to biting and other issues. Animals who travel in underseat kennels are not affected by this rule.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Big Clothes Companies Are Making Gender-Neutral Kids’ Lines

Clothing brands like Abercrombie and Target are finally figuring out that some boys like pink, so they’re making their kids’ collections more diverse and gender-neutral. Abercrombie and Fitch’s first gender-neutral children’s collection just came out and ads for it feature girls wearing black and camo-print and boys in pink and florals.

“Parents and their kids don’t want to be confined to specific colors and styles, depending on whether shopping for a boy or a girl,” Stacia Andersen, brand president of Abercrombie & Fitch and Abercrombie Kids, says in a statement. Plus, after having to close dozens of stores after sex stopped selling for the company well known for their racy ads and topless male in-store models, ditching the gender labels will help them boost their bottom line.

Other brands that are coming out with unisex clothes for both girls and boys include Baby Blastoff, Free To Be Kids and Jill and Jack. Target’s inclusive Cat and Jack line also feature clothes without itchy, skin-irritating tags and with flat seams for kids with sensory processing sensitivities, as well as bottoms with wider legs to help kids with disabilities dress more easily.

So stores are finally listening to customers and learning that one lifestyle doesn’t fit all and that some girls don’t want ruffles and princesses on their shirts and some little dudes might. Clothing has no gender and now it’ll be easier to find clothes for our kids that reflect that.

Source: Moneyish



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