Hannah's Headlines- 1/23/2018

It’s Way Past Time To Wash Your Winter Outerwear - Do you realize that the thing keeping you warm in winter may be making you sick too?

When was the last time you washed your hat, gloves, scarf and winter coat? The longer you wait the more germs and viruses build up which means the very things meant to protect you are making you ill.

Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, says it’s easy to remember the rule: “I generally recommend cleaning things you wear in public about once a week.” He also says absolutely stop wearing your shoes in the house or you’ll track all kinds of horrific things into the house.

To see how to best clean your outerwear, click here.Source: New York Post

Only One Person Will See Skittles’ Super Bowl Ad

Skittles knows how expensive Super Bowl ads are, they’ve run one for the last three years. But this year, the official candy of the NFL is going a different route. Skittles isn’t doing a commercial on national TV for millions to watch, they’re only showing their ad to one person: a teenager from LA.

Marcos Menendez is the only person who will see the Skittles “Super Bowl ad” and the rest of us will only get to see his reaction to it, which will be live streamed on Facebook during the game. Apparently the 17-year-old is an actual fan, not an actor and the company isn’t planning to ever show the rest of the world the ad he views.

“Sometimes what you cannot see is more interesting than what you can see,” a teaser for the Skittles commercial says. Let’s hope they’re right, but either way, they’ll be saving bank on this year’s Super Bowl ad budget.

Source: Food and Wine


When Should You Stop Keeping Your Financial Infidelity From Your Partner?

Some people love their money so much they don’t even tell their partner about it. One in five people in a live-in relationship admit to “financial infidelity” — keeping a private bank account or credit card without telling a partner, according to a study released Monday by CreditCards.com. The survey of 2,000 people found 31-percent of millennials, 24-percent of people ages 38 to 53 and 17-percent of baby boomers have at some point had an account they keep secret from a partner. 31-percent of those in a relationship think that keeping a credit card, checking account or savings account secret from a partner is worse than cheating physically.

  • Do you consider keeping financial secrets from your partner worse than physical cheating?

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/01/22/millions-of-americans-keep-this-secret-from-their-partner/

Earlobe Reduction Poised To Be The Next Hot Beauty Trend

There are plenty of folks who are willing to go under the knife or get fillers to make themselves look younger, but there’s a new beauty fad that’s poised to be the next big procedure, and we can thank the Kardashians for it.

On a recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kris Jenner decided to get earlobe reduction surgery so she could have “cute ears” again, and, while the simple procedure has been around for awhile, many believe it will likely start gaining in popularity because of the episode.

Most people go under the knife to get their earlobes fixed thanks to years of wearing heavy earrings that cause the earlobe to stretch as we get older. To fix it, doctors inject a local antithetic, cut a piece out of the earlobe and then reattach the remaining earlobe to the head. Another option is to get fillers inside the lobes which give them a plumper appearance, and allows them to handle heavy earrings. 

  • Of course, with most surgeries, earlobe reconstruction doesn’t come cheap, and it can cost a few thousand dollars for the fix. 

Source: Fox News

Rare 'Super Blue Blood Moon' Coming on January 31

Sky watchers are in for a special treat at the end of January when a lunar trifecta fills the night skies: a pre-dawn "super blue blood moon."

The lunar event on January 31 is third in a string of recent "supermoons," when the moon is closer to the Earth in its orbit and appears about 14 percent brighter

It is also a "blue moon," which is the second full moon that happens in the same calendar month. The month's first moon happened on January 1.

It all coincides with a total lunar eclipse, which is called a "blood moon" when the moon is in the Earth's shadow and takes on a reddish tint.

This rare trilogy of lunar events hasn't happened in more than 150 years, according to earthsky.org. The last "Blue Blood Moon" was recorded back in March 31, 1866.

According to NASA, people living in North America, Alaska, or Hawaii, the eclipse will be visible before sunrise on Jan. 31. In Seattle, the peak viewing time will be 7:44 a.m. PST.

Link: http://www.king5.com/article/tech/science/rare-super-blue-blood-moon-coming



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