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The Royal Family Is Hiring! - There's a job opening at Buckingham Palace and people are clamoring to get it.

For those obsessed with royal weddings, crown jewels and future Princess Meghan Markle, this may be the job for you. The royal family is looking for an entry-level communications assistant. The job entails producing news releases, writing media briefings and composing social media posts.

The job is based at Buckingham Palace, but travel inside the United Kingdom and overseas is possible. The posting is described as an opportunity to "develop your career and deliver the exceptional."

Polish up that resume and good luck!Source: CNBC

Scientists have invented a banana with an edible peel

This s–t is bananas!

A Japanese agricultural research company has developed a banana with an edible peel.

Called the Mongee — pronounced “mon-gay,” which is slang for “incredible” in Japanese — the freaky fruit is grown using an extreme freezing and thawing process. According to D&T Farm’s spokesman Tetsuya Tanaka, the idea began as a research “hobby” for technical development manager Setsuzo Tanaka and evolved from there.

First, scientists plant and grow banana trees in an environment kept at negative 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, the team thaws and replants them. The change in temperature encourages the plants to rapidly grow, and leaves the fruit with a peel that has a texture like “lettuce,” Tetsuya says. (Regular bananas are usually grown in temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Modal TriggerThe bananas, currently only available in Japan, cost nearly $6 apiece.D&T Farm

D&T Farm claims they have exceptional nutritional qualities. “Banana peel is an excellent ingredient,” the company’s English website reads, adding that the peels may contain vitamin B6, magnesium and tryptophan.

That’s all good and well, but what do they taste like?

According to D&T’s website, Mongees are sweeter than their traditional relatives, with nearly five more grams of sugar per fruit. Tetsuya adds that, unlike the exterior of ordinary bananas, Mongees’ peels don’t taste bitter.

Journalists at the Tokyo-based website RocketNews24 tested them out last month and found that they had a “very strong tropical flavor,” like a pineapple. In an article, they describe the skin as “very thin,” with “no strange texture” and “fairly easy to eat.”

For comparison’s sake, a RocketNews24 reporter later bit into a regular banana — skin and all — from Ecuador. Predictably, he found the peel inedible.

Unfortunately, Mongees probably won’t be cropping up at C-Town anytime soon: Production costs are so high for these bananas, only 10 of them go on sale each week in an Okayama prefecture department store in western Japan, averaging at a wallet-busting $5.75 apiece. “We are also considering export [to the US], but it is likely [to take a while,]” Tetsuya says.

Anti- Activity Couch Potato Club Launches

Calling all couch potatoes! There is now a spot for you to go to so you don’t feel ostracized by the active people in your life. Unfortunately, its in Germany. Founded by German entrepreneur Torben Bertram, the Sofa Sports Association found it's feet after Bertram got fed up with colleagues who kept pressuring him to join workout sessions during lunch.

The Sofa Sports Association lets like-minded lazy people participate in sofa sports like sitting, eating cups of chips without using hands, and yelling like Tarzan (no idea why on that one...sounds like work). Bertram says he founded the association because he just didn’t like the “constant pressure to improve himself.”

The club has been meeting for about a year at bars and clubs and now has 25 members including Bertram’s wife, who originally thought it was “nonsense.” The club is geared towards non-vegan, non-career-obsessed and the non-overachieving masses. That’s the spirit!

Source: Daily Mail

Kindness Care Packages Show Up In Cincinnati

Winter in Cincinnati, Ohio can be brutal, but thanks to some good samaritans, it’s easier for folks to warm up. All over the city, little random acts of kindness are appearing in the form of small care packages, bundled up in waterproof bags, there for anyone who needs them.

It’s part of the citywide campaign called #Kindflash. Organizers say the idea is to “deepen a sense of community” in the city with both spontaneous and coordinated acts of kindness to improve lives and bring people together.

One #Kindflash item found tied with a bright red ribbon had a blue fleece sweatshirt inside. The package came with a note reading in part, “If you’re cold and need a hug, please take me with you.”

Source: WLWT

Serotonin Filled Foods To Brighten Your Day

Feeling good is all about getting your mind, body, and spirit on the same page. You have to take care of yourself, exercise, eat the right foods, and work your brain muscle if you want to feel more globally good about yourself and your life. Here are some foods you can eat that give you more serotonin naturally:

  • Walnuts
  • Hickory nuts
  • Pineapples
  • Bananas
  • Kiwis
  • Plums
  • Tomatoes

Get in there and make yourself some sort of smoothie bowl with nuts on top, because it’s time to get our serotonin pumping!

Source: PopSugar



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