Hannah's Headlines- 2/2/2018

There’s Still Time To Get To Super Bowl, Will Cost Tons

Fans of the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will need to have deep pockets in order to make it to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Travel expert Jeannene Tornatore claims it will cost fans an average of 27% more to attend this year's Super Bowl – and we’re not just talking about getting into the game.

One-way non-stop airline tickets are running fans an average of 12-hundred-dollars to travel to Minneapolis for the big game. The few remaining tickets will cost roughly 46-hundred-dollars and fans will need to travel outside the city for a hotel where they will pay more than 300-dollars a night.

But it’s not just about getting there. Law enforcement officials in the Flour City are begging fans to use their brains when it comes to tickets – and game gear. As Minneapolis Police Department Lt. Kim Lund notes, “Please please please. Get the message…don’t get tickets off Craigslist.” Officials note that the only guaranteed source for tickets the NFL ticket exchange, Ticketmaster or from an NFL team's ticket box office.

Source: MetroSource

Monopoly Is Now Encouraging You To Cheat

While Monopoly can be an endless game, there are definitely those who love it, and there are probably even more folks who love to cheat while playing. Well, in case you missed it, Monopoly is getting ready to introduce a version of the game just for those cheaters. 

Hasbro recently announced that they will launch “Monopoly Cheaters Edition” in the fall, which will actually encourage players to cheat. While the object of the game is still to wind up with the most money at the end, the rules actually encourage folks to attempt to get away with cheating as much as they can. 

The major addition to the new game is a deck of 15 cheat cards, and at any point in the game five of those cards will be in he middle of the board for players to try and fulfill. Should a person successfully cheat they get their reward, but should they get caught, the back of the card reveals their punishment, which includes things like going to jail or being handcuffed to the game.

As for those cheat cards, they include things like:

  • Stealing money from the bank
  • Placing a hotel on one of your pieces of property
  • Removing a hotel from someone else's property
  • Taking an extra $100 in Monopoly money from the bank when you pass go.
  • Moving another player's token instead of your own on your turn
  • Giving someone less money than you owe them
  • Collecting rent for someone else's property

Oh and one more thing! While it may seem like stealing money from the bank would be hard with a banker to watch over the dough, that’s where this game changes things up. There is no specific banker, and instead each person is in charge of the bank during their turn.

Source: Insider


Ever Wonder What That Little Pocket In Your Jeans Are For?

You know that little pocket on your jeans? The one that doesn't really function as a pocket due to its tiny, tiny size, that sits inside an actual pocket, which does actually function as such? Well that tiny little pocket inside a pocket is actually for watches, designed for cowboys in the 1800s. According to the Levi Strauss website, "Originally included as protection for pocket watches, thus the name, this extra pouch has served many functions, evident in its many titles: frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket and ticket pocket, to name a few."

“Human Uber” Let’s You Attend Events… In Someone Else’s Body

Don’t feel like going to school or work? How ‘bout to those plans you made a week ago? Don’t worry the ChameleonMask has got you covered. Japanese researcher, Jun Rekimoto presented the mask at MIT Tech Review’s EmTech. He describes it as a “human Uber,” but Vice says, it more closely resembles a mobile FaceTime.

The technology “uses a real human as a surrogate for another remote user.” Confused? Don't be. You would essentially hire someone to go to an event for you, and they'd wears a mask-shaped display (like an iPad) which shows your live face with a voice translator to hear the user’s voice. Rekimoto reportedly describes using ChameleonMask as “surprisingly natural.”

There’s just one minor kink to work out. It’s not clear how the surrogate is able to see as the mask covers the entire face. Perhaps eye holes will come as an update?

Source: Vice

Edible Gold Is The New Big Food Trend

There’s a new food trend hitting Instagram, and this one will seriously cost you. People are putting gold on foods – and then actually EATING them. It’s crazy if you really think about it. Here are some of the foods you can get that are covered in gold:

  • Gold pizza covered in 24k gold for $2,000
  • Gold bagel with white truffle cream cheese $1,000 (but the proceeds go to charity, so okay)
  • Gold grilled cheese for $214
  • Gold dusted chocolates for $10
  • Gold donut with champagne glaze for $100

Can you IMAGINE spending that much money on something you’re going to crap out later?? I certainly can’t. But if you’re into it – CLICK HERE to find out where/how to get these – and more food like them, in your belly.

Source: Insider



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