Hannah's Headlines- 2/8/2018

Couple Inundated With Packages From Amazon

A Massachusetts couple thought it was all fun and games when they started free receiving mystery packages from Amazon. Mike and KellyGallivan say packages have arrived once or twice a week since October. They mostly contained cheap stuff like plastic fans and phone chargers.

The Gallivans never ordered any of it and at first they admit it was fun. Now the couple wants it to stop. They’ve contacted Amazon about it, only to be told it was all paid for with a gift card. No name, no address. They’re most likely a part of a scam to gain good reviews on the products.

Amazon experts James Thomson and Chris McCabe say a seller can establish an Amazon account with a phony email. The seller will then purchase merchandise with a gift card and send it to a random person. Then the seller, who controls the email, will write a glowing review of the product, thus boosting the Amazon product. The Gallivans have no idea why they were chosen, but they’re not happy about it.

Source: Boston Globe

A Tequila Shortage May Be Coming

Brace yourselves, folks: we could be facing a tequila shortage. An agave shortage in the heartland of tequila country and growing demand from around the world has producers worried. The price of Agave tequilana, the spikey succulent used to make the booze, has shot up six-fold over the past two years, making it harder for the smaller distillers now and it could eventually affect big players, too.

Without enough mature plants to make agave for tequila, some farmers are using immature plants instead to compensate. It takes seven or eight years for the agave plants to reach maturity and younger plants produce less tequila, so more plants have to be used and it creates a downward spiral.

Tequila industry experts warn that the early harvesting will result in a worse shortage in 2018 and will probably continue until 2021, when improved planting strategies will have helped. So stock up now. Cheers.

Source: New York Post

Free Wings At Hooters This Valentine’s Day For Shredding Your Ex’s Photo

Hooters probably isn’t the first restaurant when you think of Valentine’s Day dinner, but they’re offering a special for the single folks on the holiday. Anyone who comes to Hooters and shreds a photo of their ex gets a free plate of wings.

The offer is only good on February 14 and those who want to get in on it just need to head down to Hooters and order 10 boneless wings. Then they’ll have to destroy the picture of their ex, by ripping it, shredding it, or even letting their server do the honors. Then those wings are on the house.

And they’re even making it available to those who don’t want to eat alone in Hooters on Valentine’s Day. Just destroy your ex’s pic on the Hooters website, print the coupon, order the boneless wings to go and enjoy them at home. It’s the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day dinner.

Source: The Daily Meal

Are You A Chocoholic? Study Says They’re Hard To Find in The US Today

U.S. chocolate sales have been dropping and the industry is very worried. What's going on? In news you never thought you'd hear, Americans appear to be falling out of love with chocolate. The United States is the world's biggest chocolate market, but sales have been slumping in recent months. There seem to be a few factors at play. Analysts agree on the fact that Americans are choosing healthier foods. As WSJ wrote, "It is getting harder to believe chocolate is so different to other fatty foods." People are turning away from sugary, heavily processed snacks and opting for healthier alternatives. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Americans have long associated chocolate with guilt, as Michael Pollan revealed in his 2008 book, “In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto.”

  • Are you a former chocoholic? What made you cut back on your chocolate intake?

Link: https://www.treehugger.com/economics/where-are-all-american-chocoholics

Feeling dim? You need to turn up the lights

Feeling like a dim bulb? You might want to swap out the dim bulbs in your bedroom. 

A new study shows that rats who were exposed to brighter room lighting performed much better on various cognitive tasks than did their dim-roomed counterparts. 

What's more, the rats who didn't have the benefit of good lighting lost an average of 30% of the capacity of their hippocampuses, a portion of the brain dealing with learning and memory, according to the neuroscientists at Michigan State University.

"When we exposed the rats to dim light, mimicking the cloudy days of Midwestern winters or typical indoor lighting, the animals showed impairments in spatial learning," explains Antonio "Tony" Nunez, a co-investigator on the study.

"This is similar to when people can't find their way back to their cars in a busy parking lot after spending a few hours in a shopping mall or movie theater."



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