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Tax Apps Worth Checking Out - If you’re doing your taxes yourself, there are plenty of apps to help you.

A number of apps are available to help make an often confusing tax process a little bit easier. The Turbotax tax Return App quickly files by taking pictures of your W-2 forms on any device and virtually connects to a specialist if you need additional help. "IRS2GO" is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service. Another online tax app, "taxAct Express" provides personalized recommendations based on your tax situation.

If you have a simple return this year, the cost to file could be free, while more complicated filings will cost you something. Since the average cost of letting a pro do your taxes is $275, apps are worth looking into. Source: The Balance

The #1 Thing Married Couples Fight About

Even the most in love couples argue from time to time. It’s a healthy release of emotions and can actually bring you and your partner closer together in the end. And there are some arguments that come up time and time again for a lot of different couples.

According to a survey by the app Lasting, the number one thing couples fight about is how the cleaning gets done. If one person is cleaning more in the relationship than the other, it’s bound to lead to issues down the road. Make a list of who should do what so you can avoid any and all arguments.

The next most popular things to fight about? How often to have sex, how much time you should spend on your phones, and what to spend money on.

Source: Bustle

Office Romances Likely To End In Unemployment

While some people find love at a bar, and others online, there are still plenty of people who meet and fall for each other at the office, and while that may seem like a good idea to some, if things fall apart it can have dire consequences.

A new survey reveals that there’s a good chance finding love at the office will end with at least one person unemployed. The survey, by hiring firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, finds that one-in-three office relationships will result in at least one person getting fired. What’s more, 17% of companies chose to move an employee to another department because of an office romance, while 5% of affairs have resulted in some sort of litigation.

Of course these figures don’t stop office romances from happening. In fact, reports suggest that 25% workers have been in, or currently are in, a relationship with a colleague.

For this reason a lot of offices have set policies about office romances. About 60% of companies say they have some formal policy, while 10% say that they don’t have a policy, but office romances aren’t encouraged. For those with policies, 70% have banned relationships between managers and subordinates, with 47% discouraging them. And there’s good reason for that, since two-thirds of HR execs say they’ve had to handle some sort of fallout from a bad office romance.

  • ONE MORE THING! With the current #MeToo movement, you’d think companies would be looking over their policies, but the survey finds that two-thirds are comfortable with their current policy, with only 25% updating their policy.

Source: New York Post

Air sickness: Study shows viruses shower down from above

While your mom undoubtedly told you at some point to "go out and get some fresh air," a new study shows that it isn't so fresh outside after all -- what with all the viruses dropping out of the sky.

A team of researchers from the U.S., Canada, and Spain have confirmed that an "astonishing" number of viruses are routinely swept up from surfaces, hitch a ride on weather patterns, and scatter back down over us. 

In a media release, University of British Columbia virologist Curtis Suttle said, "Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre above the planetary boundary layer -- that’s 25 viruses for each person in Canada."

Shoved around by the wind, these bugs can easily scoot through the atmosphere from the surface, up to just below the stratosphere -- the layer trafficked by airliners -- and back down again.

Part of what makes it so easy is that viruses are teensy, not much bigger than a single strand of DNA, and have been built to stick to organic material like trees, or soil -- or you and me.

Snow Shovel Race Hits 60 MPH Speeds - Contestants in New Mexico are combining shovels and snow to compete in the annual snow shovel races.

At the 39th Annual Angel Fire World Championship Shovel Race, competitors sat on the scoop of a standard aluminum snow shovel with the handle pointed downhill. When they lift their hands and feet, gravity takes them for a ride at speeds up to 60 miles-per-hour.

Each rider gets two shots to clock the fastest time down the front of the Angel Fire Ski Mountain. Shovel racing began as a simple contest in the 1970s when ski lift operators would ride their shovels down the mountain at the end of their shifts.

The former task grew to become a featured sport during the early years of the Winter X Games. This year, more than 100 men, women and children competed for the title. Source: Inside Edition



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