Hannah's Headlines- 2/21/2018

Mom Who Gave Birth At Florida State Fair Gets Lifetime Pass

Kesha Martin and her family were hanging out at the Florida State Fair when all the sudden, her water broke. Martin suddenly had no choice and had the baby right there, but the best part is that the fair had a little gift for her and her newborn.

"I was just like, oh my gosh, I’m going to have my baby at the fair," Martin says. "That’s the only thing that was coming through my head. I just wanted her to be healthy." She ended up giving birth on the main fairway near the event, but Hillsborough County deputies were able to help her husband Lavaron Robinson deliver baby Lyric successfully.

What’s more is that when her family returned to the fair on Valentine’s Day, they were given a gift basket and tickets for life by the fair’s Executive Director Cheryl Flood. Deputies Robert Ramirez and Henry Echenique, who helped deliver Lyric, were also there to present them the gift.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

What To Say When You Run Into Someone You've Ghosted

It’s probably our biggest nightmare: what do you do when you run into someone who you’ve been dodging for the past few weeks? For a lot of reasons, ghosting is never the way to go. And potentially running into them is one of them. Here’s what you should do if it ever happens to you:

  • Say hello if you both notice each other.
  • Make light, polite conversation.
  • Keep the conversation to a minimum
  • Don’t suggest you make future plans.
  • Avoid texting them.

Let’s face it – running into someone you’ve ghosted is going to be awkward. The other person might have some questions for you. Just be honest with them and let the interaction fade!

Source: Elite Daily


Passenger excessively passing gas on plane prompts fight, emergency landing

You might say it was because of a bomb scare.

WABC reports that a flight to Europe was forced to make an emergency landing after a fight broke out because a man allegedly was allegedly passing gas excessively and refused to stop.

The Transavia plane was flying from Dubai to the Netherlands when two passengers allegedly asked the man to stop, but he refused and continued to pass gas. That's when a fight broke out and the plane was diverted to Vienna.

Four people were removed from the flight.  Two of those people are suing, claiming they weren't involved in the incident.

All four people have been banned from the airline.

Hotel Offering Discount To Families Who Put Away Phones

Our technology is such an ingrained part of our lives that folks these days just can’t be away from their devices, even when they are supposed to be relaxing on vacation. Well, one hotel chain is doing their part to change that. 

Starting Friday, Wyndham hotels will launch the “Reconnected” program in select Grand hotels, which will offer a five percent discount to guests who lock away their phones during their visit. Those who book the package, which runs through September 3rd, will get a lock box for their phones which will be set with a timer that won’t open until their visit is over.

But that isn’t the only way Wyndham is hoping to help families have non-tech related fun. Those who book the package will also enjoy a blanket fort for the kids, and an Instax camera, as well as a late night “bedtime Brigade” room service menu.

Source: Fox News

The Craziest Things Seen While Driving

When you’re behind the wheel of a car, the only thing you should be paying attention to is the road. Sadly, all too often people are doing anything but. Lots of us have become experts at multitasking behind the wheel, and while changing the radio station and talking on the phone (hands free, of course) isn’t all that bad, there are some people who take such multitasking to the extreme.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks confessing to the most outrageous things they’ve ever witnessed someone do behind the wheel, and it will make you wonder how there aren’t even more accidents on the road.

Outrageous things seen behind the wheel include:

  • “I once saw someone driving and breastfeeding at the same time.”
  • “This chick was doing her makeup and looking in the mirror with one hand and texting with the other. She was also speeding at 50 in a 15 max parking lot. A+ multitasking though, she didn’t crash.”
  • “I literally saw someone poop out their car window on the freeway. It’s a memory I wish I could erase from my mind.”
  • “On the motorway I saw just feet on the wheel! The guy had his chair fully reclined back, closed eyes and was steering with his bare feet. I was horrified.”
  • “I saw my mom pull a reverse on the highway after she missed her exit. I unfortunately was tailgating behind her in horror.”
  • “I saw a lady clipping her toenails going down the turnpike. Talk about gross and dangerous.”
  • “Last week I saw a cop driving with Netflix on the computer next to him. How the hell is that safe?”
  • “The craziest thing I saw driving my road trip: Woman driving with a burger in one hand, drink in the other, cellphone held up on her shoulder. To this day I have no idea what she was using to steer the car.”
  • “I witnessed an older woman on the freeway eating food with chopsticks and driving with knees. I got three lanes away from her.”
  • “I saw an old man driving in nothing but a diaper.”
  • “I just saw a lady braiding her weave…on the freeway. Yes she was driving.”

Source: Whisper

Thinking about downsizing? How about a 96 square-foot house?

When it comes to living space, how small can you go?

Having grown up in a tiny room in his family’s home in Pesaro, Italy, 27-year-old architect Leonardo Di Chiara is used to living a minimalist lifestyle, but his latest project, the aVOID tiny house, is taking that to another level. 

The teensy house -- currently on display and inhabited by the architect in Berlin -- measures just 96 square feet. It comes equipped with everything you need to live...minus the elbow room, that is. 

He hopes the structure challenges the concept of traditional housing.“It’s a tiny house and it’s on wheels, so you can move it wherever you want. You can live wherever you want,” the architect told ABC News.aVOID is part of the tiny-house social and architectural movement, which started in the U.S. in the 1980s and has seen a resurgence in the past several years, spawning several reality shows. 

The tiny-house concept centers around downsizing one’s home to live a more sustainable and minimal lifestyle, using few resources.Since 1973, the typical size of a U.S. home has doubled,  peaking at just over 2,600 square feet, according to U.S. census data. Tiny houses, meanwhile, are typically 100 to 150 square feet, are often on wheels, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.In March, Di Chiara will take the home on a seven-city tour, ending in Rome.



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