Hannah's Headlines- 2/22/2018

Amazon Quietly Launches Exclusive Over-The-Counter Health Products - Amazon is quietly offering exclusively made over-the-counter health products on its website.

Last fall, the e-commerce giant launched its Basic Care Line, which features 60 healthcare products ranging from ibuprofen to allergy medications. The exclusive line is produced by private-label manufacturer Perrigo and costs less than half of what similar products do at major retailers such as Walgreens and C-V-S. That means we all save a boatload.

Pharmacy retailers aren’t thrilled that the move is hurting foot-traffic and could slash profits for them. Last month Amazon announced a partnership with JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway aimed at reducing healthcare costs. It’s being speculated that the company will be getting into the prescription medicine business as well. Source: Business Insider

Burgers aren’t necessarily king anymore.

More fast food goers are reaching for chalupas more than Whoppers. Taco Bell etched out more sales last year than Burger King, becoming the fourth-largest U.S. food chain. Research firm Technomic says preliminary reports indicate sales for the "Live Mas" company jumped five-percent and sales for the "Have It Your Way" burger giant rose just one-point-five-percent last year.

Burgers are number one, but that’s about all. Still clinging to the number one spot is McDonald's, Starbucks is number two and rounding out the top three is Subway. In case you’re wondering, Wendy’s falls in line at number six.

Why the shake up? “Fast casual” dining is growing fast. Panera Bread, Panda Express, and Jimmy John’s are the big winners in this boom so far.Source: Technomic


Baggy Jeans Are Making A Comeback

It’s been all about the skinny jeans for a few years now. Not just skinny, but as physically skintight as you can possibly get a pair of pants to fit you. But maybe that’s all changing! We actually might be able to start breathing in our pants with the newest denim trend.

Start channeling your inner 90s, because baggy jeans are coming back for us. They’ve been seen on stars like Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton, and Drew Barrymore. Levi’s is even helping us out by releasing a line of light wash, lose-fitting jeans. Time to let your legs breathe a little!!

Source: Refinery29

New Peeps Flavors

Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way, stores are lining shelves with the pastel goodness that is Easter candy. It just wouldn’t be Easter without those beloved chick-shaped marshmallow treats, and this year Peeps will come in eight new flavors. But you’re going to have to shop around to get them all in your basket.

A new Sour Cherry flavor will hit grocery stores across the country, but you’ll need to do a Target run to get boxes of “Delight” chicks in flavors like Neopolitan - which has a chocolate and strawberry filling, and Lemon Sherbet and Orange Sherbet - both of which are dipped in fudge!

Over at Walmart, they’ll have three exclusive mystery Peeps flavors. You’ll have to guess which flavor they may be until the big reveal from the company closer to Easter. And at Kroger stores you can find the new Pancakes and Syrup-flavored Peeps, if you like your candy to taste like breakfast. But if you’re a purist who likes classic Peeps, don’t worry, you can still find those everywhere.

Source: Delish

Why Everyone's Posting #SideProfileSelfies

There’s a new Twitter trend floating around today, and it’s all thanks to Radhika Sanghani. There are so many people out there who fight for the perfect selfie – getting the angles right until their face looks absolutely perfect. But Radhka wants us to ditch that idea.

#SideProfileSelfie campaign is encouraging social media enthusiasts to really embrace their facial features in their selfies. Think your nose is a little big? Embrace it. Take a selfie from the side, and post it with the hashtag #SideProfileSelfie and show the world that you love every part of your face.

Big noses can be beautiful!

Source: Bustle

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