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Thousands of Snuggie Owners Get Refund in Settlement Over Misleading TV Ads

A company that promised "buy one, get one free" deals to entice people to buy Snuggies on TV commercials is now paying out refunds to customers. And it's not because the full-length, wearable blankets were faulty.

The refunds are part of a settlement Allstar Marketing Group reached with the Federal Trade Commission, which accused the company of duping customers into paying more than they expected through hidden processing and handling fees.

The FTC is now mailing out 218,254 refund checks totaling more than $7.2 million to people who bought various "buy one get one free" products marketed by Allstar. The average check will be for about $33 and is funded from the money Allstar paid to the FTC.

But wait, there's more! The settlement also compensates some customers of the Perfect Bacon Bowl, Magic Mesh Door, Perfect Brownie Pan, Cat's Meow, and Roto Punch products.

"This agreement returns money to thousands of consumers in New York and across the nation who believed they were buying items at the price advertised on television, but ended up with extra merchandise and hidden fees they didn't bargain for," New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement.

Consumers with questions about the refund may call 877-982-1294 to get more information. The New York Attorney General's consumer helpline, 800-771-7755, is also taking calls about the case.

Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/whats-hot/thousands-of-snuggie-owners

Here’s Your St. Patrick’s Day Soundtrack According To Youtube - YouTube is out with its list of the top ten most popular Saint Patrick's Day songs in the U.S. and its no surprise U2 is on the list.

The video sharing website analyzed what songs get major spikes in views on March 17th and U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" ranked fifth. No surprise that the rest of the top five includes Irish or Irish-American acts, with Flogging Molly's "Drunken Lullabies" coming in at number one. The rest of the top five includes The Dubliners' "Whiskey in the Jar," The Rumjacks' "Irish Pub Song" and "Dropkick Murphys' "I'm Shipping Up to Boston."Source: Billboard

Eyebrow Transplants Are A Thing

Eyebrows are still having a big moment. But since we weren’t all born with a set of brows like Cara Delevingne’s, some of us have to work a little harder to get the arches we want. Thankfully, there are powders, gels, and pencils to help our eyebrows out, and now there’s a new way the “follicly-challenged” are getting better brows: eyebrow transplants.

It sounds a little sci-fi, but the treatment just involves hair follicles being placed right into the brows to create a permanent and natural result. So it works like hair transplants, where they take hair from one part of the body - like the back of the head - and put it in another part of the body.

Then the hairs are trimmed to fit the preferred brow shape and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peter Paraskevas explains that they are very precise in the angle and placement of each and every hair follicle to give patients the most natural look. He says, “The aim of the procedure is to improve brow location, contour, and density.”

The most common side effects are swelling and bruising for a few days, but after a week, there’s usually no evidence of the procedure, other than new eyebrow hair. But like with any cosmetic procedure, know who you’re dealing with and ask the right questions before the procedure.

Source: Whimn


Your Saliva May Soon Be Able To Help You Find A Roommate

Finding a great roommate is never easy. Anyone who’s ever put an ad on Craigslist knows that any number of crazies can wind up on your doorstep when you’re looking for someone to share the rent. Well, now a new service may help folks find the perfect roommate match, and it’s all because of DNA.

The roommate service SpareRoom, which is currently only available in the UK, promises to analyze DNA in a person’s saliva to find genetic markers to for certain personality traits that may be optimal for roommates. They look for roommate compatibility based on 14 different traits, including spontaneity, optimism, confidence, risk-taking, self-awareness and stress tolerance. Once those are determined, they match them up to see if they are compatible with their potential roommates.

“A chatty extrovert with high confidence might find she’s suited to living with a more relaxed introvert,” a SpareRoom executive told the “New York Post." “While an indecisive thinker might seek out a risk-taker who will encourage him to shop around for the best deal on energy suppliers.” 

  • SpareRoom hopes to be able to launch their DNA service in the U.S. before the end of the year, but in the meantime they have been operating other roommate matching services in New York since 2011, offering personality exams as well as “speed Roommating” meet-up events. 

Source: New York Post 

Is Netflix Trying To Create A New Generation Of Binge Watchers?

It’s no secret that lots of kids these days spend too much time in front of screens, and now Netflix is being accused of trying to make things worse by encouraging them to be binge watchers.

The streaming site is testing a new feature that rewards kids with “patches” for watching TV shows like “Fuller House,” “Trollhunter” or “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” They say the patches are just a way of “adding an element of fun and providing kids something to talk about and share around the titles they love,” but some experts are worried that incentivizing TV watching will create a new generation of binge watchers

“It’s designed to turn kids into lobbyists and undermine parents’ limits,” Josh Golin, executive director of Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, tells Gizmodo. “Children like to collect things. So this will probably be incredibly effective at getting kids wanting to watch more and more Netflix.”

But Netflix insists the patches can’t lead to bigger problems, and say kids can’t access other content using the patches, and they don’t necessarily have to watch several episodes to earn their rewards. 

Source: Gizmodo



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