Hannah's Headlines- 3/26/2018

Remington Files For Bankruptcy 

Gun maker Remington Outdoor is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The major U.S. gun manufacturer reportedly made the move yesterday, a day after hundreds of thousands of people promoted increased gun control in the March For Our Lives rallies across the nation and world. The company is facing mounting debt and lawsuits in connection to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Originally, the company planned to file for bankruptcy last month, but delayed the move following the deadly mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Remington reportedly planned to give control of the company to its creditors.

Remington, in business for 202 years, is the oldest gunmaker in the U.S. and has seen 30-percent declines in sales. The drop has happened since Donald Trump took office.Source: CNBC

Science Can Now Slow Aging in Mice — Are Humans Next?

Scientists revealed in a groundbreaking study that they have successfully slowed aging process in mice, and they’re hoping the development will lead to an anti-ageing pill that would work on humans. Take that, body clock!

So, what are they saying?

In a five-year study, published in journal Cell, researchers report that they have found a molecule that essentially reactivates faltering blood flow in elderly mice, Time magazine reports. Compromised blood flow is a major component of ageing, as it deprives tissues and organs, including the brain, of the nutrients and oxygen they need to function.

The compound, called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a form of vitamin B3 that is naturally produced by the body, was fed to the 20-month-old mice, an age comparable to 70 years in people. After being treated with NMN for two months, it increased muscular blood flow, enhanced physical performance and endurance, and the older mice eventually became as fit and strong as the younger ones.

Specifically, researchers found the treadmill time of the mice increased by 60 percent in comparison with other animals, which means the pill could mimic the benefits of exercise.

The team of scientists working on the potential game-changer is made up of academics from Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of New South Wales.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/03/23/science-can-now-slow-aging-in-mice-are-humans-be-next/

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At What Age Should You Stop Calling Your Parents To Take Care of You When You’re Sick?

I feel like once you move out of your house and get your own place you should probably stop calling your mom to come over and take care of you when you get a little sick. Now, if it’s an emergency that’s something else but basic stuff you’re on your own right? I just read this story on Twitter where a young woman called her mom in Texas to tell her she had a bad headache so her mom jumped on the next fight to New York to see her and take care of her. It’s a sweet story but I feel like the mom needs to let go a little, right?

  • Are you an adult and still call your mom or dad to take care of you when you’re sick?

Link: https://collegecandy.com/2018/03/24/mom-flew-cross-country-daughter-headache/

Naked Speed Dating Is A Thing

Did you know you can go on naked speed dates? Well, at least in the UK you sure can…and journalist Almara Abgarian couldn’t help but to try it out. She went to The Exhibit in London as they held their first-ever naked speed dating event, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

You enter the room and are greeted by a shirtless bartender. Then, you’re encouraged to put on a giant polka dotted robe that is supplied for you. It’s a normal crowd aged 25-35, and everyone gears up to show their junk to strangers in the hopes of finding a date. Creator Rob Ryall says, “It came to be as “a really quirky and fun way to meet people.”

According to Abgarian, there were people of all shapes and sizes, and most people were pretty cool about stripping down and getting in front of each other. It takes a while to warm up to the idea, but eventually everyone’s just naked and free in the room!

And naked. REALLY naked.

Source: Metro

Instagram Account Celebrates Truly Awful Home Decor

When it comes to decorating a home, people’s tastes definitely differ. While some may love hardwood floors, others love carpet, and while some love bright colors, others would prefer muted tones. But there are instances where most people would agree something’s awful, and there’s a new Instagram account that celebrates just that. 

Interior designer Dina Holland is responsible for the “Please Hate These Things” Instagram account, which displays some truly awful home design choices, and currently has over 44,000 followers. While some may think it’s mean-spirited, Holland notes that in general “people think it’s funny.” As for why some folks would make such horrible design choices, she notes, “a lot of younger designers don’t have the confidence to go in and say, ‘No, that’s not the right look.'”

Some huge design mistakes on the site include carpet on the ceiling, a person who put a quote about their love of garlic on a wall in their family room, and even two lights that when turned on casts a shadow that looks like boobs on the ceiling.

Source: Please Hate These Things

Passive Aggressive Ways People Have Dealt With Terrible Neighbors

They say good fences make good neighbors but for some people there really is no such thing as a good neighbor. There are plenty of people out there who’ve encountered neighbors who are just the worst, which can often lead to some very scary confrontations.

But not all people like to deal with their awful neighbors face-to-face, and the results can be pretty hilarious. Folks online have been sharing the passive aggressive ways they’ve been dealing with bad neighbors, and some are so brilliant it may leave you wondering why you never tried it before.

For example, one family who lives next door to bigots decided to put up 10,000 lights in the color of a rainbow in their front yard, while another person, who’s neighbor complained about their unpainted fence, decided to paint “Look Bob I painted my fence,” with a smiley face on the offending structure.

Other passive aggressive ways of confronting a neighbor include:

  • When a neighbor stole their two-year-old’s pumpkin off the porch, the person put up a sign thanking the offender for teaching their kid a “life lesson,” that “sometimes people are mean for no reason.”
  • For a neighbor who throws their cigarette butts on the ground, a person used them to write out “Get an Ashtray” on the sidewalk.
  • One person who’s neighbor had very loud sex recorded it, and left a disc at their door with a note that read, “This is a recording of you having sex in your bedroom at 4:27am. I hear everything and just want to sleep. Be courteous.”
  • Someone named their WiFi network “You’re music is annoying,” while another neighbor answered that with “Your grammar is more annoying.”
  • After someone stopped a washing machine and took out a person’s clothes, the owner of the clothes got back at them. After calling him an a-hole, the guy wrote “unfortunately for you so am I. You can find your wet clothes frozen outside in the snow.”
  • Someone with a clompy neighbor posted a picture of flip flops with bricks as the soles, writing “Upstairs neighbor’s favorite shoes.”
  • One person left a serious threat for folks who don’t pick up after their dog. After warning them that they are on camera, their sign read, “If you don’t pick up after your dog we’ll send our grandson to poop on your lawn.”

Hey...just be glad you don't LIVE NEXT TO THIS (check out the video to the right)

Source: The Sun



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