Passive Aggressive Ways People Have Dealt With Terrible Neighbors

They say good fences make good neighbors but for some people there really is no such thing as a good neighbor. There are plenty of people out there who’ve encountered neighbors who are just the worst, which can often lead to some very scary confrontations.

But not all people like to deal with their awful neighbors face-to-face, and the results can be pretty hilarious. Folks online have been sharing the passive aggressive ways they’ve been dealing with bad neighbors, and some are so brilliant it may leave you wondering why you never tried it before.

For example, one family who lives next door to bigots decided to put up 10,000 lights in the color of a rainbow in their front yard, while another person, who’s neighbor complained about their unpainted fence, decided to paint “Look Bob I painted my fence,” with a smiley face on the offending structure.

Other passive aggressive ways of confronting a neighbor include:

  • When a neighbor stole their two-year-old’s pumpkin off the porch, the person put up a sign thanking the offender for teaching their kid a “life lesson,” that “sometimes people are mean for no reason.”
  • For a neighbor who throws their cigarette butts on the ground, a person used them to write out “Get an Ashtray” on the sidewalk.
  • One person who’s neighbor had very loud sex recorded it, and left a disc at their door with a note that read, “This is a recording of you having sex in your bedroom at 4:27am. I hear everything and just want to sleep. Be courteous.”
  • Someone named their WiFi network “You’re music is annoying,” while another neighbor answered that with “Your grammar is more annoying.”
  • After someone stopped a washing machine and took out a person’s clothes, the owner of the clothes got back at them. After calling him an a-hole, the guy wrote “unfortunately for you so am I. You can find your wet clothes frozen outside in the snow.”
  • Someone with a clompy neighbor posted a picture of flip flops with bricks as the soles, writing “Upstairs neighbor’s favorite shoes.”
  • One person left a serious threat for folks who don’t pick up after their dog. After warning them that they are on camera, their sign read, “If you don’t pick up after your dog we’ll send our grandson to poop on your lawn.”

Hey...just be glad you don't LIVE NEXT TO THIS (check out the video to the right)

Source: The Sun



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