Newest Dating Term to Know: Hatfishing

Have you ever gone on a few dates with someone and realized you’ve never actually seen them without their hat on? Congratulations – you’ve been hatfished. It’s when a guy leaves a hat on in all of his photos and on every date, only to reveal later that he’s actually losing ALL of his hair. Hatfishing is the new dating trend, and it’s more common than you think.

Sure, looks aren’t everything. But don’t you want to know up front what you’re working with before you’re shocked later on down the road? If you’ve got a glaring flaw, don’t try to hide it from the people you’re interested in. The right people will look past any flaws anyway and like you for you.

But unfortunately, men are so sensitive about their hair that it’s likely they’ll hatfish you before they actually reveal their thinning or chrome domes. And seriously, when you consider that a study by The American Hair Loss Association shows that two out of every three men will start to lose their hair by the time they’re 35 – they’ll often feel like they took a huge hit to their masculinity when it happens.

Hang in there, baldies! You look great just the way you are (and without the hats)!

Source: MSN

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