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ICYMI: A Mini Brain Was Grown In A Lab - As creepy as man made body parts are, the could help others.

Scientists at UC Davis say they have grown miniature human brains in a lab for the first time. The millimeter-long brain tissue, grown from stem cells, grew its own blood vessels after being implanted into a mouse.

Mind you, these “brain balls” don’t resemble adult brains, but they are a huge stepping stone. Researchers were stunned when one started to bleed.

In the future, researchers hope to use artificial brain tissue to help stroke victims recover. Who knows? Maybe even dementia patients could be helped by the science. The research was published last month in the journal "NeuroReport."Source: Wired

At What Age Did You Feel Like You Were Getting Good At “Adulting” Activities?

Do you wash your sheets regularly, watch the news and get to bed before 11 pm? Congratulations — you’re officially an adult, according to new research. A new study of 2,000 millennials into “adulting,” the concept that certain activities and responsibilities are performed only by fully mature adults, found that some of our most mundane everyday tasks are actually a milestone for maturity. The research compiled the 40 factors that make someone an adult, according to millennials. The number one sign of adulting is having a steady job (78 percent), but as many as half say just doing their own laundry makes them feel like an adult.

  • What chore or activity makes you feel like you’re an adult?

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/04/05/millennials-think-theyre-getting-better-at-adulting/


The Most Beautiful Pole Dance You'll Ever See

April 06, 2018

The Bottom Line: Peter Holoda is a dancer...and he does things with a pole that'll blow your mind.


When Should I Tell My Dates That I Did A Little Jail Time?

"Hi guys my name is Allen and I’m a fan of your show and hope you can help me with a small dating dilemma I’m having right now.

So to make a long story short I did a month in prison for a crime I didn’t commit. I was in the wrong car with the wrong guys and they pulled them over with guns and drugs and I was just getting a ride home from a party.

Ended up both of them had huge rap sheets and to try and get off they said everything was mine and made up some lies. After getting the right lawyer and some blessed luck they admitted I didn’t know anything and I walked away from it.

Now I recently had a woman I was dating break it off with me after I told her the story about six months into dating because I was embarrassed about it. She said I wasn’t honest with her and that scared her. 

So how far into dating someone do I tell her the story? Is this a third or fourth date story or should I do it on the first date?"

New Research Proves Doing Dishes Really Is The Worst

In the world of household chores, some are definitely better than others. And one of the most hated tasks around is dealing with that sink of dirty dishes. We all dread the task of scraping dried oatmeal out of the bowl and now new research confirms what we already knew: doing dishes stresses moms out more than any other chore.

A new report from the Council of Contemporary Families looks into how modern couples divide up household chores and how that division of labor affects our relationships long-term. Dan Carlson, assistant professor of family, health and policy at the University of Utah and his team gathered info on couples’ laundry, grocery shopping and house cleaning habits and found that women who wash the majority of dishes at home reported less satisfaction in their relationships, more conflict, and worse sex lives than those who split dish duty with their partners.

So why does doing dishes piss us off more than picking up dirty clothes off of the bathroom floor? "Doing dishes is gross," Carlson explains "There is old, moldy food sitting in the sink. If you have kids, there is curdled milk in sippy cups that smells disgusting."

Been there, washed that, buddy. So basically, guys should remember: “If you wanna be my lover, you better go wash some plates.”

Source: The Stir

Source: The Daily Mail

Study: Eating Pasta Could Boost Weight Loss

Dieters have been avoiding pasta for as long as anyone can remember, but a new study could change all that. Research published in the journal BMJ Open shows that people actually lost weight while eating pasta. Take that, keto diet.

Researchers analyzed 32 randomized control trials of around 2,500 people who ate a low glycemic index (GI) diet, but ate pasta instead of other forms of carbs. In case you don’t know - the glycemic index rates how fast foods impact blood sugar levels. High GI foods include processed or simple carbs, like white rice, white bread, and potatoes. Healthier foods, like milk, fruit, lentils, and yes - even pasta - are considered low GI and they keep you fuller longer.

Participants ate around 3.3 small servings of a half cup of pasta a week and over 12 weeks, they lost just over a pound, on average. It’s not much, but a pound is a pound. But researchers don’t think the pasta alone is the reason for the drop, it’s the low GI diet that gets the credit.So this study doesn’t mean that we can all nosh on noodles for three meals a day and shed a bunch of pounds, but as dietitian Gina Keatleysays, “It does show that pasta is not the devil and can be part of a balanced diet.” And we’re all for that.

Source: Women's Health

Just How Many People Actually Join The Mile High Club?

We recently told you the best ways to join the Mile High Club, according to flight attendants, but have you ever wondered how many people actually have been able to get a little somethin’ somethin’ midair? Well, a new poll finds it’s probably not nearly as many people as you think.

A survey by the matchmaking site Saucy Dates reveals that while 78% of people say they want to join the Mile High Club, only 5% actually have. And of those who’ve gotten lucky in the skies, 40% got some nookie with a partner, 30% hooked up with a stranger, 18% did it with a crew member and 15% got lucky with a friend.

So, where is all this sex in the air actually happening? Well, not surprising, 59% of Mile High Club members got in after having sex in the bathroom, while 31% got it on in the seats. But while those may seem like the only real options, 9% actually admit to having sex in the galley, while 1% actually did it in the cockpit. 

Of course not everyone actually got away clean after having sex on a flight. While 86% of folks didn’t get caught, another 14% did, and where you try to get it on may play a role in whether you get nabbed. The poll finds that 13% of those having toilet sex got caught, while 14% of those in the seats, 30% of those in the kitchen and 27% of those in the cockpit were nabbed.

Source: The Daily Mail

Parents Really Do Have A Favorite Child

While parents may claim they love all their children equally we suspect most kids don't think that's actually true, and according to a new survey those kids are right. 

A poll conducted by the online forums Mumsnet and Gransnet finds that more than half of parents admit they love their youngest child the most, with only 26% preferring their eldest kid. As for why the youngest child is more loved, 61% of parents say it’s because their older children are “tricky and demanding.”

A previous study actually suggested the opposite, that the firstborn is more favored, but that study looked at parent behavior as opposed to asking them outright who was their favorite.

Of course some parents feel guilty about loving one child more with Justine Roberts, founder of Gransnet, noting, “Favoritism is one of the last taboos,” although she adds, “The distilled Mumsnet wisdom on this issue is that lots of parents like their children differently: the crucial thing is to love them all wholly.” 

Source: Good Housekeeping UK



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