Ankle Sculpting Surgery Is Popular With Women

These days when someone is unhappy with or insecure about a part of their body, it’s easy enough to change it with a little nip and a tuck. From earlobe reductions to armpit liposuction, there’s a plastic surgery procedure to fix any part of the body and one of the popular places people are tweaking right now is their ankles.

Women who have “cankles” - or legs with thick ankles where the calf kind of blends into the ankle without much distinction between the two areas - are turning to liposculpture to thin out their lower legs. The procedure is less invasive than conventional lipo, and in it small horizontal incisions are made in the skin, then the fat is sucked out and when it’s all said and done, the calf and lower leg should look more slender.

“Small amounts of fat removal can change the shape of the ankle dramatically,” explains cosmetic surgeon Dr. Meaghan Heckenberg of Australia. “It is often an area of fat deposition that has been a problem most of the patient’s life, which is resistant to diet and exercise.”

She’s performed over 700 of these liposculpture procedures since 2008 and says removing those hereditary collections of fat can sometimes reduce the circumference of the ankle by half. Of course, slimming down the cankles isn’t cheap, it costs around $5,500 and recovery can take up to a year before you see final results. But to the women who want those narrow ankles they’ve been dreaming of forever, it’s totally worth it.

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