Hannah's Headlines- 4/19/2018

Experts Warn Against Showering Too Much

There are plenty of people out there who can’t start their day without a good shower, but it turns out you may want to rethink your daily scrub because it may not be healthy for you. A new report reveals that bathing every day could increase a person’s chances of getting infections.

According to Columbia University infections-disease expert, Dr. Elaine Larson, showering too much could dry out your skin, which will cause it to crack, making it susceptible to germs. Other experts add that excessive washing can strip the skin of its natural oils, which affects “good” bacteria, which helps people’s immune systems.  

While some feel that bathing actually reduces the risk of illness, Larson notes that all it really does is remove body odor. So, how often should we be showering? Mitchell says just once or twice a week is sufficient, adding that those who want to shower daily should only do so if their skin feels healthy and hydrated.

  • And one other thing. Larson says we shouldn’t lather up our whole body, and instead use soap just on smelly areas. He notes that instead, folks should concentrate on washing their hands more frequently, and keeping their clothes clean in order to reduce the risk of getting sick. 

Source: Daily Mail 

Dog Walkers Help Prevent Crime In Minnesota

Folks in Rochester, Minnesota are helping to stop crimes while doing a regular, everyday activity: walking their dogs. Those daily strolls dog owners take are being turned into a chance to spot suspicious activity in the neighborhood. The Rochester Police Department’s crime prevention unit held a class for the Dog Watcher Walk Program, teaching locals how to use their extra set of eyes and ears to notice criminal activity.

Darrel Hildebrant, the Advanced Crime Prevention Specialist for RPD, says criminals don’t always pay attention to dog watchers, so they’re perfect for the job. Training emphasizes that the suspicion isn’t “the person” but “the behavior” and the idea isn’t for dog walkers to stop criminals in the act, but to provide information to law enforcement.

Sandra McGhie walks seven miles a day with her dog and thinks this program is a good idea. “The police can’t be everywhere at once,” she says. “And if we can try to take care of the neighborhood and call in when we think something is going on, it's a win-win."

Source: KTTC


Do You Start Cursing As Soon As You Wake Up In The Morning?

The average American utters their first curse word of the day at 10:54 am, according to new data. A study into the everyday stress and frustration of 2,000 Americans aimed to explore how much stress Americans take on and how exactly they deal with it. Having a bad day? You might be one of the one in four Americans who can’t get past 9 am without cursing most days, while the majority of respondents swear before 11am. Perhaps the number of potty mouths isn’t too surprising considering that cursing is the most common way to express stress and frustration, according to the results of the study.

  • Do you only curse when you get stressed out?

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/04/18/what-the-americans-cant-get-through-the-day-without-cursing/

Birdnesting Is the New Divorce Trend

It’s sad, but it happens – people get divorced. The marriage success rates just aren’t what they used to be, and we have to figure out how to co-parent with our exes better. It’s just the way of the world. One divorce trend that people are doing? Birdnesting. It’s when you designate one home for the child, and the PARENTS switch in and out of the house.

Instead of packing your bags to go to another parent’s house for the weekend, you can stay in the same house and your parents will do the work. How crazy is that? The situation works for some couples, but all in all, comes with a lot of complications. Where does the one person go while the other is living at their house? How do you deal with one living space for the two of you anymore?

If you’re going to take part in this crazy trend, you’re going to have to set some ground rules. Like no snooping through your things or sleeping in your bed! That would just be messed up.

Source: Metro

Turns Out Barbie Has A Last Name And We Had No Idea

Brace yourself, people. Apparently Barbie has a last name … and it’s not Doll. If you’ve been living your life this whole time thinking she was a one name gal, like Oprah or Cher, you’re not alone. But it turns out, our old childhood friend has a family name and we’re not sure how we missed this.

The news of Barbie’s last name sent many Twitter users into low-key freakout mode last week. It all started on National Siblings Day (April 10) when the @Barbie Twitter account tweeted a brief message in honor of the holiday: “Happy #SiblingsDay, from the Roberts sisters,” along with a photo of Barbie and her three sisters.

And while some tweeted that they had no idea Barbie even had sisters, lots of folks were blown away that Roberts is her last name. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, in fact. The iconic doll was created in the 1950s by Ruth Handler, who founded the Mattel toy company with her husband, Elliot, and Harold Matson. She named the doll after her own daughter and a legend was born.

Source: Bustle



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