Hannah's Headlines- 4/20/2018

Family of 13 Boys Welcomes 14th

As we previously told you, the Schwandt family in Michigan made headlines for having 13 boys and were hoping their next little bundle of joy would be a girl. No deal. The suspense is over - Jay and Kateri Schwandt have welcomed another baby boy. The little guy came in at eight pounds, four ounces and 21 inches long on Wednesday, five days before Kateri’s expected due date. 

The newest addition makes 14 boys for the Schwandt family. The oldest is 25 and the youngest before the newborn is 2. Before their 13th child, a genetics counselor had calculated the odds of giving birth to 12 sons in a row at point-zero-two percent.

No word on it they'll try again, but the fam has our congratulations (and mom has our sympathy).

Source: Michigan Live

April 23 Is The Latest Kooky Prediction for the Rapture

The world will cease to exist on April 23, according to a prediction that has some laughing, some yawning and yet others making preparations that could leave their lives in shambles. The warning about an upcoming Rapture, from numerologist David Meade, follows a long tradition of end-of-days predictions.

In the past, such dire warnings have spurred a small number of gullible believers to give away their possessions, and otherwise behave as if they were poised to meet their makers.

“Cranks!” said author Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International, referring to Meade, the numerologist. “These [predictions] are not consistent with the biblical stories. Everything Meade said about April 23 he said last year. At some point we have to stop believing people who keep crying ‘wolf.’”

“I wish people would stop saying these things and stop scaring people,” Sarfati said.

Meade’s recent Rapture warning marks the second time in less than a year that he has warned about the end of the Earth. Last year, Meade said the end was imminent. The end has failed to come many times previously, as well, with predictions going back to at least the Revolutionary War.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/04/19/april-23-is-the-latest-kooky-prediction-for-the-rapture/


Homeowner Finds Naked Intruder in Her Tub, Eating Cheetos

Police in Louisiana say a woman came home to discover a naked stranger in her tub, eating her Cheetos while taking a bath.

A Monroe police affidavit says 29-year-old Evelyn Washington was arrested on burglary and property damage charges.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that a responding officer found "a full tub of water and a plate of food along with half eaten Cheetos belonging to the victim on the toilet next to the tub."

Washington told the homeowner and police that an unknown male had told her to break into the house. Police found a tall ice chest under a broken window.

It's unclear if she has a lawyer.

Link: https://www.yahoo.com/news/homeowner-finds-naked-intruder-her-tub-eating-cheetos-102647869.html

Anti-social media? Study says those on their smartphones the most are the most lonely

While smartphones and social media apps were ostensibly created to keep us connected, a new study reports those who spend the most time on their smartphones are actually the most lonely.

It had already been established that overuse of digital devices and social media can take their toll on their users, even leading to addiction, but the study, conducted at San Francisco State University, shows the severity of the danger.

Likening smartphone addiction to opioid dependency, Erik Peper, co-lead author of the study and professor of health education at the school, argues there's little difference.

"The behavioral addiction of smartphone use begins forming neurological connections in the brain in ways similar to how opioid addiction is experienced by people taking Oxycontin for pain relief -- gradually," Peper explains in a press release.

Apps like Facebook and the like drive your attention to clicks and "likes" rather than actually interacting with other people.

Peper and co-author Richard Harvey surveyed 135 smartphone-using students, and discovered that those who couldn't put their cellys down were often down themselves: they reported higher levels of depression and anxiety. 


Mistakes You're Making At Fancy Restaurants

We’re just a bunch of kids in adult costumes, really. We all feel that way, and we all know it. And one time when we really know our kid sides are showing? Is when we’re in a fancy restaurant – so if you want to go, ya gotta look like you belong. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid:

  • Putting your keys, phone, or wallet on the table.
  • Eating off of each other’s plates.
  • Buttering the bread all at once.
  • Ordering more courses than everyone else.
  • Asking for substitutions.

And here are some things you can remember while you’re there:

  • Dress code – Take in the moment you’re getting to really dress up for the occasion.
  • Napkins – Make sure you’re gently unfolding and placing your napkins, not waving them around (or tucking them in your shirt).
  • Cutlery and glassware – Start on the outside and work your way in for forks. As for your glasses, the taller glass is for your wine.

It can be really tough to figure out how you’re supposed to act at a fancy restaurant. A lot of times, you feel so uncomfortable being somewhere so out of your price range, you can’t really focus on anything else anyway. Deep breaths! We CAN be adults! 

Source: Fashionbeans



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