Hannah's Headlines- 05/01/2018

Trucker Hauling Potato Chips Gets Lost For Days And Doesn’t Touch Chips - An Oregon truck driver is safe after getting lost for days while transporting potato chips.

Jacob Cartwright’s truck slid toward an embankment in the snow and mud and got stuck, forcing him to get out and walk. Cartwright walked through the wilderness for four days before he was able to reach Interstate-84 to flag down a car. Apparently, his GPS failed and took him into the mountains.

This poor guy had no food or water, except for his delicious haul of potato chips. But he didn’t eat one bite! His boss says he asked the man how come he didn't eat any of the chips and Cartwright said to him "I'm not gonna touch it. "That's the way he was raised," the boss added "that stuff's not yours, you don't touch it."Source: KIRO

Twitter Is Moving Into The Entertainment Business - Twitter is working with NBC Universal, Disney, Viacom and other media companies to put out original shows, including a version of ESPN's "SportsCenter."

The social media company made the announcement last night at an annual presentation of upcoming content for advertisers. Twitter says the number of daily video views has doubled over the last 12 months and they want more content to attract even more advertisers and audiences.

Among the offerings from the 30 video deals that you can look forward to is “BET Breaks,” “Comedy Central’s Creator’s Room,” ESPN’s fanasy sports podcast being streamed on the micro blogging site. Source: Bloomberg


What Mother’s Day Looks Like Around The World

In the U.S. we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May, like many countries do, but the celebrations vary from location to location. Some countries honor moms at different times of the year but they all do it with gifts, meals, and unconditional love. Here’s how other places celebrate Mother’s Day.

  • Brazil - This holiday is a big deal in this party-loving country and they also celebrate it on the second Sunday in May and they honor mom with a church outing, gift-giving, and family barbecues.
  • China - The Chinese also celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May. Young kids may wash mom’s feet and draw her pictures while older kids make dinner, possibly serving a traditional red bean cake for the celebratory meal.
  • Egypt - According to one story, Mother’s Day began in ancient Egypt when the Goddess Isis was celebrated as the mother of all pharaohs. They honor moms on the first day of spring, as is custom in many Arab countries.
  • Ethiopia - They celebrate Mother’s Day at the end of the fall rainy season with a celebratory feast. Sons typically bring lamb or other meat and daughters come with veggies, cheese, spices, and butter and after the meal, there’s singing and dancing.
  • France - The fourth Sunday of May is when they honor mom with gifts including perfume, flowers, and chocolates. Mother’s Day brunch is big in France, too.
  • Italy - The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day for Italians as well and they honor mamma with a festive lunch of pasta and meat, typically finished with a heart-shaped cake.
  • Japan - They also celebrate mom the same day as Americans do, and one of the Japanese traditions is for kids to prepare home-cooked meals from recipes their moms passed down and carnations are a popular gift for mothers.
  • Mexico - May 10 in Mexico is Día de las Madres, the busiest day of the year there. The day is celebrated with special mass at church, mariachi bands playing, and traditional holiday treats like tamales and atole for mom.
  • The U.K. - Here Mothering Day is celebrated the fourth Sunday of Lent and it’s a time to get your mom and bring her to church. Gifts, family dinner, and sometimes a traditional Simnel Cake (almond-flavored fruit cake) is still served as it was in the past.

Source: Chowhound

New Oreo Flavors Are Here

The wait for the winners of the My Oreo Creation Contest is over and there are three new cookie flavors that fans came up with in stores as of yesterday. Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn, and Piña Colada flavors won, beating out hundreds of thousands of ideas sent to Oreo.

And now we get to vote on which one will be the final winner. Oreo wants fans to taste-test all three new flavors and vote for your must-have flavor (or flavors) through June 30, but here’s a preview of the contest winning creations:

  • Cherry Cola - They nailed the flavor of a soda fountain Cherry Cola in cookie form with these chocolate cookies filled with half cherry and half vanilla filling with popping candy - so it feels like you’re actually drinking a Cherry Coke.
  • Kettle Corn Oreos - Made with Golden Oreo cookies and a filling that has little pieces of puffed millet inside, so you get the texture and the flavor of kettle corn.
  • Piña Colada Oreo Thins - This intense flavor is perfectly presented as an Oreo Thin, otherwise all that coconut and pineapple could be overwhelming.

Source: PopSugar

Dating Trends: Orbiting

In 2018, dating means there’s a certain phenomenon that’s taken over all of our lives…a trend that’s so deeply irritating that many of us don’t even know how to handle it. It’s when you’re trying to contact someone who won’t respond, but they keep watching your social media stories and posts – aka “orbiting.” It’s incredibly frustrating.

It’s when someone keeps you “close enough to see each other; far enough to never talk,” as writer Anna Lovine notes.

All we know? It feels like crap when it happens. How are you supposed to proceed when you break up with someone but still follow them on social media? It’s a gray area that we haven’t yet established yet.

It’s time to put that block button to use!

Source: Esquire

Uncle-Zoning is A Thing

Chris Rock has just given us an even more disturbing version of the “friend zone,” if you can believe it. It was already considered SO terrible when a woman didn’t want to have sex with you, so she drew the “just friends” barrier. But now there’s a term for when a woman thinks a guy is so old for them, they don’t even consider sex:

The uncle zone.

It’s kind of crazy that this term has to exist to begin with considering it’s TOTALLY OKAY for a woman to assume you’re just there to talk to her, not to have sex. But if you’re really so old that the person you’re hitting on wouldn’t even consider you sexually, there might be something a little off with your flirting tactics and who you think you have a shot with…. There, I said it.


Habits of the Highly Successful

Being successful can seem like such a chore. You work so hard at things only to feel like you’re not really doing them completely right. And yet, there are qualities of successful people that we all strive for, and you can have them, too! Here are the things most successful people do:

  • They really stick with whatever it is they’re trying to achieve.
  • They take the time to focus on self-care.
  • They have a morning routine, and they stick to it.
  • They’re always working to keep educating themselves.
  • They manage their time well.
  • They’re always positive no matter what goes wrong.
  • They keep up their curiosities.

It sounds daunting to have all of this stuff together. I mean, come on. Don’t we all just kind of feel like kids in adult costumes sometimes? But there’s something to be said for chipping away at this list and getting ourselves to be the most successful versions ourselves that we can be.

Source: Bustle



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