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Americans Like To Sleep At Work - Just over half of Americans snooze on the job.

Nearly 52-percent of those taking part in a recent mattress company poll admitted to dozing off during business hours. Amerisleep found tech workers the mostly likely to admit to sleeping while on the clock. 70-percent of those industry workers admitted to it.

The survey also revealed people in the medical or healthcare fields took the longest naps at work. The most popular spots for office naps include desks, cubicles and meeting rooms. Some nappers even said they slept in their vehicles at work.

One interesting note, the more money people make, the less they snooze on the job. Naps at work are considered good for productivity according to some recent studies, Source: CNBC

Culver’s Unveils 6 New Frozen Custard Flavors Of The Day

Beginning Thursday, May 10, Culver’s will be serving up a new frozen custard Flavor of the Day every month through October 2018.

The six new flavors and release dates are as follows:

May 10: Cappuccino Cookie Crumble features rich espresso fresh frozen custard swirled with crushed sugar cookies and novelty chocolate.

June 10: Blackberry Cobbler is made with ripe blackberries and crunchy cinnamon granola crumble swirled with vanilla fresh frozen custard.

July 10: Chocolate Pretzel Crunch consists of vanilla fresh frozen custard swirled with novelty chocolate and ribbons of old fashioned salted caramel and chopped of Bavarian pretzels.

August 10: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough features peanut butter frozen custard with roasted peanuts swirled with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.

September 10: Dark Chocolate Decadence is made with a premium blend of cocoa powders.

October 10: Peanut Butter Salted Caramel features peanut butter fresh frozen custard with roasted peanuts and ribbons of old fashioned salted caramel.


Is Netflix Ruining Your Sex Life With Your Partner?

Netflix could be killing sex — with new research suggesting couples get into bed and watch shows on their iPads instead of getting romantic. Once a code for casual sex, people may now be taking “Netflix and Chill” rather more literally — perhaps to the detriment of our love lives. A study by researchers at Lancaster University in the UK reveals that the busiest hour for Internet use is now between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., driven by those watching streaming services such as Netflix, iPlayer and YouTube.

  • Do you prefer to watch Netflix together instead of having sex?
  • What show on Netflix is better than sex?

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/05/06/netflix-is-killing-couples-sex-lives-study/

Baby Born At Chipotle Gets Burrito Themed Baby Shower

We hear crazy baby birth stories all the time, but this one takes the… burrito? Adrianna Alvarez went labor with her fourth child on April 10th - and was on the way to the hospital courtesy of her baby daddy, Saul Flores. She knew they weren't gonna make it - and called 911.

The operator told them to pull over and wait for an ambulance. You guessed it...it just happens that they turned into a Chipotle parking lot. And yes, Adrianna ended up giving birth to Jaden Flores right there in the parking lot.

“He became the little Chipotle burrito baby,” says mom - and Chipotle agrees! That’s why they threw the little guy a burrito-themed baby shower and even invited dispatcher Angie Schell, who helped the couple through the birth, and their families.

  • The party included cake and cupcakes topped with fake burritos and they even gifted little Jaden a tortilla swaddle blanket. What’s even cooler? Angie got to meet mom and dad. “We don’t hardly ever get to meet our patients, ever,” Angie explains. “We don’t even know what happens to them after we’re done sometimes. So to be able to share the good news and this is what dispatchers do out there.”
  • ONE MORE THING! Get this - little Jaden's parents first met and used to work at a Chipotle.

Source: Fox 31 Denver

The Most Ridiculous GoFundMe Campaigns of All Time

The rise of crowd-funding platforms like GoFundMe has given people the opportunity to raise money for those in need or help fund worthy causes they believe in.

Of course, there are also people that see these crowd-funding sites as an easy way to get money for any ridiculous request that might pop into their head.

These requests usually involve something they want but would rather not pay for themselves, like a trip overseas, and often pales in importance to, let’s say, a family that have had all their possessions destroyed in a house fire or someone facing mounting medical bills.

These crowd-funding ploys range from laughable to outright absurd and, for some unknown reason, people actually send REAL MONEY to these guys.

Help to fund a ‘spiritual journey’

A US woman took to GoFundMe to raise money for what, in her mind, was a very worthy, life changing cause: taking a trip around the world to further her spiritual journey. Becca Gronski describes herself as a “spiritual teacher, life coach, reiki and crystal healer” and asks all the people she has helped on their personal spiritual journeys to “give back” by helping fund her holiday.

“I’m raising money to support myself on my travels and spiritual journey around the world,” she explains in her post.

The campaign was set up in February last year and 82 people have donated $1,220 ($AU1,619) to her cause. But it seems that many made a donation just so they could share their thoughts on Becca’s path to enlightenment.

Spend money to prove the Earth is flat

It turns out that the rapper B.o. B is part of that entertaining crew that thinks the Earth is flat. In fact, he is so sure that the government is lying to us about the true shape of our planet that he is challenging people to prove him wrong. How, you may ask? By raising $1 million ($A1.32m) to send multiple satellites into space in order to “show B.o. B the curve”.

These flea-bitten newlyweds want a second honeymoon

Sarah and Sam Davey hoped to raise £300 ($550) for a fresh getaway following their stay at the Trecarn Hotel in Torquay, Devon, UK, after claiming their trip was cut short due to a flea infestation. In their online appeal the couple blasted the hotel, writing: “The room was dirty there were hairs in our bed and my husband has been bit all over his body by fleas and after numerous complaints they have done nothing.

“So we had to leave on Tuesday morning and come home five days early because they ruined our honeymoon.”

Help me purchase Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl’s self-confessed “biggest fan” decided to that if he could get a bit of money together he could hang out with his idol every day. So Frank Pain asked the internet to send him some money so he could purchase Grohl. Yep you read that right. He wanted $35,000 ($AU46,300) so he could buy the dude from Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

“I’m his biggest fan and figured I can round up enough scratch to purchase him so we can hang out and high five and s**t. Heck, I may give him a bro-hug or two as well,” he wrote.

Pay for my kids trip to Disney World

Nikki Smith set up a crowd-funding page, asking for £5,000 ($A8,000) to be able to get her daughters to the theme park, but was slammed online for using the site to raise the money.

She ended up taking the page down but later re-launched it, saying “I never meant to upset anyone”. “I am not a bad person,” she wrote on the new campaign. “I also am not asking people for their hard earned money, people have a choice.”

She upped the goal for the new campaign to £10,000 ($AU18,000) and has raised a hefty £7,328 ($A13,170).

Link: http://www.news.com.au/finance/money/costs/the-most-ridiculou

Wedding Bouncy Castles Are Happening

It’s wedding season once again and that means many happy couples will be saying “I do” in the next few months. Brides and grooms spend so long planning their big events and want to make their nuptials their own unique celebration, but some trends catch on and more couples want to incorporate them into their own weddings. And one trend that’s big in the U.K. now: wedding bouncy castles.

Yes, the same inflatable things that kids jump in at birthday parties are becoming regulars at wedding receptions in the U.K. A Wedding Wonderland, a company based in England started getting attention for renting its wedding-themed bounce house. Unlike the ones for kids’ parties, this thing is pure white and pristine, so it actually looks fit for a wedding, complete with flower decorations and everything.

Now other companies are catching on and renting their own wedding bouncy houses for newlyweds and guests to jump for joy in, but the trend seems to have stayed across the pond for now. Of course, it’s only a matter of time for an inflatables company in the U.S. to get in on the action and bring the wedding bounce house stateside.

Source: PopSugar


Ways To Stop Stress In One Minute

We’ve all had a heated argument or a crazy day at work that left us stressed out and in search of a way to decompress. And when that happens, experts say the best way to handle it is to deal with the negative feelings and let them go. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

We may have our own ways to de-stress, like a glass of wine or two, but there are other more effective methods out there. So next time you need to reset and relax, try one of these:

  • Do something else - After you have a tense experience, get your brain focused on a smartphone game, which makes it less reactive to stress. Playing a game lets you detach emotionally so you can solve the problem or move past it. Playing puzzles or memory games like Tetris works best.
  • Work out slower - While you may feel like taking out your tension with an intense sweat sesh, light exercise may be better at easing anxiety. Research shows working out at 40% capacity lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, but pushing yourself harder in a workout actually raises it.
  • Write it out - Go old school and pull out the pen and paper to document your stressful situation. Mithu Storoni, author of “Stress-Proof” explains that writing helps remove the emotion of the situation, which reduces its intensity.

Source: Shape

Entenmann’s Is Searching For A Chef Donut Officer

Are you someone who loves donuts? Do you dream about them and think up different flavors and toppings you’d like to see at your favorite donut shop? Well, Entenmann’s is looking for you.

The company is currently accepting entries for their first-ever Chief Donut Officer. Now if this sounds like a job that’s too good to be true, it sort of is. Thing is, it’s only an honorary title, but there are some great goodies - including $5-grand and a year’s supply of donuts.

Want in? You have until June 30th to enter for a chance at the title, and will be required to explain your love of Entenmann’s donuts, as well as offer some ideas for product innovation. Entries will be judged based on passion, creativity and originality, and then five finalists will be chosen to submit video testimonials about why they deserve to be named Chief Donut Officer, with the public getting the chance to vote for their favorite.

  • The winner will be announced August 7th, but the other finalists will also be rewarded for their efforts. Runners up will receive $1,000 and free donuts for a year. Click here for more info.

Source: Market Watch



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