Forget Unplugging, Phones Are Still A Big Part Of People’s Vacations

The whole point of a vacation is to relax, unwind, and hopefully unplug a little, but it’s pretty apparent folks aren’t turning their phones off when they're on a getaway.

A new poll finds that while on vacation, Americans will check their phones an average of 80 times a day, with some folks doing so more than 300 times each day. Basically, the average vacationing American is looking at their phone five times an hour, or once ever 12 minutes. What’s worse, 53% of people admit they’ve never unplugged or even reduced their phone time during a vaca.

Folks are so dependent on their phones that the average amount they can be away from them for a break is about four hours, and even that’s too much for some people. We are so addicted, that 25% of people say cellphone reception is so important while on vacation they’d be willing to climb a tree, hike to the top of a hill, or canoe to the middle of a lake just to get it.

Of course folks do think they have good reason to pull out their cellphones while on a trip. The top reasons include:

  • Capturing a photo
  • Researching directions
  • Picking up a phone call
  • Responding to texts
  • Looking for a place to eat

And while it may seem harmless to use your phone on vacation, many folks admit to having accidents on their trip because of them. The top phone-related accidents include:

  • Bumping into something
  • Tripping
  • Missing your destination
  • Falling down
  • Walking into traffic or a dangerous situation

Source: New York Post 



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