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Would You Let Your Kids Pick Your New Spouse?

54-year-old Konstantin Scherbinin, a Russian multi-millionaire who made his fortune in the oil business, is letting his children pick out his next wife on a controversial reality show called ‘Millionaire for Marriage’. Scherbinin has allegedly vowed to respect the on-screen decision of his three daughters and one son, and propose to the lucky woman they select out of the 2,000 hopeful candidates. To show his commitment to the reality show, the oil mogul has designated his oldest son to run his businesses while he and the rest of the family focus on finding a new bride.

  • Which one of your cohosts would you let pick out a spouse for you?

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/russian-millionaire-

Couple Goes To Court To Throw Out Their Adult Son - We have all heard that over 40-percent of adult children in their 20s and 30s still live with family. Well, one couple can’t take it anymore.

A Syracuse, New York couple is turning to the New York Supreme Court in their effort to boot their grown son out of the house. Christina and Mark Rotondo say their 30-year-old son Michael has lived there, rent free, for eight years and they're done.

Michael doesn’t help out, has no job, and is a big drain his parents. They they even resorted to giving their son five written notices telling him to move out. In one note they even offered to give him 11-hundred dollars and offered advice for moving along with a promise of help from his mother in finding a new place.

The family is due back in court this week, just before Michael's 31st birthday.Source: CBS Philly


Scientists Think They’ve Found Childhood Leukemia Cause - There may be a huge discovery in the fight against cancer.

Scientists say they believe they've discovered the likely cause of most childhood leukemia cases. Researchers in London report the disease stems from a two-step process of genetic mutation and exposure to infection. Children who live in ultra clean environments, without much interaction with other kids, in the first year of life are much more likely to get the cancer.

Basically, the fix is to let the child get dirty, which will build the immune system. It’s probably not a bad idea for any kid to get out there and roll around in the mud.

The researchers’ findings mean it might be possible to prevent childhood leukemia with treatments that stimulate a child's immune system in infancy. The research is published in yesterday's edition of the journal "Nature Reviews Cancer."Source: Science Daily

Police tase man who was caught walking naked in the rain with cooking oil

Several residents of Pensacola, Florida, called the police last week to report a man walking around the neighborhood in the rain completely naked, holding a bottle of cooking oil. 

When police were dispatched to the area, they found Joseph John Musso naked with an erection, Penscaola News Journal reports. The police officer attempted to handcuff Musso, but he slipped away because of either the rain or the oil. Eventually, the officer was able to arrest him after shooting a taser at Musso. 

Once arrested, Musso told police he was aroused by just being naked in the rain. As for the cooking oil? He said he likes to rub it on his legs.

The 63-year-old went on to explain his sexual preferences, explaining he prefers to walk naked at the beach. 

He was arrested on charges of loitering and prowling, lewd behavior, and resisting arrest. He has since been released back into the rain. 

Robots Can Now Grow Human Organs

Robots are seemingly becoming more and more human like and now they’re even able to grow organs. Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine have been working with robots to produce mini human organs from stem cells and their study was a success.

If this works out, scientists will be able to mass-produce “organoids,” which could prove extremely useful in basic and drug research. “This is a new ‘secret weapon’ in our fight against disease,” says scientist Benjamin Freedman. Scientists used to have to go the old fashion route to grow cells by culturing them for biomedical research.

  • With the help of the bots, researchers can grow more three-dimensional mini-organs and they can even set up to project in 20-minutes time. The process would normally take a scientist all day to set up.
  • Freedman notes that besides being speedy, the robots don’t get tired or make mistakes. “There’s no question,” he offers. “For repetitive, tedious tasks like this, robots do a better job than humans.”

Source: Science Daily

Post Office To Add First Scratch and Sniff Stamps: The U.S. Postal Service is getting a new batch of stamps and your childhood dreams are coming true. This summer they’re unveiling 20 new scratch-and-sniff stamps to feature watercolor designs of ice-pops- and yes they smell like it too. The “sweet scent of summer” as the post office calls them are designed by artist Margaret Berg. They include smells of kiwi, orange, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and cola. You can start sending mail with them beginning June 20th.



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