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Workers At War Over Office Temperatures

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office will tell you that once summer hits the battles over the office temperature begin. There will always be people who think it’s too hot, while others are freezing because the air conditioner makes it feel like it’s below zero. Well, according a new CareerBuilder survey, all these temperature issues could be bad for business.

The survey finds that 46% of workers say their office is either too hot or too cold, with 51% saying that when it’s too cold it affects their productivity, while 67% say the same about it being too warm.

And being uncomfortable can lead to arguments in the office, with 15% of workers saying they’ve actually fought with co-workers about temperature, although only 7% of men have, as compared to 22% of women. What’s more, 19% admit they’ve secretly changed the office temps during the summer, 13% to make it colder and 6% to make it warmer. 

So, what do people do, besides argue, to combat the temperature issues in the office? Well, some have found ways to personally solve the issue, including:

  • Drink cool beverages: 42%
  • Dress in layers: 27%
  • Use a personal fan: 26%
  • Drink hot beverages: 20%
  • Wear a jacket all day: 19%
  • Use a space heater: 13%
  • Use a blanket: 6%

Source: Market Watch 

The Perfect First Date, According To Science

Very few people out there love first dates, but they’re one of those necessary evils in life that we all deal with. And unless you’re the luckiest person alive, you’ve probably had a bad date or three in your past. Thankfully, science is on your side and according to the research, this is what works and what doesn’t on a first date.

  • The set up - We all know that people exaggerate or omit things on their dating profiles to make them more appealing to potential matches, but research shows a shocking 81% of singles lie about their age, height, or other personal details, which can lead to lots of awkward first dates.
  • The outfit - The most important thing when getting dressed for a date is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Studies have shown red is associated with passion, and others have shown that wearing black makes us feel confident on a date, so wear what works for you.
  • The conversation - In the past daters were advised to avoid sensitive subjects like politics and religion on dates, but that seems to be less of an issue today. According to Match.com’s Singles in America 2018 survey of 5,500 men and women, 80% of daters say talking about politics, money, and religion is totally cool on a first date. But the one topic to stay away from? Exes!
  • The manners - You might not want to hear it, but your phone needs to go. That Match.com survey found 75% of daters find answering your phone a turnoff.
  • The length - Sometimes a date is going so well you don’t want to end, but a bad date can feel like time has actually stopped, so how long should an ideal date last? According to that Match.com survey, the sweet spot is around two and a half hours.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK

Today is Brothers Day, My Pick Today is National Escargot Day

Jobs That Won't Exist 20 Years From Now

We’ve gotta face the facts – robots and computers are kind of taking over. And you’d be surprised how many jobs we’re actually losing to the machines! There are humanless cashiers, take out options, and even ways of grocery shopping. Here the jobs that won’t exist in 20 years:

  • Fast food workers
  • Retail jewelers
  • Mail carriers
  • Referees
  • Meter readers
  • Telemarketers
  • Travel agents
  • Dispatchers
  • Lumberjacks

There are some good things that come with us phasing out some of these jobs. It’ll be better for the environment if people are driving less, using less machinery, and expending energy doing these jobs. That said, we’re going to need to find jobs for all of these people.

Source: Insider

Outrageous Summer Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is the perfect summer treat and these days, adventurous eaters can find exciting new flavors at ice cream shops all over the U.S. Forget vanilla and chocolate, these are some of the most interesting and strange ice cream flavors being served up this summer.

  • Black Olive Brittle and Goat Cheese - Salt & Straw is an ice cream parlor known for their unique rotating flavors, but this scoop has “hints of aged goat cheese with an oil-cured olive salty candy brittle mixed in.” Uh, yum?
  • Blue Cheese Walnut Caramel - This flavor is blue cheese ice cream, mixed with a handmade swirl of brown sugar, butter, and toasted walnuts and you can only get it at Sweet Action Ice Cream in Denver.
  • Cheetos - At Big Gay Ice Cream in New York City and Philadelphia, where they’re known for outrageous toppings, they’ve got “CHEAT-OHS” - which is vanilla soft serve infused with Cheetos and dusted with crumbs from the puffs.
  • Cucumber Dill - Philly’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream worked hard to create this pickle-flavored ice cream, but after curdling issues because of the brine’s acidity, they compromised with this cucumber-flavored scoop mixed with dill herbs.
  • Lobster - At Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor, Maine, every summer folks flock to this eatery for the lobster ice cream. It’s vanilla ice cream with cooked, buttered pieces of lobster added in. What else are they going to put in ice cream in Maine?
  • Milk Chocolate Curry - At the Ultimate Ice Cream Company in Asheville, North Carolina, you can get uncommon flavors like Grilled Pineapple and Black Pepper or Butternut Squash, or this take on a classic, milk chocolate with curry powder.
  • Pizza Crust - This flavor from Bruno Pizza in New York City was recently featured on “The Chew” TV show and it’s made with fresh pizza dough that’s toasted, charred, and sits in a gelato base overnight before becoming ice cream the next morning.
  • Taylor Ham and French Toast - At Windy Brow Farms in Fredon, New Jersey, they’re running an “Only in Jersey” series this summer, featuring this flavor. It’s a scoop with housemade challah french toast, local maple syrup, and the star - caramelized Taylor ham, a Jersey staple.

Source: People

Disney’s “Star Wars: Galaxys’ Edge” Has An Opening Date - Disney will soon be letting "Star Wars" fans travel to a galaxy far, far away.

The company revealed details yesterday about a new land called "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge," which opens at Disneyland and Disney World in the U.S. next year. One of its major attractions will be a ride allowing fans to travel on the Millennium Falcon. People will also be able to take meet some characters from the films, and stay at a "Star Wars"-themed hotel.

The land is said to be completely immersive "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" opens at Disneyland Resort in California next summer, and at Disney World in Florida later in the fall.

Source: The Verge

Dating Trends: R-Bombing

Alright, guys…it’s time to add to the ever-growing mental dictionary you’ve got going of all of the 2018 dating terms – here’s another to add to your list: R-bombing. What’s what? It’s when you leave your read receipts on and don’t respond.

If you meet someone, and they’ve read your texts but haven’t responded, you TOTALLY feel ignored. How rude is it to acknowledge that you’ve seen something, but not actually do anything about it? It’s running rampant in the dating world, and we need it to stop. It’s driving us all crazy!

The worst part about all of these terrible dating trends? We’re all guilty of doing at least one of them. Seriously, can you really say you’ve NEVER ghosted someone? Or never tried to pass someone a hint by turning your read receipts on? We all have our flaws.

Source: The Sun



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