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Science Still Isn't Clear If Yawns Really Are Contagious

We've all "caught" yawning from other people, but why that happens is unclear, according to a psychologist who has researched the behavior.

"In short, we don't know why yawns are contagious," said Meredith Williamson, a clinical assistant professor at Texas A&M College of Medicine. "Researchers used to think that yawning was only signaling a need for sleep, but now they believe that it can communicate a shift in alertness or boredom."

One theory is that contagious yawning is related to empathy, and that people with higher levels of empathy yawn more often when someone else yawns, compared to people with lower levels of empathy or those with a mental disorder.

"Researchers have seen that yawning may not be as contagious to people with autism or schizophrenia," Williamson said in a university news release. "More research is being done to determine the cause of this."

She also noted that children under the age of 4 and older adults are less likely to yawn in response to somebody else yawning.

Yawning may be an unspoken form of communication, but it's not unique to people, Williamson added. Some species of primates and canines yawn in response to each others' yawns, and dogs will even yawn after a person yawns.

Link: https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2018/05/26/Science

Mars Wrigley Seeks Candy Expert for 'World's Sweetest Internship'

The Mars Wrigley company is seeking interns with special skills including being able to distinguish between flavors of Skittles in a blind taste test.

Mars Wrigley Confectionery posted a job opening seeking applicants for the "World's Sweetest Internship" in Chicago.

The posting says the company is seeking a "confectionery connoisseur" whose duties would include sampling the company's chocolate, gum and confections -- including several varieties not yet available to the public -- and producing a personalized batch of chewing gum.

The paid intern would be required to chronicle their 8-12 week experience with the company on social media.

The position, which includes a year's worth of candy as a signing bonus, features a few unusual qualifications for an "ideal candidate," including being able to "distinguish all five fruity flavors from the Skittles rainbow in a blind taste-test."

The posting says ideal candidates should also be able to "blow bubbles with chewing gum that are greater than 5 inches in diameter."

Link: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/05/25/Mars-Wrigley-seeks

Study Finds Groceries Are Cheaper Certain Days Of The Week

New research shows it’s cheaper to buy groceries on certain days of the week, and if you usually hit the grocery store on the weekends, you’re probably paying more. According to a new study from mobile technology company Ibotta, groceries cost more on Saturday and Sunday, which is when most people are off work and shopping.

According to Ibotta’s research, this is when we should shop to save more:

  • Shop on a Tuesday to stock up on wine, it averages about 4% cheaper.
  • Wednesdays are great for buying bread, 2% cheaper and beer, about 1% cheaper.
  • Need snacks? Shop on a Thursday to get a little less than 1% off your sweet and savory treats.
  • And on Fridays, produce and ice cream are about 1% cheaper.

Of course, moving your schedule all around to save two to three percent on groceries may not be worth it, but it does add up. And if your supermarket shopping time is flexible, why not take the savings?

Source: The Daily Meal

Chipotle Finally Adds Drive Thrus, But You Can’t Order There

If you’re a fan of Chipotle who has stood in line waiting to order wishing they had a drive thru you could be waiting in instead, we’ve got some good news, sort of. Chipotle has announced they’re testing drive-thru windows at some new locations, but they’re not the typical pull up and order into a speaker style we’re used to. Instead, the burrito chain wants us to order on the Chipotle mobile app and just pull into the drive-thru lane to pickup.

They’re currently testing the new drive-thru system at five locations: two in Ohio and one each in Texas, Tennessee, and Massachusetts, with a sixth set to open at a new Virginia location soon. And Chipotle’s considering additional new locations for future drive-thrus, so fingers crossed one opens near you soon.

Source: Food and Wine

Scientists Discover Dinosaur Dandruff - A new study is finding that dinosaurs apparently had dandruff.

The study published in Nature Communications has revealed that dinosaurs shed their skin in small bits rather than in large chunks like most present-day reptiles. While studying the fossilized feathers of the dinosaurs, scientists found tiny white blobs, which they later confirmed to be dandruff. The experts said the skin flakes were identical to those shed by modern day animals, including humans.

Lead study author Maria McNamara pointed out how big of a deal this is. "This is the only fossil dandruff known. Until now, we've had no evidence for how dinosaurs shed their skin."

So, it seems to be a natural, and nearly timeless, body process. Source: Live Science

Mermaiding Is A New Fitness Trend

There’s a new form of fitness that’s gaining popularity with mermaid lovers of all ages. “The 8-Week Mermaid Transformation Series” is a new workout series on YouTube that was created by Fin Fun Mermaid, a company that sells mermaid tails you can swim in, and USA Swimming-certified coach Christine Dustin, so you can channel your inner Ariel.

They’re calling the sport mermaiding and like regular swimming, it gives you a full-body workout, but it focuses on your core to get those rolling motions that make you swim like a mermaid. It’s also gentle on the joints, the water gives resistance you don’t get on land, plus, it’s low-impact and leads to few injuries. And if you’re into the whole mermaid thing, you get to wear the tail, what other workout lets you do that?

Dustin points out that mermaiding is also a killer cardio workout. She says it “strengthens your heart, increases your lung capacity, and improves your flexibility, in addition to working muscles throughout your entire body.”

Every week, Fin Fun will release three days of workouts that are about 20 minutes each. Then you’re ready to hit the pool with your tail and any little mermaids that want to join in, because as Dustin says, “Mermaiding is a lifetime sport.”

Source: Self



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