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Cockroach Milk is Coming For Us

There’s been buzz about this scary superfood for a while, but it’s just now actually coming to us.

People are actually considering the nutritious quality of cockroach milk.

Yes, researchers from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India say the “milk” let out by cockroaches to feed their young is packed with proteins, fats, and sugars. All things we could potentially benefit from.

The only problem? You’d have to breed some serious cockroaches to get enough milk out of them to drink. Not to mention that it comes from…um… COCKROACHES. So if you can get behind that, why not give it a shot? Or not.

It sounds crazy to us, but tons of western diets have included eating tons of insects whole. So what’s worse? Tell you what – why don’t you try it and just let us know?

Source: The Guardian

Toddler Describes Creepy Imaginary Friend: Kids are known for having imaginary friends, but are they really imaginary? One three-year-old, Ruby, is causing a stir on the Internet after actress Natalie Morales posted the girl’s write up on her imaginary friend to TwitterNext to a picture she drew of her imaginary friend, Ruby writes, “This is my imaginary mum, Grateful. Her yellow eyelashes mean she can see in the dark — she only comes to see me at night-time. It scares me sometimes, but I always want her to come back. She has two babies in her belly. She’s 14, but can never have a birthday.” Needless to say, Morales thinks Ruby’s got herself a ghost...and so do we!

Beware: Sunscreen Does Expire

There are some expiration dates we know we should trust, like meat and dairy. And others we tend to let go way past the date, like mascara, because who wants to toss and replace a $25 tube of that stuff every few months when it’s still half-full? But one product we really should be watching the expiration dates on? Sunscreen.

You may not have even known that sunscreen expires, but it does. And in case you were thinking that deadline printed on every sunscreen sold in the U.S. was more of a “helpful suggestion” than a non-negotiable toss-by date, here’s the explanation from L.A.-based dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu.

"Expired sunscreen may no longer protect you from UV rays, and it may also be less water-resistant than what it says on the label," she says. But it gets worse! Wu says over time, ingredients can break down and cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, or start to grow mold or bacteria, which can cause skin infections.

And because those expiration dates sometimes rub off the bottle of sunscreen riding around in the bottom of your sand-filled beach bag, Wu says in that case it’s important to pay attention to color and consistency. If it’s runnier than usual, turns yellow, or smells odd, pitch it and treat yourself to a brand new sunscreen. Your skin will thank you!

Source: Refinery29

Poll says nearly 90% of adults would break up with a partner who didn't like their dog

Love me, love my dog.  It's an old saying, but a new study suggests it very much true.

A survey of 3,500 dog owners commissioned by the dog-walking service Wag! finds four out of five dog owners saying they'd break up with their human partner if they didn't dig their four-legged one. 

Some 86% of respondents say they'd choose their pooch over the person.  That ranks higher than those who said they'd split with a potential mate if they didn't want kids. 

“It comes as no surprise to us at Wag! that dog parents place a premium on their dogs’ opinions of other humans and that this plays a deciding factor in their love lives,” says Wag! CEO Hilary Schneider.

The survey also revealed that about 30% of dog owners have used their pups as an icebreaker to try to land a mate, with 6 in 10 saying they've been flirted with while out and about with their dog.

The poll noted that 73% of people said they'd be more likely to "swipe right" for people who've posed with their pooches in online dating pics.  If you're not into dating apps, that means posing with a dog is more likely to attract interest than not.


Science Reveals The Best Times To Do Things At Work

Everyone’s work day is different, but for most people, there are times in the day when they’re more productive than others. Well, apparently scientists have figured out that most people’s brains follow a neatly predictable pattern of cognition, which makes it easy to determine the best time of day to get things done.

Author Daniel Pink reveals in his 2018 "New York Times" bestseller "When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” the perfect science-backed work day, and some of it may surprise you.


  • Since attitudes brighten and happiness peaks for most people in the mornings, that makes it a good time to schedule important meetings and earnings calls. The latter tend to become more negative the later in the day you have them.
  • It’s easier to keep distractions at bay in the mornings, so tasks with speed and accuracy are good to do in the AM.
  • You also may want to go to a doctor’s appointment in the morning, because studies show caregivers are more likely to wash their hands and diagnose more problems in the earlier part of the day.
  • Powers of logic and deduction are also at their sharpest, so any critical analysis is best to be done in the earlier part of the day.


  • Simple tasks like email-checking, online shopping, and errand-running are better left for the afternoon, when energy levels have already peaked.
  • This is also the best, and most obvious time, to take a lunch break.
  • The afternoon is also good to solve problems that rely on insight and creativity.
  • Since most people’s brains crash between two and three, it’s a good time to grab some coffee or maybe try and take a 20 minute power nap.
  • Folks will likely experience a final peak before the end of the day, which is a good time to pause and reflect on the day that just passed, and plan ahead for tomorrow. 
  • Now, while this may work for most people, there are always people who are “night owls” who are more creative in the evenings, but regardless, science shows that no matter when folks are most alert, they'll still have a similar flow, peaking early, with a mid-day low and then one final peak.

Source: Business Insider

Necco Wafer Factory Saved by DumDums Maker's $18 Million Bid

The candy company was expected to close if it failed to find a buyer

Not all heroes wear capes; some just have a lot of money. Necco — the company behind classic candy brands including Sweethearts, Clark Bars, and Necco Wafers — was just acquired for $18.83 million by Sprangler, which produces DumDums lollipops and Circus Peanuts.

The fourth-generation confectioner’s multimillion-dollar bid beat out former Necco CEO Al Gulachenski, who even launched a GoFundMe in an attempt to raise $20 million back when the hysteria began. Alas, the noble campaign only crowdsourced $4,485, and everyone who donated is expected to receive a full refund in 7 to ten days.

Nonetheless, Gulachenski is happy that this sweet legacy will live on, and he even took to Facebook to express his thankfulness to the public and to the CandyStore.com blog, which helped spread the word about the sweet treats’ dire need for help.

“The good news is that Necco Wafers and Sweethearts will survive! Your efforts and the publicity generated by this gofundme played a big part in the sale. The campaign also generated interest from others that were part of the proceedings yesterday that may not have happened without this effort,” he wrote. “First and foremost we need to thank CandyStore.com for generating interest in the story and for breaking the news of our gofundme site. Please make sure you all get your Necco wafers from them in the future.”

Back in March, Necco Wafer fans started panicking over the company’s potential shuttering. One woman even offered to trade her 2003 Honda Accord for the last of the precious supply. Everyone can relax now, though — Necco is here to stay. For more sugar-coated stories, check out these surprising facts about your 20 favorite candy brands.

Summer Camps For Grown Ups

Summer days on the lake, making s’mores under the stars, and bunking with your best buddies made summer camp a blast when you were a kid, but the fun doesn’t have to stop just because you’re an adult. This summer these camps are holding grown-ups only options.

Camp No Counselors, Multiple U.S. Cities - With dates in 11 cities across the country and Canada, Camp No Counselors is the world’s biggest adult summer camp. For $550 per person, you can spend four days and three nights unplugging and reconnecting with your besties while playing Capture the Flag, making friendship bracelets, and learning to tie-dye. And because you’re grownups, the package includes an open bar.

Weekend of Women, Chicago - This August, ladies can choose-their-own-adventure at Weekend of Women summer camp. Campers will be sorted into “tribes” and can enjoy activities like yoga, canoeing, fishing, and candle making, as well as attend workshops on topics including confidence, social justice, and self-defense. An all-inclusive package is $590.

Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix - Celebrate summer like you did as a kid at the summer block party at the Arizona Biltmore, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. The summer all-inclusive package starts at $254 per couple per night and includes accommodations and meals, but you don’t even have to be a guest of the pool to get in on the summer camp activities. Snack on boozy snow cones at one of the resorts eight pools, ride the 92-foot water slide, and get in on a game of giant Jenga or croquet.

The Wild Rumpus, Gambier Island, British Columbia - Need to unwind and have some fun? The Wild Rumpus adult summer camp could be just what you need. The all-inclusive package is $375 for three nights in mostly co-ed cabins on this island north of Vancouver and all you’ll need to bring is a sleeping bag and pillow. Spend your days on the zipline, high ropes course, throwing axes and more and each evening has a different theme with a DJ, dancing, and an open bar.

W Chicago City Center - If you don’t want to miss the fun of camping, but would rather not deal with woods and mosquitoes, the W Chicago City Center may be more your style. This hotel hosts a summer no-swim beach party every Saturday in July and a day pass including open bar is just $60. They’ve got campfires, tents, adult coloring books, s’mores, cocktails, and don’t forget the crush-worthy "camp counselors" there to keep an eye on rowdy campers.

Source: Shape



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