Hannah's Headlines- 6/1/2018

Vermont Is Paying Remote Workers To Live There - One state is trying to attract the growing number of remote workers.

If you and your laptop can pick up and go anywhere, Vermont wants you! Bad. Governor Phil Scott signed a bill this week that aims to attract people who work remotely. They'll be given up to 10-thousand-dollars to move to Vermont if they move starting next year.

The money covers moving and other expenses. The state is a favorite vacation destination, so imagine being able to call it home.

Current residents can’t cash in.Source: Burlington Free Press


Eat to the beat: Does loud music at restaurants lead to unhealthy food choices?

Most of us don't give much thought to the music that plays at a restaurant -- unless maybe it's too loud or you just don't like it -- but a new study shows it can affect what you eat when you're there.

A joint study conducted in Stockholm, Sweden and the by University of South Florida Muma College of Business proved that the likes of Adele, Ed Sheeran, and Van Morrison led subjects to make more healthy eating choices, when the music was played at a lower volume. 

But pump up the volume from a pleasant 50 decibels to an obtrusive 70, the study found, and diners were likely to pump up the calories, too -- for example, choosing cookies over fruit, or a "hearty breakfast sandwich" instead of yogurt with granola.  

The paper, which was published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, notes that louder music excites a person, affecting the choices they make.  And it doesn't just apply to restaurants -- the same effect was found in clothing and other stores.

Bride Loses Bet, Groom Wears Eagles Jersey To Wedding

A Philadelphia Eagles fan got to rep his team at his wedding all because his bride-to-be lost a bet. It all started with Jennifer [Sullivan] Hanks made a bet with her now husband Patrick Hanks’ buddy, Keith Wiest. During a friend’s wedding reception in October, the Eagles fans placed a bet that if the Eagles lost the Super Bowl, Keith would watch ever episode of “The Real Housewives” in every franchise. If they won- Patrick would get to wear an Eagles jersey at their wedding. 

Jennifer happens to be an Eagles fan too, however she wasn’t too hopeful her team would win so they shook on it. Every time the Eagles won, the hype grew. Once they defeated the New England Patriots it was game over. Her phone “blew up” with texts from her parents and her boss so they kind of had to go through with it.

Fast forward to their wedding day- the couple has just said their vows and exchanged rings. That’s when Patrick threw on his Carson Wentz Eagles jersey and they were officially pronounced husband and wife. “It was just an absolutely amazing experience,” Jennifer says. If there was nay negative reaction to the choice, it wouldn’t matter they were doing it anyway. “We wouldn’t have done something like this if it wasn’t going to be well-received by everyone.” Patrick notes, “A bet’s a bet.”

Source: New York Post


Italian Parents Forced to Change Daughter’s Name Because It’s Not Feminine Enough

A couple in Milan, Italy, who had chosen to name their baby daughter “Blu”, was recently ordered by a court to change the name to something more suitable for a girl or risk having it changed for them.

According to a presidential decree issued in the year 2000, “the name given to a child must correspond to their sex” and Italian authorities apparently don’t consider “Blu” – the Italian spelling for ‘blue’ – to be a suitable name for a girl. Despite having already registered the 18-month-old child’s name on her birth certificate and passport, the parents were recently summoned to appear in court last week in order to choose another, more feminine name.

“Given that this is a modern name based on the English word ‘blue’, and that it cannot be considered unequivocally attributable to a person of the female sex, the birth certificate must be rectified by inserting another female name that the parents may propose during the course of the hearing,” the court summons read.

“If we don’t show up on Thursday with an alternative, a judge will decide our daughter’s name for us,” father Luca told Italian newspaper Il Giorno, last week.

Blu’s parents plant to challenge the name change in court, arguing that their daughter’s name is already used as a girl’s name not just overseas – with Blue Ivy, daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce being a well-known example – but also in Italy. Statistics from the national statistics office Istat show that in 2016 there were at least six other Italian females named Blu. Il Giorno reports that there are at least two women called Verde (green) in Milan alone.

Link: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/italian-parents-forced-to-change

Meat-Scented Candles Just In Time For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away and if panic is starting to set in about what to get that special dad in your life, you should know about the meat candle. Sure, candles aren’t the first thing you think of for a man’s gift, but what about one that smells like beef?

A1, the steak sauce made by Kraft Foods, is selling meat-scented candles this year and it’s no coincidence they’re here in time for Father’s Day. You can pick your scent, too, they’ve got “Burger,” “Backyard BBQ,” and “Original Meat,” so you really can’t go wrong for your meat-loving man. The candles sell for $14.99 and are supposed to burn for 50-70 hours, so that’s a long time of filling the air with a meaty aroma.

“Father’s Day gifts are always the same,” a press release from A1 reads. “Year after year, it’s another tie, a book, a bottle of cologne, or a mug saying world’s greatest dad. They are a truly unique gift that will celebrate Dad with an added bonus. They will evoke memories of Dad’s cooking and grilling using A.1. sauce and – they smell amazing.”

Source: Scary Mommy



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