Hannah's Headlines- 6/7/2018

The International Space Station Could Be Up For Sale - Want some prime property with plenty of outdoor space?

The International Space Station might soon be up for sale. The head of NASA told the "Washington Post" Tuesday that he's in talks with international companies about commercial management of the space station.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine [[ Bry-den-styne ]] said many large companies are interested in the ISS so they can run it as a consortium. All federal funding for the space station is scheduled to end in 2025. Bridenstine told NASA employees in May that private investment would help NASA reach the moon again.

A large group of astronauts, lawmakers, and scientists are fiercely opposed to the idea. Source: Newsweek

The One Thing You Shouldn’t Tell A Starbucks Barista

A reddit thread called “Dear Starbucks Customers” is like a therapy session for Starbucks baristas. They’re venting about the things customers do that annoy them most and even include a 12-point list on not to do when ordering. But there seems to be one thing people do that really gets the people behind the coffee counter more than anything else: saying “I’m going to be late for work.”

It’s included in the thread creator’s list of 12 don’ts and it’s echoed by many other baristas there. "I can tolerate a lot of things but nothing gets me quite like the people who get mad they’re gonna be late for work. DONT. COME. TO. STARBUCKS," wrote one Reddit user.

Another writes, "Yeah I don't get this. You saw the line, you know they make each drink by hand, either ACCEPT your own decision and the fact that you make a choice where you might be late, or get out of the cafe."

So now you know. Please don’t ever complain to a Starbucks barista that you’re late. If you’re in that much of a rush…suck it up and use the office Keurig.

Source: Delish


Especially Millennials - Would Rather Stay Home And Drink

You might think that young people love to go out and party every night, spending their money on food and drinks, but you're wrong. A new survey says that’s not the case at all. In fact, a great deal of them would rather stay home and drink, basically because they're lazy.

While that may sound depressing, it’s not like they’re drinking alone. The Mintel Report survey finds that overall 55% of people prefer to drink at home, while 28% of those 24 to 31 say they’d rather stay home and drink because “it takes too much effort to go out.”

As for specific reasons folks prefer to stay home and imbibe, 74% say it’s because it takes away the pressure of having to wait for a table, get a bartender’s attention or dress in party clothes. What’s more, 35% think drinking at home with friends is a more personal than doing so in a loud bar or restaurant. But isn't it safer, too?

Money, of course is also an issue, with 69% of folks saying it’s much cheaper to drink at home since you aren’t paying such high markups for drinks, while 38% say they control their drinking more when they are at home. Really? No driving? I’d think they’d drink more. 

Source: Moneyish

Winning the Lottery Won’t Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks

Winning the lottery is an obvious boost for your bank balance, but for overall well-being and happiness? Not so much.

Lottery winners find improved life satisfaction after a $100,000 cash prize, but that doesn’t mean that they are happier or have better mental health, researchers from the Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University and New York University found in a study the National Bureau of Economic Research circulated Monday.

Large prizes were linked to high levels of life satisfaction that persisted for more than a decade, whereas effects on happiness and mental health were significantly smaller.

The researchers asked more than 3,000 study participants who had collectively won $277 million in various lotteries five to 22 years earlier to answer questions including, “All things considered, how happy would you say you are?” and, “Taking all things together in your life, how satisfied would you say that you are with your life these days?” Researchers also asked participants how often they had experienced a negative or positive emotion in the last two weeks.

Their answers revealed that newfound wealth had a greater impact on overall life satisfaction and financial satisfaction than it did on happiness and mental health.

Other studies suggest people are happier when they’re spending their money on others, instead of themselves, or when they spend money caring for a pet or investing in experiences and memories, rather than material possessions.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/06/05/winning-the-lottery-wont-make-you-feel-like-a-million-bucks/

Things We Need To Stop Doing In The Produce Section

When it comes to buying fruits and vegetables, a lot of us are clueless. We’re not sure how to tell if that apple is ripe or if the peaches are ready, so we pick them up, hold them, and maybe give them a tiny squeeze before tossing them back in the bin. But it turns out, that’s not the best way to do it. Here are some other produce section mistakes we’re making at the supermarket:

  • Manhandling the produce - Do you press on the sides of the mangos at the grocery store to find the ripe one? Most of us do touch produce to see if it’s to our liking, but all that abuse can take its toll, so be gentle when you touch and let their smell and the color of their flesh help you pick a winner.
  • Popping the stems off the avocados - Some folks think they need to do this to tell if the avo is ripe, but please don’t. It interrupts the ripening process and probably annoys the produce department employees. If your avocado isn’t ripe, put it in a paper bag at home with a banana and you’ll be good to go.
  • Bagging up every little thing - You really don’t need a plastic bag for one item. Or a bunch of bananas.
  • Reading pricing signs incorrectly - Check the prices, read carefully, and know what you’re buying or you’ll end up spending $20 on a bag of cherries that you thought were $3.99, not $3.99 per pound.

Source: The Kitchn



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