Waking Up Early Can Combat Depression

Good news – there’s something simple you can be doing to really do to stave off depression. All you have to do is actually get up when that early AM alarm goes off. Getting up early gives you more exposure to daylight, and a recent study shows that more daylight can actually put a huge dent in depression – especially for women.

Scientists at the University of Colorado studied a bunch of women to see how the time they woke up every day affected their depressive moods. Many cases of depression, it turns out, were coming from people who are late risers. While your mental health can often be genetic, there is evidence to show that the little things you do to make your day better or worse have a huge effect.

It’s not definite that going to sleep late and waking up late leads to depression, but getting the most vitamin D you can out of a day can really help you curb some of that sadness. Get out, enjoy the sun, and exercise more! You’d be surprised what a few good things every day can do for your body!




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