Hannah's Headlines- 6/19/2018

Chinese City Opens Pedestrian Lane for Obsessive Texters

If you’ve never run into anyone while walking down a sidewalk texting a friend or scrolling through Instagram, you’ve probably come pretty close. As a culture, we’ve become irrevocably attached to our phones, and sometimes it’s hard to look away, even for an instant. Of course, it would be great if everyone would just put their phones away while out and about, but one Chinese city has a novel solution that feels a bit like a “Black Mirror” episode.

Filipino publication the Inquirer reports that a new footpath has been built in the city of Xi’an, China, that is specifically for people who are on their phones. If you want to stumble around and stare at a screen on your way to work, there’s now a path just for you and all of the other phone addicts to walk on.

According to the report, the Yanta Road footpath measures 330 feet long and 31 inches wide, which should hopefully be enough room for smartphone users not to plow into one another. There’s also an image of a phone and the word “CELLPHONES” in all caps so that walkers will understand the risks of the path.

Some Xi’an citizens said they were on board with the project, but others pointed out that the footpath is next to a parking lot instead of a major thoroughfare. In other words, it’s a clever experiment, but it’s probably not going to see much use. Funnily enough, the path — built by a company called Meixin — was meant to bring attention to how much time we all spend on our phones, but has since become a tourist attraction … which means there are now dozens of people snapping pictures of the path with — you guessed it — their phones.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/06/18/chinese-city-opens-pedestrian-lane-for-obsessive-texters/

That Party Dip? It Can Give You Herpes

Double dippers be on notice, science is shutting you down. We all know that public double dipping is gross, but now it’s been proven you can literally make someone sick by doing it. Microbiologists did a test on three types of party dips: sour cream, hummus, and the Greek taramasalata.

The test was done for “Food Unwrapped” on Britain’s Channel 4. A presenter doubled dipped into each of them and the results were a bit shocking. It turns out even a hint of saliva contains thousands of types of bacteria and it goes right into the dip. Then, depending on the dip, it multiplies up to 100 times. In that bacteria is herpes, norovirus, or maybe countless other things that can make you sick!

By the way - the runnier the dip, the faster the bacteria multiplies. And sorry sour cream lovers, that means you're at the biggest risk. On the flip side, hummus spread bacteria the least because it was the thickest.

  • You can avoid the havoc double dipping causes, or at least slow down the process, by not leaving the dip out for long periods of time. Bacteria thrive in warm temperatures, which means they’ll grow faster.

Source: Daily Mail

NATIONAL MARTINI DAY – NATIONAL GARFIELD THE CAT DAY – Juneteenth (Commemorating the end of slavery in the United States,)

MN STATE FAIR NEW FOODS FOR 2018: https://www.mnstatefair.org/new-this-year/food/

Google To Predict When You'll Die

At one point or another, we all have to go...like die. And when it comes to diseases like cancer, some may go quicker than others. But what if there was a way to pin point the exact time you’ll die? Seems morbid, but Google says they’re working on an A-I that’s perfectly capable of making such predictions.

The A-I takes information stored on a computer about the patient. Everything from their name age and ethnicity to how many times they’ve been hospitalized, their vital signs, and past diagnosis. The AI, built by researchers from Stanford University is fitted with tools to predict symptoms and disease to tell of the patients chances of life or death. The idea is to have doctors spend less time on paperwork and more time caring for their patients.

Besides predicting life or death, the AI can also guess how long a patient’s hospital stay will be and their chances of being readmitted. What’s crazy is that the AI is about 95-percent effective at guessing a patient’s mortality. "These models outperformed traditional, clinically-used predictive models in all cases," explained Google's Alvin Rajkomar. He believes that the AI in general will help “improve care” for patients, however the idea of the AI is still in its early stages.

Source: Bloomberg

105-Year-Old Birthday Girl Credits Drinking And Smoking For Her Longevity

Helen Granier turned the big 105 on Friday, so naturally, everyone's asking the Florida woman about her secret for long life. They were surprised at her answer. It turns out Helen didn’t live “clean,” she just lived it up.

Helen has a terrific memory, so talked about barely remembering WWI and then got to the juicy stuff like staying out late, drinking beer, smoking, dancing, and then heading to work. She loved gambling too, but never got to Las Vegas until her husband passed away. That’s because he knew she liked slots too much.

Honestly, the centenarian-plus doesn’t know why she’s lived this long considering her lifestyle and the fact that no one in her family even got close to this age. Helen may be a sweet looking old lady, but under that layer is a party girl and long may she live! Rock on, sister!

Source: Daily Mail

Apple Is Rolling Out A 911 First Responder Service

If you’ve ever called 911, you know how scary it can be...and when that call is made on a cell phone? It's more complicated, because the operator often doesn't know where you are. This is a problem because, as the National Emergency Number Association, 240-million such calls are made a year and more than 80% come from mobile devices.

That’s where Apple is stepping in. As part of their iOS 12 update, the tech giant is giving users a 911 first responder service. Yes, they’ll be using your data, but it could be a matter of life or death...so not such a bad trade.

The new feature will be able to calculate a caller’s location from data collected from Wi-Fi access points, nearby cell towers and GPS. First responders will get that information and get to you faster. Don't have an iPhone? Google does have a similar version, it just isn’t available yet, or in the near future, for Android users in the US.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street



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