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Study: 4 Cups Of Coffee Might Be Ideal For Heart Health

Caffeinators – listen up! A new study is saying drinking coffee is good for your heart. German researchers dosed human tissues with caffeine and found that one shot made certain proteins inside adult cells perform more like young cells.

One of the lead researchers says drinking four to five cups of coffee a day seems to improve what he called the powerhouses of cells. This is added to the studies over the years which have concluded that caffeine protects against diabetes, heart failure, and stroke.

Source: Medical News Today

Smirnoff Will Pay You Not To Work Fourth Of July Week

This year, the fourth of July falls on a Wednesday, which means it’s a little more challenging to turn the holiday into a vacation week. Some will take the two days off prior to the fourth and others may go for the Thursday and Friday afterwards to make a super long post Independence Day weekend. And now Smirnoff has another solution for 100 lucky winners.

The vodka brand will pay people to take off July 5th and 6th so they can really enjoy their fourth of July holiday. Smirnoff is running a contest where you enter by commenting on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram contest post, telling them where you’d rather be than heading back to the office. Winners are randomly selected and each one gets $500!

"I think we can all agree that Wednesday isn’t enough time to celebrate America’s birthday," Smirnoff Ice Brand Director Krista Kiisk says about the contest. "Who wants to head back to work and do work things when you could be on a beach, on a boat or on a mountain celebrating the good ole US of A?"

The contest went live yesterday (Sunday, June 24th) and is open through July 1st. Winners have to be 21, naturally, and you’ll still have to clear the time off with your boss, but Smirnoff is there to cover you in case you can’t get paid time off.

Source: Delish

Teens Reveal Outdated Slang Words That Make Them Cringe

Nobody likes to sound like they are out of touch, especially brands trying to sell their products to teens, but keeping up with the latest slang words certainly isn’t easy. Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on what words are “cool,” Gen Z goes and changes them, making you sound ancient.

So, what slang words are teens no longer using? Well, Business Insider polled some teens to find out what words are so yesterday, along with some of the words that have replaced them, so if you want to sound hip to your teenager, you better listen up.

Outdated slang words include:

  • “Swag” - Once used to describe someone who is cool, teens say that word hasn’t been cool since 2012. Now if something is cool, teens will use the word “Lit,” although it’s more likely to be used to describe a situation or thing rather than a person. 
  • “Bae” – It used to be the trendy way to talk about ones significant other, but it’s been overused. There isn’t actually a replacement word, although the word "bruh” is a way to describe a friend using something other than their name.
  • “YOLO” – Thanks to Drake, teens used YOLO to mean, “You only live once,” a way to refer to seizing the day. But now, thanks to DJ Khaled, they use “key” or “major key” to describe something that’s important. 
  • “Rad” – This word for cool hasn’t been popular since the 1990s. Instead, teens use the word “chill” to say something’s cool. 
  • “Gnarly” – Another word for cool, but this one hasn’t been popular since the 70s and 80s. A better term to use is “dope.”
  • “Savage” – Used to describe someone who acts without restraint, a trait that folks admire. This type of person usually does things that others are scared to do. Unfortunately, most teens don’t use that word anymore. They suggest using the word “oof,” to express sympathy for a friend who possibly got hurt by the “savage" individual.
  • “On Fleek” – Used to describe something or someone that’s perfect, although these days teens use the term “GOAT,” as in “greatest of all time” in such situations. 

Source: Business Insider


A Dating App for Dog Owners

There’s another level to your dating life when you own a dog. Your furry friend HAS to approve of your new boo, too! And if it all works out – you might even find someone who can give your pup doggy playdates with their own dog. That’s where Dig comes in – an app tailored specifically towards dog owners.

It’s just launched in Chicago, and it’s the perfect dating app if you love or have dogs. You swipe through all kinds of potential matches who are cool with your dog obsession. The best part? There’s a section of your profile dedicated to your pup. If you have a dog, you know how important it is that you meet someone who will love your pup as much as you do.

Finding people who love dogs and animals can be really important to people looking for love. Why not cut out the small talk and go straight to the peeps who love dogs?

Source: ABC7

These Avocados Stay Ripe Twice As Long

The struggle of waiting forever for an avocado to ripen and then missing the window of it being good is all too real, but that could be a thing of the past. A startup has created a new avocado that stays ripe longer. California-based Apeel Sciences uses recycled plant material to slow spoilage and improve produce quality. Bill Gates is even one of the company’s backers.

Apeel is made of a plant-derived powder that’s mixed with water and used to coat the avocados, or any fruits or veggies you choose, creating a second skin. According to the company’s website, the coating will maintain moisture and keep produce from oxidizing, so it stays ripe longer. For avocados, Apeel is supposed to keep them at peak ripeness for twice as long. And they claim it has no taste, smell, or color, so it won’t mess with your guac.

Apeel is currently being tested on produce from Del Rey Avocados and they’re being sold at over 100 Midwestern supermarkets, including 30 Costco locations.

Source: Bustle

Study says your dog can read your emotions -- and your face can stress them out

Researchers from Italy's University of Bari Aldo Moro say that your dogs can read your emotions just by looking at your face -- and if you look like you're in a bad mood, you can stress them out.

The scientists exposed 26 hungry dogs to pictures of people making various expressions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise.

The pooches who saw human faces displacing stronger emotional states like fear, anger, and happiness turned their heads to the left. What's more, their heart rates spiked, and those dogs also didn't return to their food right away. 

On the other hand, dogs that saw humans displaying a neutral look or one of surprise were apparently not threatened by those expressions. Consistently, they turned their heads to the right: the scientists determined the dogs always turned their heads in the opposite direction of the portion of their brains that were affected: in other words, the right hemisphere deals with "fight or flight," and so a stressed dog will look left. 

A dog at peace will turn its head to the right.



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