Hannah's Headlines- 7/10/2018

It's Not Natural To Have Sex With The Same Person All The Time

Everyone’s searching around for their happily ever after. And for most of us, it looks like one person for the rest of our lives. But according to blogger Nadia Bakodiais, being with the same person for the rest of our lives is actually not in our DNA. We’re born to go around having sex with whoever we want. It’s controversial, but it might be true.

Sure, it’s totally possible to form a meaningful relationship with someone to the point that you want to keep them around forever. But there’s a part of us that still wants to experiment with other people after that happens. Helloooo? That’s why cheating and infidelity exist.

The statistics don’t lie – it’s more likely that you’ll die in a plane crash than it is that you’ll find someone who stays with you faithfully long term. Kind of sad, right? But not if you really embrace the idea of a polyamorous situation. It’s not anti-love as many people might think – it’s pro-love in many other ways!

But on the flip side…fairy tales exist for a reason – sometimes, they do come true (with a LOT of sweat and tears along the way!) Source: Metro

National Pina Colada Day

Oreo Coffee Creamer Exists, and It's Basically Like Having Dessert With Breakfast

We must have done something right to deserve this news: International Delight is coming out with an Oreo-flavored coffee creamer! According to Instagram snack aficionado CandyHunting, Oreo International Delight creamer will soon join the brand's other foray into the world of cookies and cream, Oreo iced coffee. While we don't have release details yet, the new creamer will be perfectly suited for sweetening up a strong cup of coffee; because who says you can't have dessert for breakfast? We can't wait to get our hands on a bottle (or five) of this and start infusing every coffee with Oreo goodness!

The Strangest Compliments People Have Been Given

Most people like to get compliments, but not every compliment is created equal. While some are actually nice, others can be questionable, and now, on the anonymous Whisper app, some people are sharing the odd compliments they received, and some of them will have you shaking your head.

Odd compliments people received include:

  • “Even though you have red hair, you don’t look soulless…thanks, dude from Tinder.”
  • “I was breastfeeding while out and a guy walked up to me and said ‘damn your breasts are pretty.'”
  • “I would say you’re hot, but I’m Arabic so you’re the bomb! By far the funniest compliment I have ever received.”
  • “My grandmother’s friend told me I have a cute butt.”
  • “A guy in Starbucks told me my hair looks like it defies gravity and I giggled. A few seconds later he nervously laughed saying, ‘promise I’m not racist, just awkward.'”
  • “A stranger once told me, ‘You would make a great gay man,’ as I was wearing heeled boots and a kilt.”
  • “You’re crazier than I’ll ever be jealous. A friend in high school told me that. I was flattered and confused.”
  • “You have a big mouth. My dentist said it. So funny yet so awkward.”
  • “'You’re so pretty you look like a banana,' said a random drunk dude as I was walking around Barcelona.”
  • “You’d make a really good drug dealer. You’re so pure no one would suspect anything.”
  • “Funniest compliment I ever got, ‘you got some sexy ankles.’ LOL I’ll take it.”

Source: Whisper



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