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Not Sleeping? Your Bedroom Color May Be To Blame - If you're not sleeping well, it could be time to repaint your bedroom.

The Travelodge motel chain did a study and it reveals the color of your bedroom walls may help you sleep better. Here’s the breakdown of what they discovered.

  • Blue walls can make you feel restful and calm because they remind you of the sea and sky.
  • Yellow walls are conducive to happiness, as long as they are not too bright.
  • Green walls can put you at ease because they remind us of nature.
  • Bad colors for sleep include purple, which may cause nightmares, and red, which is too exciting.
  • Gray walls can make you feel isolated.
  • Brown is also a depressing color, but the study says brown is the favorite bedroom color of workaholics.

They’ve done the study before and almost everything remains the same.

Source: Travelodge

Has A Guy In A Speedo Ever Tried To Pick You Up On The Beach or At A Pool?

A new study has revealed that 99-percent of women wouldn't want to be seen with their partner if they were wearing Speedos. UK-based beach holiday specialist On the Beach surveyed 100 people and results showed that only one per cent of women would like to see their partner wearing budgie smugglers on the beach. Market research and data analytics firm, YouGov also named the swimming undies UK's most hated piece of clothing, even beating crocs.

  • If a hot guy with a great body walked up to you in a tiny Speedo and asked you out, would you say yes or is a speedo never acceptable?


Drunk driver tells police he only drank at "stop signs and traffic signals"

One wise guy in Florida told police he wasn't technically drinking and driving -- he only drank when the car was stopped at stop signs. And traffic lights.

When Early Stevens Jr. was pulled over after hitting a woman's bumper, police noticed an open bottle of Jim Beam whiskey in the passenger seat, TC Palm reports. Despite the physical evidence, Stevens said he wasn't drinking and driving. 

“He explained that he was not drinking while the car was moving and only when he stopped for stop signs and traffic signals,” the police report reads.

Police reported that Stevens smelled of alcohol, through he repeatedly told police he felt "pretty good."

Stevens may have felt pretty good but he failed a sobriety test and was charged with DUI and driving without a license.


Need some wine? Working? Try non-alcoholic wine water

An Israeli company just launched a beverage that tastes like wine but is non-alcoholic. It's called O.Vine, and it's being called a game-changer.According to Adi Seifert, chief technology officer of Wine Water Ltd., O.Vine, "is a natural beverage that's actually an infusion of grape skin and seeds that are left over from the wine making process." O.Vine is made from the part of the grape that would normally go to waste during the production of the real McCoy.

Not only is O.Vine non-alcoholic but it also has zero preservatives and is low in calories. What's more, it has the same antioxidants in wine but without the alcohol content. "O.Vine is the perfect match for people that cannot drink alcohol and actually for people that don’t drink water," Wine Water Ltd. CEO Anat Levi tells Good Morning America.Wine Water Ltd. features four different types of O.Vine including white and red carbonated and non-carbonated versions. Seifert said there’s nothing on the market like O.Vine. "This is a completely new category," he said. "It's very refreshing, it's light, it's fruity, it's delicious and it’s good for you."Wine Water Ltd. recently launched this product at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City and the company hopes to bring O.Vine to a store near you soon. Bottoms up!

Mom Left Confused By Name Friend Chose For Baby

These days we aren’t surprised by celebrities, and even some regular folk, who pick unique names for their babies, but one mom was recently left baffled by a name her friend chose for their tot, with some suggesting strange names should actually be “illegal.” 

A woman named Annalise D shared on Netmums that she can’t get over the fact that a friend chose to name their child “Abcde,” which is pronounced “Ab-si-dee,” writing, "I've never heard of this name before - has anyone else?"

Needless to say, some folks had severe opinions about the strange moniker, with one writing, “It should be illegal to saddle children with names like that. Awful,” and another adding, “That is the silliest name I've ever heard - but kudos for the imaginative pronunciation. Some parents are too cruel."

But believe it or not, the name isn’t as unique as the mom may have thought. Apparently, back in 2014 there were actually 328 girls given the unusual name in the United States, with the first “Abcde” born in Hawaii in 1986.

Source: The Sun

Southwest no longer offering peanuts: Southwest just announced that starting next month they will no longer be offering peanuts on flights due to allergy concerns. The news is a bit surprising for Southwest, since they used to use peanuts as part of their marketing plan, with their corporate blog once having the name “Nuts About Southwest.” The airline says they plan to discontinue offering peanuts on August 1st. Source: USA Today



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