Hannah's Headlines- 7/24/2018

Police: Kid Charged With Assault After Shooting French Fry At Woman

A West London teen and his buddy are learning about the bad side of french fries - as in, what can happen when you skip eating them...and instead, shoot them through straws. That's the case for an unnamed 13-year-old who's been accused of shooting a McDonald’s French fry through a straw and hitting a woman in the face.

According to "The Sun," police spent months investigating, and the arrests were made. As for mom, she thinks the case is “ridiculous” saying, “I tried to put a chip in a McDonald’s straw. It doesn’t fit.” She also thinks it was a straw wrapper it was got fired...and that it was supposed to hit his friend.

Maybe so, but whatever happened that night, it led to a fight and now, of those charged...our 'straw shooter' got off with a warning, so did another pal...his other friend pleaded guilty, and the third is awaiting trial.

Source: The Sun

Man Arrested For Working Out Naked At Planet Fitness

There’s something to be said for comfortable workout wear, but police in New Hampshire say one man took the Planet Fitness “ judgment-free zone” slogan a little too far…and got his sweat on naked.

Officials say 34-year-old Eric Stago will now facing charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct after allegedly strutting around this past Sunday at a Plaistow Planet Fitness in the buff before stretching out on a yoga mat.

Apparently unaware that other patrons were upset, Stago is described by police as strutting around, looking at himself in the mirror – and having drug paraphernalia on his person (though they don’t say where). According to Captain Brett Morgan, the only thing Stagno told officers was that he “thought the chain was a judgment-free zone.”

Source: Boston Globe


Early Bloomer: 11-Year-Old Boy Graduates From Florida College

William Maillis just graduated St. Petersburg College with an associate degree. His plan is to transfer to the University of South Florida for his bachelor's degree. He also wants to get his master's and doctorate degrees in astrophysics. Not bad for an 11-year-old. 

Mallis started elementary school at four, zipping right pass colors and numbers and on to algebra at the same age. By nine, the prodigy had already graduated high school. The reason he chose astrophysics is “to prove God is real using science." 

Williams then shared this inspirational message to others, “Everybody has their own genius. Mine is in astrophysics, but everyone has their own genius."

Source: USA Today

*LIST* You Won’t Believe These Mind-Blowing Food Facts

We consider ourselves intelligent people, but it turns out, there’s a whole lot we didn’t know when it comes to food. Thankfully, Buzzfeed is here to straighten us out with these weird food facts. Get ready to be amazed.

  • Bananas are berries - And so are eggplants, apparently. It seems for a fruit to be considered a berry, botanically speaking, it needs to have two or more seeds on the inside and be derived from one flower with one ovary.
  • And strawberries aren't berries - Because their seeds are on the outside. So raspberries don’t count as berries either.
  • Graham crackers were created to quell sexual urges - Yep, Sylvester Graham was against sexual desire and invented these thinking whole wheat could help control it. Nice try, buddy.
  • Flamin' Hot Cheetos were invented by a janitor working in the Frito-Lay plant - Richard Montañez pitched his idea in 1976 and went on to become an executive vice president at PepsiCo North America. They’re even making a movie about his life.
  • Pizza Hut used to be the biggest purchaser of kale in the country- They used it as a garnish on their salad bars but when the kale craze took off in 2012, they lost their number one spot.
  • Baby carrots are actually just old regular carrots that have been cut down - Seems kinda wasteful, doesn’t it?
  • Honey never goes bad - It all has to do with bacteria and microorganisms that spoil food needing moisture to survive and since honey has very little water, it’ll last forever if it’s sealed and stored in a dry place.
  • Raw oysters are still alive when you eat them - It’s when they’re not that you should be worried because dead oysters have lots of bacteria that could make you sick.
  • Ketchup used to be sold as a medicine - It was used as a tonic and some recipes were even concentrated into pills and sold as medicine.

Source: BuzzFeed



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