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You Could Get Pregnant After Leaving Your Birth Control Pills In The Car

You know those little pamphlets that come in your birth control pills? Chances are you’ve never taken the time to read all that small print, but if you had, you’d know that storing your pills the wrong way can make them less effective. Pretty scary, right?

Well, most meds should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, somewhere around 68 to 77 degrees. If drugs are exposed to temperatures much hotter or colder than that range, they can lose potency. And it turns out, hormone or protein-based drugs, like oral contraceptives, can be particularly affected by not storing them at the right temp.

Here’s what to avoid, according to Dr. Margaret Long, an OB-GYn at the Mayo Clinic.

  • In the bathroom - Keeping your pills in here is a double no-no because of the humidity, which can break down the drug, and the heat from the shower. So skip the medicine cabinet; linen closets or kitchen cabinets are safer for your meds.
  • On a plane - Keep your pills in your carry on because things can get a lot colder in the baggage compartment than they do in the cabin and that can make the pills less effective. So don’t take a chance with your birth control.
  • In your car - It depends for how long and how hot it is, but don’t leave them on the dashboard baking in the sun.
  • Running errands - If your pills live in your purse and you’re running around all day tackling your endless to-do list, you’re better off leaving your pills at home while you’re on the go.

And if you’re ever worried your pills could be compromised, call your doc for a replacement or be sure to use a backup birth control method, just in case.

Source: Marie Claire

Study Says Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Expenses Are Holding Millennial Back From Buying a House

A study from real estate website Zillow suggests that lavish pre-wedding bashes might also be the real culprit hindering those homeowner dreams. The study found that attending nine destination bachelorette parties in your lifetime can set you back upwards of $13,788. In other words, you could spend up to 35 percent of a down payment on a median-price home (in certain areas of the country) celebrating a friend’s nuptials.

  • How many destination bachelor or bachelorette parties have you gone on in a lifetime and how much have you spent on them?
  • Would you turn down going on a friend’s bachelor party if it were too expensive?

Link: https://www.today.com/home/bachelor-

Here We Go With Another Dangerous Challenge: The Hot Water Challenge - In case you didn’t know, getting hot water on your skin can cause severe burns that require hospitalization and months or years of painful treatments.

The Hot Water Challenge is the latest attempt for some to get attention on social media, and it’s caused injuries and a death. An Indianapolis teen is recovering from severe burns after his friends put him through what's being called the "Hot Water Challenge." It involves having boiling hot water poured on you.

Fifteen-year-old Kyland Clark has second and third degree burns on his back, face, and chest after his friends poured boiling water on him while he was sleeping recently. Though Kyland is expected to heal, a similar challenge caused the death of a child in Florida. Another twist to the challenge is drinking hot water through a straw.

Here’s why it’s amazingly bad to do either of these stunts involving hot water. Touching any water that is hotter than 120º Fahrenheit, can cause a third degree burn after only five minutes of contact. While the exact timing may vary from person to person, contact with 155º F water can cause a third degree burn in just one second, 140º F in three seconds, and 130º in about 10 seconds. If you want to take a bath, keep the water much cooler, below 100º F, otherwise it’s soup with you as the main ingredient. Source: Forbes

Study: Reading Can Make Us Less Lonely

Anyone who’s ever gotten lost in a good book knows how easy it is to get sucked into whatever world you’re reading about, but a study from the University of Buffalo shows that’s a good thing. Researchers found reading fiction can make us less lonely by “providing a collective identity that’s easily assumed and psychologically rewarding.”

The study shows that reading satisfies our need for human connection because we don’t just feel like the characters we’re reading about, but we kind of become part of their world and even get an emotional boost from the book. We know social connections are important and it turns out, reading can mimic the effects of socializing with a group, according to researchers.

Now that doesn’t mean that you should trade in your besties for books, but this study shows that solo activities like reading and watching movies can bring the same fulfillment as interpersonal interactions. And that’s great news for introverts as well as bookworms.

Source: Bustle

Get Instagram-Worthy Travel Photos Without Leaving Home

These days a vacation doesn’t mean much to people unless they can make their friends and family feel jealous by posting pictures on social media sites. And if you’re one of those people who are feeling envious of your friends and family’s travels, a new app is here to help you level the playing field without ever leaving your home.

The Krome photo editing website and app now provides Instagram-worthy travel photos without the travel, plopping folks into any location for just $12 or less. “You name it and we can do it,” the company says on its website. “Anything is possible.”

The site offers users the chance to be photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower, or any other far off destination without the price of an airline ticket. All customers have to do choose one of their own photos, select a background and send in any special instructions. The site can even merge together multiple images, correct colors, add and remove items and more.

Source: USA Today



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