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Have You Been The Victim of an “R-Bomb”?

You’ve agonized over exactly what to say, sent the message to your four closest friends for feedback and finally got up the courage to hit “send.” Before your very eyes, you get the confirmation that your message has been “read” and you anxiously await the “…” that indicates a reply is moments away. And then nothing happens. My friend, you’ve just been R-bombed. R-bombing is when you know that a person has seen your message, but hasn’t responded to it. It’s similar to ghosting, in that you’re essentially being ignored, but while ghosting is final (and often includes being unfollowed or blocked on social media) R-bombing refers to a single incident of being ignored.

  • What do you do when you’re clearly being “R Bombed”? Do you call the person?

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/07/31/youre-definitely

Food News: Double Bread Bowl

2018 has certainly been a good year to be a card-carrying Panera stan, but it's about to get even better: Panera is testing Double Bread Bowls, a concept that defies logic, science, and the veritable carb sponge that is my brain. The concept basically just took your beloved Bread Bowl and elevated it to new heights. The Double Bread Bowl is a loaf of bread (a LOAF!), only this time, it has not one, but two cut-outs, so that you and a friend can each get a soup or mac and cheese and then enjoy it from the same hunk of bread.

The caveat here is that the Double Bread Bowl is only testing right now — specifically in the Philadelphia area, starting on August 5, per Panera. But if it does well there, the Double Bread Bowl has the potential to hit menus nationwide.



Man shoves $100 worth of frozen steaks down his pants and flees from Walmart on moped

When police pulled over a man driving his moped in the pouring rain, they didn't expect the meaty surprise hiding in his pants.

The unidentified man was found with $100 worth of frozen steaks hidden in his trousers that he stole from a local Walmart in Nashville. The Nashville County Sheriff's Office shared the story and some choice photos on Facebook

"Just like the unofficial motto of the post office: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Nash County Sheriff’s Office from apprehending a subject riding a moped in the pouring down rain for allegedly stuffing over a $100.00 worth of steaks down both of his pant legs and choosing not to pay on his way out the Nashville Walmart," the post reads.

The post is tagged #nosteakdinnertonight #nosteakforyou.

No charges have been announced against the steak thief.

No More Snow Days In One South Carolina School Districts

There are few things better for kids than waking up, seeing tons of snow on the ground and finding out that school’s closed because of the weather. I mean, who wouldn’t love a free day off to play in the snow? Well, in case you missed it, one school district is now putting and end to that, and you can thank technology for it.

Starting this year, Anderson School District Five in South Carolina is doing away with snow days, although they won’t be making parents and kids trek to classes in dangerous weather. Instead they are implementing what they are calling “eLearning Days,” with teachers sending parents digital assignments that kids will have to complete from home, with teachers having the ability to monitor children remotely.

Kids will get their eLearning assignments at the same time parents find out school is closed, and they can’t make excuses to get out of it. If there’s something keeping kids from connecting to the Internet during those days, they’ll still be required to complete the assignment within five days on their own time.

"With today's technology, it makes so much sense, from the practical standpoint and financially," District 5 Superintendent Tom Wilson explains. "Technology has changed every profession, and we have the technology in place to keep kids working during the snow days and eliminate the makeup days."

Source: CBS News

You Could Get Paid To Eat Nutella

If you’ve been thinking about changing careers, this opportunity may interest you. The Ferrero Company is hiring 60 taste-testers for their products, which include Nutella, the delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. And it seems they’re looking for “non-professionals” to sample their ingredients, so we’re qualified.

The job vacancy published for the Ferrero research and development company shows the opportunity is in Alba, Italy. So you’d have to be willing to relocate to Italy to land this dream job taste-testing Nutella (as if that’s a bad thing?). The ad says 60 “sensory judges” will need to work two days a week at the company HQ and the only requirements are that candidates have no allergies and can use a computer.

Ferrero has always had taste-testers, but this is the first time they’ve recruited from outside the company, specifically looking for regular consumers. So if you love chocolate and aren’t highly educated in nutrition, sounds like you’re who they’re hoping to hire.

The chosen candidates start work on September 30th, with a three-month course to hone their skills and senses of smell and taste, along with learning the correct terminology to describe the tastes and sensations they experience. And the gig is only two days a week, so you’ll have lots of free time to enjoy life in Italy. Sound good? Here’s where you can APPLY.

Source: Cosmopolitan

How To Tell If You’re Being Strung Along - Some people put a lot of effort into a relationship and some people don’t.

Getting strung along by someone who has no intention of spending forever with you is devastating, but it has warning signs. If you see too many, you may want to jump ship before you get too involved.

Here’s what to look out for.

  • You do things together at their convenience.
  • Their life isn’t really together.
  • They avoid meeting your family and friends.
  • They take way more than they give.
  • They are “all in” one day and not the next.

Source: Bustle



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