Hannah's Headlines- 8/14/2018

Uber Moving Forward With Fleet Of Flying Cars

Uber is one step closer to getting its fleet of flying cars off the ground. Last year, Uber unveiled its future plan for flying taxis. Now, the ride-hailing company's aviation program Uber-Air is teaming up with the University of Texas and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to make that a reality.

The team will design new rotor technology that's needed to help the vehicles take flight with cruising altitudes of one-thousand to two-thousand feet and speeds up to 200 miles-per-hour.

The collaboration is expected to take about 18 months. Uber says testing will follow shortly afterwards in Dallas and Los Angeles and riders could potentially use the service by 2023. However, the project still faces regulatory issues and other logistical obstacles as it progresses.

Source: The Drive

Nun Caught Smuggling Drugs In Her High Heels

A nun from Missouri was caught smuggling two pounds of cocaine in her high heels… which she says her online boyfriend tricked her into.

Denise Marie Woodrum was stopped at customs at the Sydney Airport when officers found she had stuffed drugs into her shoe heels. Her HIGH-HEELED shoes. Woodrum’s layer claims she was tricked into smuggling the drugs by a man she met online, Hendrik Cornelius. “She was groomed to provide a financial gain for this person,” her lawyer says. “She went on this trip thinking she was bringing artifacts to him.”

Woodrum was apparently looking online for love after dealing with a divorce and some health problems that left her struggling financially. She thought she'd never find love again...so she turned to God. Well, at first. Her lawyer insists she was just a “vulnerable” woman being taken advantage of, but prosecutors aren’t so convinced. They claim she knew was she was doing, since they found texts proving her trip, and deed, was paid for. Lord only knows what the truth is, but Woodrum pled guilty to the drug importing charges.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Things Wedding Guests Actually Care About

Couples want everything to be just right for their wedding day and some spend a fortune to make it happen. Brides and grooms plan every element of their big day, which can also be very stressful, but according to new research, the things wedding guests appreciate most are actually the ones that don’t cost a thing.

A survey from American Express asked participants to rank the parts of a wedding they find least and most enjoyable. And it turns out, it’s not the fancy centerpieces or the pricey band playing at the reception, it’s the things that cost nothing at all, like how well they know the people there.

What wedding guests find most enjoyable:

  • Knowing other guests – 44%
  • Good weather – 42%
  • How well they know the bride/groom – 41%
  • The venue – 38%
  • The catering – 37%

As far as the things wedding guests care least about, it’s no surprise to see goody bags and speeches topping the list. Future brides and grooms can stop stressing about these things that guests feel are least important at a wedding.

  • Favors or goody bags– 5%
  • The speeches – 10%
  • Being able to bring children – 10%
  • Being able to bring a plus one – 13%
  • Meeting new people – 13%

Source: Harper's Bazaar



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