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Supermarket Stuck Googly Eyes on Fish to Make Them Look Fresh

A supermarket in Kuwait has been shut down after its owners were caught sticking googly eyes on their fish to make them look fresher to customers.

Kuwaiti police shut down the fish store on Saturday, the Al Bayan newspaper reported, after images of the “fresh fish” circulated online.

One of the pictures showed the fake eye slipping off the fish’s face, clearly revealing a much more yellow eye underneath.

As a joke, a fish company in Kuwait announced it was selling “fish without cosmetics,” alongside a picture of a fish and a selection of different colored contact lenses.

Social media users quickly mocked the shop owner’s attempt to get away with selling old fish with a series of hilarious memes that went viral.

Mohamed El Dahshan tweeted: “Kuwaiti police has shut down a fish store that was sticking googly eyes on fish to make them appear more fresh than they are. :-) via Al Bayan newspaper” which got over 117k likes and over 62.5k retweets.

Ashley Feinberg, another verified user, quoted the above tweet saying “my strongest-held belief is that extremely creative crimes that don’t involve maiming another person should be allowed.”

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/09/03/supermarket-stuck

Starbucks Is Testing Lower Sugar Frapps

Lots of us love our caffeine fix, but have you checked out the nutrition facts on one of those cold, creamy Starbucks drinks? A bare bones cup of Pike Place Roast comes in at just five calories, but a venti Caramel Frappuccino with whole milk and whipped cream clocks in at 510 calories, which is basically a couple of candy bars. So with more folks looking for low- and no-sugar drinks, Starbucks is trying to take their drinks’ sugariness down a notch.

Starbucks’ re-engineered Frappuccino formula is being tested in around 600 stores across the country and it separates the flavor for the drinks from the sugar. So you could still get the vanilla flavor you like without overdoing it on carbs. And those who want to customize their beverage to be more or less sweet can fine-tune it with more or less sweet cream, the new sugar delivery vehicle. They’ve been testing it for two years and now they feel it’s where they want it, so the texture of the frozen drink, as well as the flavor, remains the same.

The new formula means you can nab a grande Caramel Frappuccino that has 50 fewer calories and has 18 fewer grams of sugar than the original. And if you are at one of those test market stores, you may have tried a new Frapp and not noticed the change at all.

Source: Food and Wine

Amazon Releases Their 2018 Top Holiday Toy List

‘Tis the season to start thinking about holiday toys. Let’s face it, it’s brutal getting the hottest stuff for your kid. If you want to know what’s in and get ahead of the game, Amazon is here to help.

The online retail giant has shared its list of 100 Hottest Toys for the holiday. Predictably, there are a lot of things we’ve never heard of, but our children have, on there. You’ll be happy to know that STEM is in, avoiding unicorn poop is cool, and LEGOs are timeless.

The list is unranked, but here are some of the highlights. See the full list here.

  • KD Kids Rescue Runts. With a sell out their first week in stores, grab this one quick!
  • LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit. $100 retail.
  • furReal Munchin’ Rex. Sold out already, but should be available.
  • O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise.
  • Crayola Color Chemistry Set For Kids.
  • Kids First Science Laboratory Kit.
  • Osmo Genius Kit.
  • Hauck Lightning pedal Go-Kart.
  • Don’t Step In it by Hasbro. It’s a unicorn special edition.

Source: Fortune

Popular Nudist Camp On The Market For Over $1 Million

Southleigh Manor in Cornwall, England, is a three-acre nudist resort. In fact, it’s one of the United Kingdom’s biggest nudist camps. Now, it could be yours for a little over $1 million dollars.

Owners Bob and Kathy Prescott say they’re nudists themselves, stumbling upon the property for sale one day when they were on vacation. Now, they’re selling in preparation for their retirement. “We very much hope that it will stay as a naturist park, we don’t know who will eventually end up buying it but it would be our wish that they keep catering to naturists” notes Bob. “There’s not many naturist camps in the whole country so it’s a very niche market.”

The park draws in nudists from the United Kingdom and abroad, a large portion of their guests coming from the Netherlands. The resort is selling for $1.4 million dollars – that includes the manor house, with facilities like private accommodation for the owners, five bedrooms, a large private garden, two log cabins, a bar and restaurant, a sauna, an outdoor heated swimming pool, and other perks.

Source: Mirror

Wait Until The Last Week Of September To Buy Your iPhone

There’s a lot more to think about when buying an iPhone than you realize. As prices get higher and higher, the idea of a discount should make you salivate. That’s why Apple has a predictable habit.

We all know that the tech giant loves to introduce new models in September, but they also love to discount older models. Specifically, the last week of that month. If you hold on, the price will be $100 cheaper. That's a lot considering what phones go for.

Here’s another, lesser known trick that Apple likes; doubling the memory on older models during the discount period. So instead of getting say an iPhone 7 for $549 with only 16-gigs of memory, you’ll get 32-gigs for $449. Since iPhone memory can’t be expanded, that’s a big deal.

You can find deals everywhere, but pay close attention to what you get for your money.

Source: USA Today

This Marathon Includes 23 Wine Tastings

If you’ve ever scrolled through social media at all the people out there training for and running in marathons and thought about joining them, that’s a start. And if you’re looking for a little more motivation to lace up your shoes and start training, we have just the thing: a marathon in France that includes wine tastings and snacks.

The annual Marathon du Médoc is a 26.2-mile race in Bordeaux, France, every September. All the athletes are required to wear a costume and along the way, participants are invited to try 23 different wines on the course and there’s at least one break for steak. The path takes runners through vineyards, past chateaux, and gives them time to sample cheese, ice cream, and even oysters.

Are the conditions extreme? Yes, but no one has ever died at the Marathon du Médoc, although it probably helps that all contestants have to submit a medical certification to compete. The race takes around six and a half hours to finish and they encourage everyone to take their time. And that’s a good thing, since a journalist for The Guardian who competed in it admits there's an awful lot of projectile vomit on the course. Well what do you expect with wine, oysters, and all that running?

Source: Health



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