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Tinder Is Ripe With Psychopaths - If you’re into online dating, you may want to learn to vet people a lot better.

A new study says the person you're hooking up with on Tinder could be a psychopath. The Dutch study found that almost one-in-four people on the dating app are already in a committed relationship, and those people are more likely to be psychopaths than single users.

The study's author says non-single people who were also on Tinder reported higher scores on neuroticism and psychopathy than non-single people who were not on Tinder. They also reported more casual hookups than single users. The study suggests people with those personality traits might be more susceptible to using dating apps for infidelity purposes. The most interesting finding? Non-single users mostly go on the site not to find sex, but to boost their ego.

Good luck swiping right now! Source: Daily Mail

Resort Operator Seeks 'Pro-Vacationist' for $120,000 a Year

A firm in Mexico posted a job opening for a "pro-vacationist" to spend a year staying at luxury resorts and sharing the experience on social media.

Grupo Vidanta, which operates several resorts in Mexico, said on its website that it is seeking a social media savvy "ambassador" to spend a year staying for free at resorts in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Penasco and Puerto Vallarta.

The job pays $120,000 for one year, as well as travel expenses and meal credits at resort restaurants.

The firm said the "pro-vacationist" will be subject to experiences including learning to salsa dance, "ushering baby turtles into the ocean," swimming with whale sharks, "determining how many hours of poolside lounging is too many" and "having a pair of sunglasses for EVERY OCCASION."

Interested applicants are instructed to fill out a form on Grupo Vidanta's website by Oct. 21, with the winning applicant to be selected Nov. 1.

"Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a video along with their resume to tell us why they're the perfect fit for this opportunity while showcasing their personality," the website states.

Link: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/09/06/Resort-operator

An Apartment Only For Dog Owners Will Soon Be A Thing

It isn’t always easy for dog owners to find places to live, with more and more apartment buildings having no pet policies, but one Danish town is about to go the exact opposite route.

Frederikssund Municipality on the island of Zealand in eastern Denmark is about to get an apartment that will be available only to dog owners. Appropriately enough, the 18 apartments will be on a block to be called “Hundehuset” or the Dog House.

“There is demand from some dog owners who are tired of there being so many places where dogs are not allowed,” entrepreneur Niels Martin Viuff, the builder of the apartments, explains. “We want to meet the needs of dog owners. Many are very lonely.”

Lise Lotte Christensen, who works for the Danish Kennel Club, Denmark’s largest association for dog owners, helped design the apartments, which will feature stronger flooring and a pup bathing area in the garden. But even with that there will be some restrictions, with only dogs 99 pounds or under allowed, so the complex “won’t be crowded with dogs.”

As for other house animals, it seems cats will be allowed in the apartments as well, with a possible complex just for cat owners “on the drawing board.”

Source: New York Post

This Service Takes Your Ex’s Stuff Away For You

Breakups are painful and one of the worst parts of them is the aftermath. As you’re suffering through your broken heart, you have to do the deleting of the Instagrams, the changing of the phone background, and of course, the getting rid of the stuff. The mementos all around your place that serve as a constant reminder of your ex could send you backsliding, or at least make getting over the relationship that much harder.

But now there’s a company that will handle all those things left behind by your former flame so you don’t have to live with the physical reminders. ExBox is a new service from MakeSpace that lets you schedule a pickup of all the unwelcome romantic souvenirs so you don’t have to look at them anymore. They’ll send you a box to fill and then take it away to a storage facility until you’re ready to deal with it or burn it in a dumpster, whatever works for you.

You fill out a questionnaire on the ExBox site with basic contact info, as well as a ranking of how horrible your ex really was. And the worse the breakup, the more money you can save. Then they’ll pick up and store your ex’s stuff for as long as you like so you can get it out of sight and hopefully off your mind. The service is currently available in four cities: New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, and you can get your ex’s things picked up in 24 hours after scheduling, so you can fast track your healing process.

Source: Elle

Guinness Names Japanese Woman World’s Oldest DJ

Sumiko Iwamura is proving that it’s never too late to discover your passion. Guinness World Records has named the 83-year-old Japanese woman the world’s oldest professional club DJ.

By day, Iwamura runs a Chinese food restaurant, but by night, she’s DJ Sumirock. She discovered she had a knack for the profession once she started attending DJ school when she was 77 years old. Now, not only does she have a regular DJ slot at Decabar Z in Shinjuku, Tokyo, she travels around the world for gigs too.

But Iwamura says that DJing and running a restaurant aren’t that different – it’s all about customer feedback. “If you’re playing tracks and they don’t like it, they’ll leave the floor and start drinking at the bar,” she explains. “Restaurant customers are the same – if it tastes good, then they look happy, and they’ll tell me they like it.”

Source: UPI

Domino's abruptly ends free pizza offer for people who got tattoos of their logo after overwhelming response

Domino's in Russia is regretting its decision to offer people a lifetime of free pizza if they get a tattoo of the company's logo. Turns out, the pizza company had to end the offer after an overwhelming amount of people got inked, Vice reports. 

The offer was meant to last until the end of October in Russia, but the company abruptly closed submissions because too many people posted pictures of the blue and red logo on their ankles, wrists, arms, and even neck.

If the company honored every participants' tattoos, it would cost them millions. So, Domino's announced it will now only honor the first 350 people who participated in the honor. That will still cost the company an estimated $14 million if each of the 350 winners buy 100 pies a year. 

Unfortunately, it looks like this offer will not be coming to America any time soon.



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