Hannah's Headline- 9/14/2014


A Victorian Home Can Be Yours For Free - With A Catch - A million-dollar-plus house in Oakland is being offered for free to anyone who can literally take it. The deed to the two-bedroom Victorian will be handed over to anyone who's willing to relocate it at his or her own expense by October 27th. The "Free House, Must Be Moved" sign first appeared on Reddit on Monday.

The lot that the property sits on is set to be demolished to make way for a new development. The charming home that dates back to 1900 sold last year for one-and-a-half-million-dollars. Source: ABC San Francisco

SpaceX Says It's Sending Someone To The Moon On Monster Rocket

SpaceX is planning to send someone on a trip around the moon on the company's huge new rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). And no, it’s not you. The company says it will reveal who their first customer is and why on Monday.

It's still unclear when exactly the trip around the moon will happen. Last year, CEO Elon Musk said the BFR launch vehicle is essentially a combination of a rocket and a spaceship designed to send humans to the Moon and Mars, but we can all find out together during the webcast, which is set for 9pm ET. CLICK HERE to connect.

SpaceX says the trip around the moon is an important step to enabling access for everyday people who dream of space travel.

Source: Ars Technica

Swiss Village to Pay Residents $2,500 a Month to do Nothing

A village in Switzerland plans to introduce a basic income system which pays residents $2,500 a month for doing nothing.

Residents of Rheinau, on the Rhine River at the border with Germany, voted in favor of introducing the ambitious project in a recent poll.

The village hopes to pay participants up to $2,500 a month to ensure they have a guaranteed income regardless of their employment status.

The village council decided to accept this plan after more than half of Rheinau’s 1,300 residents signed up to take part, and efforts to secure funding will begin shortly.

The decision comes two years after a proposal for a nationwide unconditional state stipend in Switzerland failed to pass in a national vote. The project is the idea of Swiss filmmaker Rebecca Panian, who said she was inspired by the rejected national scheme and views it as an experiment into an unconditional basic income.

Panian said that over 100 villages expressed interest, but the reason she chose Rheinau is because she wanted to find a “kind of mini-Switzerland, with a well-mixed population” to test the idea.

The plan ensures participants will receive a basic monthly income based on their age, ranging from $640 for under-18s to $2,500 for those aged over 25.

The deadline to sign up to the scheme is Sept. 15, and on Monday 702 of the village’s 1,300 residents had registered.

Snakes On A Plane For Real

Employees at an airport in Moscow got quite a shock after discovering that a passenger’s carry-on bag contained 20 snakes. All separately bagged...within the bag

The man, who was flying from Düsseldorf, Germany to Moscow, Russia, says that he bought the snakes at a market back in Germany. Officials explain that while carrying snakes in your hand luggage isn’t actually illegal, you do need proper documentation, as well as some additional paperwork that’s required when entering Russia with the snakes.

The man reportedly didn’t have those documents, so the critters were placed in quarantine. As for officials in Germany, they say that there wasn’t any trouble at the security check there, so the man was able to depart from Düsseldorf with the snakes in his bag without any incident. The BEST news? None of the snakes were venomous.

Source: The Local

Tattooist Tricks Tourists Into Getting Bogus Thai Tattoos: Some photos of tourists with brand new Thai tattoos are going viral for the wrong reason. It turns out the tattoo artist has been tricking foreigners into getting offensive phrases and other random food-related terms permanently inked. For example, one woman is shown with a tattoo that reads “po pia sot,” which means “fresh spring rolls.” Another customer left with a “chicken rice” tattoo in Thai. Even worse, some unfortunate male customers have walked away with prominent tattoos that actually say some offensive sexual terms.



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