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More Than 1,500 Museums Will Be Free This Saturday

This Saturday, September 22nd, is Museum Day. That means over 1,500 zoos and museums across the country will open their doors for free. The annual event is organized by “Smithsonian” magazine and offers people the chance to check out spots in all 50 states for no charge.

All kinds of cultural institutions are involved, from popular places like Zoo Miami to quirky specialty museums like the National Barber Museum in Canal Winchester, Ohio. To take advantage of the free fun, visitors can download one ticket per email address and each ticket gets two people in for free.

Not sure which museum to check out? Check out the list of all 1,500 participating venues and download tickets here.

Source: Smithsonian

This Pizza-Testing Job Pays $1K a Day

Wanna make some dough?

A company that manufactures home pizza ovens is offering the chance to stuff your face and your wallet with a job that involves making and eating tons of pies. The company, Ooni, will pay the lucky workers up to $1,000 a day to create pizzas with its portable, wood-fired ovens, according to Thrillist.

Pay is commensurate with pizza experience, the company says. So although most New Yorkers score above average in their ability to scarf down slices, it’s really the professional pie masters who can expect to command big bucks. Casual home cooks will likely earn about $300 a day.

“We feel that keeping the day rate open to a range of rates will ensure that we’ll attract the full breadth of people who cook their own pizza at home, from novices through to professional pizzaioli,” Ooni’s co-founder Darina Garland tells Thrillist.

Job responsibilities include testing and providing feedback on various recipes, and maybe throwing the company a bone with a social media post or two. Oh, and you’ll need a yard: Ooni’s ovens are for outdoor use only.

Candidates can apply through Oct. 14 by sending Ooni a 60-second video that demonstrates their pizza prowess.

If you land the gig, you’ll be reimbursed for ingredients. Gym membership, however, is up to you.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/09/20/sitting-at-home-eating-pizza

A Three-Day Getaway Could Make You Happier Than A Long One

We may dream about taking a super long vacation to get away from it all, but next time you’re actually planning a trip, you may want to think small instead. Like three-day weekend small. Because according to psychotherapist and well-being expert Jonathan Alpert, taking just a Friday or Monday off work can do as much for your mental health as taking the whole week off.

“Clients often tell me they want to go as far away as possible for as long as possible,” Alpert explains. “But then it takes a day to get to their destination, they run into issues accessing their email in a remote place, and inevitably, they get so stressed planning it, that they aren’t able to truly disconnect.”

Plus, since the average American only gets 10 paid vacation days a year, taking several short vacations can help us feel more refreshed and recharged all year long. Quick trips are less stressful because they’re easier to plan, cheaper to take, and we get more vacations to look forward to spread out over the year. Now you just have to decide where you want to spend those 72 hours of bliss.

Source: Travel and Leisure

Mariachi Singer Serenades Couple He Soon Realizes Includes His Wife

The singer of a mariachi band got a big shock during a gig recently. After being hired by a man in Coyacan, Mexico City to surprise serenade his girlfriend, the singer ended up being the surprised one after realizing the “girlfriend” was actually his own wife.

Apparently, the band started playing under the balcony of the specified address, as per the man’s request. Everything was going fine until the woman emerged from inside, immediately recognizable to the band’s singer as his own wife. That’s when the music stopped, and the fight began.

Eventually, the other band members were able to stop the fracas between the singer and his wife’s lover, who said he didn’t even know she was already married. In fact, after the serenade, he was supposedly planning on proposing to her himself. No word on how far that plan went.

Source: Daily Mail

Americans Are Spending A Lot Of Money On ObliCations

While everyone loves a vacation, when the trip you’re taking is not by choice it certainly can put a damper on things. Such obligatory vacations can be for a number of reasons, like a destination wedding, or graduation and it seems folks are going on a lot of them, and spending a lot of money. Enter the world of "oblications."

A new survey finds that one in three Americans have taken at least one oblication, meaning it was a trip they felt obligated to go on, even though they didn’t want to. Not surprising, only 46% of people say they like these trips as much as ones they plan for themselves. And these oblications don’t come cheap, with reports suggesting about $197 billion a year is spent on trips people feel obligated to take.

So, how do you get out of these oblications, without people getting mad at you? Well, experts tell "Moneyish" that there are some steps you can take. They include:

  • First off, they note that it’s pretty impossible to decline a “landmark oblication” like say your dad’s 90th birthday, or a sister’s destination wedding, but if your dad throws a party every year, or your sister’s getting married for the fifth time it may be okay to skip. If a shower is for a distant or non-close relative, that’s fine too.
  • Experts add that it’s better not to say no right away, rather say you’ll think about it, since it would be nicer to turn down the invite later, than to say you’re coming and then cancel at the last minute.
  • If you do have to decline, be firm about your decision. Thank the person for the invitation and then give them an explanation for why you won’t attend, but don’t be too elaborate with your excuse. If they seem upset, don’t back down. Stick to your guns but do it as politely as possible.

Source: Moneyish



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