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Massive Facebook Hack Hits Mark Zuckerberg Too

A Facebook security breach confirmed on Friday may have left nearly 50-million users vulnerable. Included in that number? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the company's European Vice President, Nicola Mendelsohn.

As for how they did it, the hackers were apparently able to exploit a vulnerability in Facebook's system allowing them to access log in information and control accounts. More specifically they compromised digital keys that people use to stay logged in on their devices, instead of having to regularly sign back in.

Facebook has since reset the log-ins for a total of 90-million accounts for extra caution. Zuckerberg has responded to the hack by saying, in part, "This is a really serious security issue, and we're taking it seriously."

Source: Forbes

Man Wins $1M Using Fortune Cookie Numbers For Lottery

You know those lucky numbers on the fortune inside fortune cookies? Well, a Pennsylvania man has been playing his and they just won him a cool million bucks. Ronnie Martin liked the numbers on his fortune cookie a few years ago so he stuck with them and they turned out to be winners.

Martin used his fortune cookie slip’s numbers when he bought three Mega Millions tickets and was in shock when he hit it big. He didn’t believe the clerk when he told him he matched the five numbers and finally accepted he was a million-dollar winner when he saw it on the display. He and his wife, Shirley, plan to use their prize money to pay off their mortgage and bills and saving the rest.

Source: MSN

A Lot Of People Find Ways To Nap At Work

We all know work can be exhausting, and somewhere around 3 pm the yawning starts to hit, and most folks could probably use a nap. Well, it turns out, a lot of people are finding ways to get a little shuteye in at the office.

A new poll by The Sleep Judge looked into workplace napping, and while you’d think most companies would frown on it, there seems to be some jobs that are perfectly okay with folks taking a rest in the middle of the day.

The poll finds that 93.2% of workers whose company allows for napping have taken a nap at work, while 46.3% of those whose company doesn’t allow napping have also found a way to take a little siesta during the day. And it seems companies should maybe consider napping a good thing, with 56.2% of workers saying naps increase their productivity.

As for the industries most likely to allow napping, they include:

  • Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Information Services & Data Processing
  • Technology

Interestingly, even though these industries are the most likely to allow napping, they aren’t the industries where most napping occurs. In fact, the five industries with the highest napping rates, are also the Top Five industries that ban napping. The industries with the highest napping rates include:

  • Transportation and Warehousing
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Medical and Health Care
  • Education
  • Hotel, Food Services and Hospitality (although they are the second-most likely to ban napping)

Source: The Sleep Judge

Win A Year’s Supply Of Dry Shampoo & Dunkin’ Coffee

For some of us, dry shampoo and coffee are life. Coffee gives us the boost we need to feel like regular, functioning humans and dry shampoo helps us look like them. And if those two items are high on your list of life essentials, you’ll be thrilled to know you could win a year’s supply of each, thanks to a new contest from Dunkin’ (Donuts) and Dove.

The restaurant chain and the beauty brand are teaming up to offer one lucky winner free coffee and dry shampoo for a whole year! And all you have to do to win is post a photo on Instagram or Twitter of your busy morning, explaining why you run on Dunkin’ coffee and Dove dry shampoo. Use the hashtags #DoveXDunkin and #DxDSweepstakes or go to DoveXDunkin.com to upload the photo directly. And even if you don’t win the grand prize - a $600 Dunkin’ gift card and 36 cans of Dove dry shampoo - 15 first-prize winners will get a $25 Dunkin’ gift card and five dry shampoos, which is still pretty good.

Source: Shape

Man Arrested For Stealing 150 Pounds Of Waffle Mix: Brandon Lee Nelson, a man from Peachtree, Atlanta, has been arrested after police say he stole 150 pounds of waffle mix and sold it to “a stream of buyers.” Basically, if locals ever needed their waffle fix, he was the guy to go to. Authorities say he took five boxes of waffle batter from a storage shed, which belonged to his former employer. Luckily, a surveillance video identified him as the suspect waffle mix thief, and he was arrested later that day for burglary.

Sex Doll In Garbage Is Mistaken For Human Remains - It’s probably a good idea to deflate a sex doll before throwing it away.

That’s why a sex doll in a garbage bag is to blame for a large police presence in Ohio. Police in Colerain say they were called out to Richardson Forest Preserve last Thursday after reports of remains being found, but the body was not a human.

Pictures posted online appear to show the female sex doll, which was in a bag and life-size. It took a bit of time for them to reach the doll as it was in a difficult part of the area on a hillside but it's not clear where it came from. The preserve is in an area not far from Cincinnati.

At least police got to have fun with the story online! 

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland



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