Hannah's Headlines- 10/8/18

Siri Can Now Discreetly Record A Police Stop

Siri has a new short cut that will quietly record a police encounter if you’re ever pulled over by the cops. 

To launch the Police short cut just simply say, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over.” That will prompt Siri to put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode, prevent notifications from coming through, lower your screen brightness, and pause your music. Then your phone will automatically record and send a text to a designated emergency contact with your location information. 

iPhone users must have the latest version of iOS and the police shortcut is located in the short cut app settings. No word on such a function for Android users.

Source: Fortune

The Internet Is Divided Over Peanut Butter And Mayo Sandwiches

Step aside, PB&J, there’s a PB&M recipe taking over the Internet. That’s right, people are actually eating peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches, and there are some recipes that even throw banana slices and iceberg lettuce in there.

But with good reason, there are Twitter diehards talking smack about the gross-sounding sandwich. Many of the people that stand the sandwich are from southern families that were used to making these as an easy meal on a lazy day. But then there’s the entire rest of the country that believes a peanut butter and mayo combination could not be more disgusting. The overall read? Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

Let’s get down to the REAL questions, here: chunky or smooth?

Source: Huffington Post


Do You Think You Should Get Paid More When Covering Vacationing Co-Workers?

Colleagues out of the office? The average American’s workload increases by nearly a third when covering for an absent co-worker, according to new research. A new study into the stressful daily events Americans encounter found that going on an innocent vacation may be stressing out your co-workers more than you imagined. Which sparks the question: Should people get paid more when covering for a co-worker? Over half of Americans surveyed agree they should (51 percent), with 22 percent saying they “strongly” agree.

  • Do you get paid more when your coworkers are on vacation? Do you think you should?


Study: Women May Be More Productive Than Men At Work

Ladies, if you feel like you’re doing more work than the men around the office, that’s probably because you are. According to new research, women perform slightly more work than men and may be getting assigned a bigger chunk of it.

A new State of the Workplace Report from the productivity platform Hive pulled data from over 3,000 men and women in workspaces that use Hive to see how workers communicate, behave and approach working relationships. Their research finds that while women send around 20% more chat messages than their male colleagues, they’re still completing 10% more work. That may be partly because women are also assigned more work, with the data showing nearly 55% of tasks get assigned to women, compared to the 45% that go to men.

The report also reveals that both men and women tend to assign more tasks to people of the same gender. Male workers give 20% more tasks to men and female workers tend to assign 20% more tasks to women. And the employees are also slightly more likely to finish tasks assigned by someone of the same gender. But both men and women are only finishing about 66% of the tasks they’re assigned.

Hive also researched how workers use so-called passive phrases like “I think” and “sorry” and they didn’t find any major gender differences. It turns out, both genders use “please,” “sorry,” and “I think” at basically the same rate but women are more likely to use exclamation points and emojis and slightly more messages from men include “thanks.”

Source: Moneyish



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