Hannah's Headlines- 10/10/18

Sears May File Bankruptcy This Week - An iconic store may be close to extinction.

Sears Holdings could be filing for bankruptcy this week. Reports say that the company is preparing a bankruptcy bid to deal with its debt. The company has a 134-million payment due on Monday. CEO Eddie Lampert is working on a proposal to restructure the department store chain's debt by selling off its Kenmore appliance brand and other assets.

Sears needs to generate more than a billion-dollars a year in sales to remain open in an age where people now shop online and don't go to many of the malls where Sears stores are located. Shares in Sears have fallen more than 80 percent this year to trade at 57 cents per share.

Analysts blame the company’s problems on not investing in its stores or employees over the years, making it unable to compete with the likes of Walmart or Amazon. In it’s glory years, Sears was the “go to” store for everything you can imagine. Source: CNBC


Instagram Rolls Out AI Technology To Detect Bullying - Bullies beware, tech is being used to bring you down.

Instagram is using artificial intelligence to detect online bullying in photos. The social networking service says it's rolling out machine learning technology to help combat the problem. Instagram noted bullying affects teens far more than any other group. New company head Adam Mosseri called it a complex problem, saying the company has more work to do to limit bullying and spread kindness.

Here’s how it will work. The technology can detect bullying and harassment such as attacks on a person's appearance or character and threats to someone's well being or health. The posts will be reviewed by human staff and take the action they need to. Users can also turn off comments on individual Instagram posts and block posts with certain keywords.

Instagram's parent company Facebook also announced new anti-bullying tools this month.Source: CNN

There's A New Drink That Claims To Cure Hangovers

Put down the Pediasure and step away from the Red Bull! There’s an adult beverage on the market for people who want to prevent those nasty hangovers… and it actually comes from the UK CEO of Red Bull Henry Drnec. It’s a detox drink that’s supposed to completely get rid of your hangovers.

Sober Up is a shot made from natural ingredients like turmeric, ginseng, and peppermint. All you have to do is take it before, during, or after drinking, and your hangover will run away crying. Not only does the beverage help you with the hangover portion of your weekend, but it’ll give your liver the little boost it needs to keep you going through all future weekends, too.

The drink hasn’t hit the market yet, but we have high hopes. Until then, we can all laugh at the site of a bunch of 20-Somethings clutching Pediasure before a big night out.

Source: Bustle

How Long Does It Take To Know If There's Chemistry?

Going on dates pretty often, you kind of know when the person you’re sitting across from is going to cut it or not pretty quickly. But it turns out, it’s actually not so simple. Matchmakers agree that it takes a little bit of time for the chemistry to really match up with two people – even if they’re your soulmate.

We’re talking sweaty palms, a natural flow of conversation, and a romantic buzz. Those feelings are hard to come by, and if you didn’t get them on the first date, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. According to matchmaker Stefanie Safran, that indescribable feeling isn’t something that you’re necessarily going to get instantly. It happens when two people have the same interests and values – which is something you learn about over time.

So how long should it take? Unfortunately, one date usually isn’t enough. If sparks are going to fly with someone, you might want to give it two or three dates to really know. That being said, if you really know the spark isn’t there, it’s time to let the fantasy go.

Source: Elite Daily

Grandma Gets 16 Tattoos After Husband Dies

A super cool great-grandmother, Glenys “The Menace” Coope, has saved up almost $3-grand from her pension plan to get 16 tattoos over a period of a few months. Why now? Well, she got herself tatted up after the death of her husband, who disapproved of her tattoos.

The tattoo-loving grandma actually got her first set back in the 1960s, but since her husband didn’t like the idea she ended up getting them surgically removed later on. Now, she’s revisiting her love of tattoos by getting them done every few months on her arms, chest and back. She even got one in tribute to her late husband – a heart right on her chest.

The tattoos have not only re-kindled her love of the body art, but it’s been a way for her to get through the grieving process. “I’m proud of them and I like them,” she says. “I’d tell anyone thinking about getting one to go ahead and get one, it doesn’t matter what other people think.”

Source: Mirror



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