Hannah's Headlines- 10/11/2018

National Coming Out Day

Couple Drunkenly Buys Hotel They’re Staying At For Honeymoon

British couple Gina Lyons and Mark Lee were having a blast on their honeymoon in Sri Lanka. So much so that they spontaneously decided to buy the entire hotel they were staying at... with the help of some liquid courage.

After drinking 12 glasses of rum, the couple reportedly discovered that the lease was almost up on the hotel. So, they naturally decided to take over the place for three more years, costing them almost $40,000. They didn’t bore themselves with the details either – with the translation help of some friends during the negotiations, they drank even more rum.

Things got a little stressful once they realized they were having a child… but the good news is, business is reportedly booming. After shelling out some more cash for renovations, they reopened the Lucky Beach Tangalle back in July and have seen a steady flow of customers ever since.

“I was plagued with feeling irresponsible,” Lyons says. “But it was either sink or swim – so we decided we’d have to make it work.”

Source: Mirror

Singapore Airlines launching longest flight today: Singapore Airlines is set to launch the world’s longest commercial flight later today. The trip will be a 19-hour non-stop flight from Singapore to New York. 

The flight will be on the airline’s new ultra-long range twin-engine Airbus SE A350-900ULRs, which has no regular economy class, just 161 business and premium economy class seats.

The airline had previously flown non-stop from Newark to Singapore but gave up the route in 2013 due to high fuel prices. Since then travelers have had to fly from New York’s JFK via Frankfurt. Source: Yahoo

Words You Won't Believe Were Actually Added To The Dictionary

As you’ve probably noticed by now, the “Oxford English Dictionary” has its finger on the pulse of new vocabulary. They’ve added words in the past like “swag” and even “YOLO” to reflect new ways of speaking and trendy topics. Here are some of the recent additions that you wouldn’t believe made the cut:

  • Adorbs
  • Selfie
  • Yas
  • Fuhgeddaboudit
  • Vom
  • Gaydar
  • Emoji
  • Bestie
  • Twerk
  • Vlog

And that’s just the beginning! Also on the list is “glamping,” “hangry,” and “binge-watch.” Some of the additions are kind of silly – but others are probably here to stay in our vocabulary for years to come. You can check out the entire list HERE.

Source: Insider

Getting More Than 8 Hours of Sleep Can Harm Your Brain

The largest sleep study in the world has confirmed that getting too much sleep is just as bad for you as getting too little. Scientists from the University of Western Ontario’s Brain and Mind Institute have found that under seven hours a night severely impacted brain health — but that oversleeping isn’t healthy either.

Unlike other recent studies, these neuroscientists say that regularly getting anything under seven hours is problematic.

In the first stage of their research, neuroscientists surveyed 40,000 people about their sleeping habits before getting them to do a series of cognition quizzes. The tests measured language skills, reasoning and short-term memory.

While memory more or less stayed the same regardless of sleeping times, researchers found that language skills and reasoning were deeply affected by the amount of sleep participants were getting.

The golden amount of time for high brain performance, regardless of age, was seven to eight hours every night. Over-sleeping can lead to something called “sleep inertia,” which is when you feel groggy and sleep deprived. Wake up in the middle of deep sleep and that feeling will be even worse.

But if you’re getting a decent amount of sleep (say, eight hours), you’re getting almost no deep sleep by the end of it as the amount of deep sleep reduces over the course of the night — and that means that when you do wake up to the sound of your alarm, you’ll feel well rested.

Link: https://nypost.com/2018/10/10/getting-more-than-8-hours

“Emotional Support” Squirrel Gets Woman Removed From Flight: Cindy Torok was removed from a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Cleveland recently after bringing an unlikely emotional support animal on board – a squirrel. She claims she had a letter from her doctor, along with a letter from the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with calling Frontier ahead of time, before bringing Daisy the squirrel on board the flight. “They said, ‘Either you walk off the plane of I’m going to arrest you for trespassing, and we will take that squirrel,’” she explains. “I said, ‘You’re not taking my squirrel. You will not take my baby from me.’” She adds that she plans to contact an attorney about the incident.



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